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The highest paid supermodel in the world spoke about the Fantastic achievements, controversies, emotions, dreams and of course, her plans for after two decades as the queen of catwalks

The greatest desire of businesswoman and model Gisele Bundchen now is be with her family. What if she could give one piece of advice for herself, she would not be so demanding with herself. The highest paid supermodel in the world spoke to Fantastico on achievements, controversies, emotions, dreams and of course, her plans for after two decades as the queen of the catwalk. Living in Boston, in the United States, says she is at peace with life, enjoying the family.

– At this time I want to know me more and be a lot with my children, with my family.

Speaking of children, the football player Tom Brady’s wife and mother of Benjamin, 6, and Vivian, 3, says that the small ones are her greatest passion and reveals that always dreamed of having three children.

– I have passion for children. I always tell my husband that I want to take care of many children. Always dreamed of having three children.

The model also spoke of the recent controversies, one involving her marriage, another about plastic surgery. In one, the pivo nanny separation from actor Ben Affleck was photographed in a plane supposedly using the rings of Tom Brady. When asked about the status of their relationship, she did not hesitate.

– I’m very happy. I think the family is a very important thing and I love mine.

News sites also said the top used a burqa to disguise herself to go to an aesthetic clinic in Paris to perform two surgeries, one in the breasts and another in the eye.

– I’m all for people to do what makes them happy. I am happy and feel ready to see what the next stage of my life.
Over the past she has said of being very demanding with herself.

– I was very hard on myself. Always I wanted to do my best. I am a person that I can not do 90%, just give 100%.
Speaking of puppy life, her Yorkshire breed Vida companion who died in 2012 at age 14, she could not help the tears.

According to the model, Vida gave her the love needed to move on early in her career.

– I was so young, so alone and felt very alone in the world. She was the one who gave me all the love I needed.

“I smoked from 17 to 23 years”

The Gaucho made her farewell catwalk in April in São Paulo Fashion Week (Fashion Week). The historical parade enchanted the audience and the top, which came out excited and tears.

Memories like the time he shared an apartment with other models and decided to cigarette smoking to be accepted.

– I smoked from 17 to 23 years. It was the way I interact with the girls with whom I lived, who used other drugs. It was a very difficult time in my life and when I had to make many changes. Part of these changes was to stop smoking, drinking coffee. It was a somewhat radical thing. I started doing yoga because I was having several serious problems with anxiety. If I had continued that way I would not have a happy ending.

– All’ll get through this. We will have wrinkles, your body will change. And hopefully mature happy.

source | translated by Google.

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madame france interview shoot november 2014 (2)

Who else but the Brazilian fashion icon Gisele Bundchen, could embody the legendary perfume Chanel No. 5? Top model at the top, businesswoman notified and star of social networking, this stunning beauty makes KOs all who approach. Starting with our interviewer. Dating fascination mode.

At school, she was certainly collectible blame for chatter. Rhythmic flow of words, animated gestures, laughter barely repressed: all in English tinged with a delicious Brazilian accent … what a treat to hear Gisele Bündchen! We almost forget that time is running out: twenty minutes by my watch. Not one more to paint the portrait of the supermodel “the best paid in the world,” according to the latest ranking Forbes … The laws of journalism are sometimes ruthless.

The appointment is set at 18 Place Vendôme, in the Chanel Jewelry store. On the first floor, a handful of journalists a sip jasmine tea before the new ad the legendary Chanel No. 5 . Australian director Baz Luhrmann is in charge. In the film, Gisele Bundchen embodies “the woman Chanel No. 5 today,” an active woman, romantic, ambitious, athletic, mom and lover. We see the turn surfing, pamper her little girl playing mannequins time of shooting, driving at the wheel of his convertible, crying, running down the streets of Manhattan, passionately kissing her lover, repleurer … and Wrap! !

While the comments are going well (“This girl was born to walk around in a swimsuit!”, “The man she kisses, it would not be the player of Game of Thrones, Michiel Huisman? “) the press service informed us that we will meet the supermodel in small groups of four. Panic on board! Not about spoiling a microsecond of this interview. We give our violins intelligently. Each knows when to intervene. The plan of attack is calibrated, Gisele Bundchen can not escape. That was without counting on his boundless spontaneity … ” Hi girls, sit down and make yourself comfortable! “(“Hi girls, sit down and make yourself comfortable!”). And in response to our outstretched hands, she kissed us warmly. She wears a navy blue knit dress and gold, trimmed with Lurex and beads. A thin belt and a pair of gold flat sandals. All signed Chanel. Simple. Chic. And effective. Gisele moves to reach the couch. The transparency of the mesh hints tone of a body with perfect curves. its attachments are incredibly fine; its members are so long and thin that they seem to spring … Not to mention the hair: slightly wavy mane carelessly dropped on the shoulders, which seems to cry out to us: “There are five minutes I was just surfing on a Montauk beach!”

