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The highest paid supermodel in the world spoke about the Fantastic achievements, controversies, emotions, dreams and of course, her plans for after two decades as the queen of catwalks

The greatest desire of businesswoman and model Gisele Bundchen now is be with her family. What if she could give one piece of advice for herself, she would not be so demanding with herself. The highest paid supermodel in the world spoke to Fantastico on achievements, controversies, emotions, dreams and of course, her plans for after two decades as the queen of the catwalk. Living in Boston, in the United States, says she is at peace with life, enjoying the family.

– At this time I want to know me more and be a lot with my children, with my family.

Speaking of children, the football player Tom Brady’s wife and mother of Benjamin, 6, and Vivian, 3, says that the small ones are her greatest passion and reveals that always dreamed of having three children.

– I have passion for children. I always tell my husband that I want to take care of many children. Always dreamed of having three children.

The model also spoke of the recent controversies, one involving her marriage, another about plastic surgery. In one, the pivo nanny separation from actor Ben Affleck was photographed in a plane supposedly using the rings of Tom Brady. When asked about the status of their relationship, she did not hesitate.

– I’m very happy. I think the family is a very important thing and I love mine.

News sites also said the top used a burqa to disguise herself to go to an aesthetic clinic in Paris to perform two surgeries, one in the breasts and another in the eye.

– I’m all for people to do what makes them happy. I am happy and feel ready to see what the next stage of my life.
Over the past she has said of being very demanding with herself.

– I was very hard on myself. Always I wanted to do my best. I am a person that I can not do 90%, just give 100%.
Speaking of puppy life, her Yorkshire breed Vida companion who died in 2012 at age 14, she could not help the tears.

According to the model, Vida gave her the love needed to move on early in her career.

– I was so young, so alone and felt very alone in the world. She was the one who gave me all the love I needed.

“I smoked from 17 to 23 years”

The Gaucho made her farewell catwalk in April in São Paulo Fashion Week (Fashion Week). The historical parade enchanted the audience and the top, which came out excited and tears.

Memories like the time he shared an apartment with other models and decided to cigarette smoking to be accepted.

– I smoked from 17 to 23 years. It was the way I interact with the girls with whom I lived, who used other drugs. It was a very difficult time in my life and when I had to make many changes. Part of these changes was to stop smoking, drinking coffee. It was a somewhat radical thing. I started doing yoga because I was having several serious problems with anxiety. If I had continued that way I would not have a happy ending.

– All’ll get through this. We will have wrinkles, your body will change. And hopefully mature happy.

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