The beauty of this young woman is striking and puts us KOs Gisele, however, is already part in a lively monologue. She talks about the new role of muse for Chanel. The supermodel tired of all these incarnations would imagine: after all, eighteen-year career, Gisele Bundchen has lent his image to Dior, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Isabel Marant, Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, Givenchy, H & M, Valentino, Chloé, Lancôme … There is nothing.

“Here, it’s different, right?” if she exclaims. “Chanel No. 5 is the most iconic fragrance that is. This is legendary.”

Gisele then remembers the first time she heard of the French house.

“When I started modeling at age 14, I knew absolutely nothing fashionable. I landed Horizontina of my small town in Brazil. When I arrived in Paris for Fashion Week, my agent told me excitedly that I was selected for the cast Chanel. I was happy, but for me, it was a cast of more. Anything else. I had not yet grasped what Chanel. And then I met Karl Lagerfeld. And then I got it!”

Gisele takes a deep breath. Five minutes of thirty-two passed, and none of us has even opened his mouth. Whatever … obviously, this girl has a magnetic power that makes us forget all of our plan. We let go. The charisma of Gisele was right to us.

“When I think of Chanel, I think chic, classic, power. Chanel is Chanel, right?”

Enough said. We now understand qu’incarner Women Chanel No. 5 after icons like Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Hutton, Catherine Deneuve and most recently Nicole Kidman is an additional challenge for the Brazilian.

Gisele is a woman of challenge since childhood. The first goes back to college. She grew up (much) faster than others, but does not take much for a gram. Her measurements rapidly earned him a nickname that only teenagers have the secret: “Olive” in reference to the wife of Popeye.

“That was the best. I also had the right to “Saracura” (crane flies in Portuguese).”

Gisele then found strength and solace in the sport. In sports, more precisely, it rides, canoeing down rapids, surf, and leads the team of volleyball his college.

“I wanted to be a professional volleyball player,” – she recalls. The fate decided otherwise.

In 1993, she was spotted by an agent and participate in the Elite Model Look. In 1996, she left her parents and moved to New York and launch his career. The beginnings are shy. His square jaw and nose irregular do not unanimous.

The second challenge beyond criticism. She decided to make the phrase “Be Who you want to be, not what others want to see” her credo.

“I quickly understood the importance of sport and meditation. Even today, I wake up every day at five in the morning and meditate for twenty minutes. Being comfortable with your body is the key.”

The first is to believe in Alexander McQueen. She scrolls in 1997. The career of Gisele instantly flies. It connects fashion shows and magazine covers posing for Mario Testino, Steven Meisel … Consecration of consecration: it becomes an angel for the underwear brand Victoria’s Secret. In 1999, Vogue devotes three covers, the magazine Rolling Stone proclaims it “the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Alongside her career, the top built an empire. It multiplies collaborations, particularly with the brand Ipanema flip flops; Sejaa launch his own brand of organic cosmetics; created a line of underwear Gisele Bundchen Intimates. She is also the owner of the hotel Palladium Executive, in southern Brazil. In 2013, the magazine Forbes estimated his annual salary of € 42 million. Yet Gisele maintains a lifestyle rather “low profile” you can not see in the newspapers almost never people. His philosophy? Family and green juices. One has only to take a glance at his Instagram account (three million followers!) To be convinced: Gisele in the parks of Boston, where she lives with her ​​husband – quarterback Tom Brady – and their children Vivian and Benjamin; Gisele in the lotus position on a beach; Gisele swallowing kale; Gisele hugging her dad … Welcome to the world of super healthy Gisele B.

Suddenly, watching her life tell us smile, the choice of Chanel is needed. Gisele is the perfect embodiment of the modern woman, who brilliantly juggles between family life and professional life. Finally … the one we all dream of being: glory, happiness and beauty. “And if so … what is your secret to having such a mane?” Ventured one of us who miraculously found the word …

“Three times nothing, in fact I do my color once a year, and the rest of the time I do not touch it!”

And we still here speechless for a ride.

34 years. Gisele was born July 20, 1980 in Horizontina, Brazil, in a family with six girls in total. His career began in 1996. 1.80 m: . ten inches taller than the other top star, Kate Moss Twig 3 covers of Vogue in the same year (1999), which is rare, and makes it a supermodel instantly. 86-61-86: the former Victoria’s Secret Angel has measurements of dream, it maintains daily during intensive sports sessions. 42 million dollars in 2013 (# 1 for tops 10 years!). 2 roles in movies: in The Devil Wears Prada and Taxi.

source | translated by Google.

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leaf magazine shoot in hotel emiliano november 2014 (2)

In less than 20 minutes in the studio mounted in Hotel Emiliano in Sao Paulo, Gisele Bundchen embodied five different women for the cover photo. Tomboy, mulherão, powerful, naive and herself. Gisele, 34, chose the photo as it appears as herself. About to do 20-year career, marked from its output Horizontia (RS) in 1996, the top still closes the best fashion advertising contracts. Is at the top since it was elected to reset at the end of 1990, the concept of beauty of the world fashion industry, the time taken by the aesthetics of anorexic models with drugged appearance.

It has always been versatile. Nothing has changed,” she said after the session Miro photographer who witnessed the first top of the steps in Brazil. In this interview, the model tells of its history and the Brazilian fashion, it follows from the creation of Morumbi Fashion to this latest edition of the Fashion Week, in which modeled for Colcci designer.

What is the most memorable moment of these two decades of Brazilian fashion?

I could follow some of the fashion growth in Brazil, started with her.For me, one of those moments was my first show for Zoomp [1997]. I was chosen to be the Alice in Wonderland, the main character. I was a baby, that fact was special because I have me important sense. The kitten I held on the catwalk scratched me, frightened by loud music, and I was there, happy.

I imagine that there were difficult times also.

Of course. The first international season was the most difficult. No one looked at my book ‘, I was the opposite Girls heroin chic’ [squalid women with dark circles and tattoos], which at the time were the sensation. The only parade that took the 42 teams that did that season was the rain, [English, who died in 2010] Alexander McQueen. He was a god at the time. I was sent there without proof clothing. I arrived in the dressing room, I ordered take off their clothes and use only a skirt. My breasts out, that black wig hid my tears. Was vulnerable. When I entered, was a heavy rain and I, crying, had to walk on the wet runway with a tight skirt. Nothing was as terrifying as that.

Had trouble getting naked?

I still do not like. The only photo that I was naked truth was for [photographer] Irving Penn [in 1999]. Never thought I’d corpão, I have not so much chest, hip. I learned to use the body in the picture, such as clothes fall better, how to pass a feeling. The [photographer] Steven Meisel may have been my best teacher. At work for Vogue US, he put a mirror in front of me while doing the photos. I learned the right position there.

And as was the original break “heroin chic” for your?

I strongly believe in power of the moment thing. It was not my look, I think. I arrived at the time of transition and was the one who took them to promote. I do not think I have curves-and the title of the return curves ‘on the cover [Vogue America’] gives an idea of how was the standard before. It was huge the amount of girls who had piercing, tattoos, dark circles … Then I came to fashion as well: Long, lean, healthy, thick hair, happy. People wondered who this ET.

Your image is the same since 1990. Have tried to change you?

I’ve been asked to change the look. Whenever this requirement was I left work aside. I never made drastic changes. I like to wear wigs, makeup and do change me for a photo. But for me, it was always important to feel good after work: take the makeup, remove hair, back to being just me.

Your career project was soon cast in early or had to adapt to the market?

When you enter, you know what to do, but there are no guarantees. It all depends on your work, commitment and acumen for business. Stepped each time tracking instinct, and as deliberated, analyzed results. He wanted to be the best, but I never imagined it would come where I am.

How do you see the Brazilian fashion?

Brazil has many competent designers, and creations made here does not fall short compared to the gringos. Also, can bring some of the craft culture, so rich in our country, to the catwalk. But who still dictates the fashion in the world are the traditional cribs such as France, Italy and the USA. But you can find gaps and opportunities out there.

In these 20 years has not come another Gisele. Why?

I do not know. I’m still surprised at the extent that my career has taken. I arrived at the right time, when fashion needed me to change. That was it. I’ve always been very authentic. My job does not define who I am as a person and although fun doing fashion, I am not its slave.

source | translated by Google.

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Quem Brazil October 2014 - 14th anniversary

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In a rare interview, Gisele recalls early career : “I was not among the most beautiful”
The model über covers 14 years of the magazine and gave an extensive and rare testimony in which he talks about his children, Vivian and Benjamin, and her husband, athlete Tom Brady

Age 14 – the age that Quem celebrates this edition – a beautiful girl of Rio Grande do Sul was taking its first steps on the catwalk. Two decades later, she is the most successful top of the world, mother performed exemplary human being. Nasmastê, Gisele Bündchen!

In rare testimony to the editorial director of Quem, Lucia Barros, the über model told a little more of her life “fairy tale” and recalled the start of her career: “I saw very early on that a career based on ideals of beauty, I needed to differentiate myself in some way, because I was not among the most beautiful. then I watched everything that was happening around me and saw how I could learn and help people. Was always and am grateful for the opportunity to be doing this work and tried to give as much of myself – in fact, I always tried to give more than expected what was in mind: like how I do to make myself indispensable”

The Brazilian model also explained how the relationship with the children, Vivian Lake, 1 year and 10 months and Benjamin, 4, besides husband, Tom Brady, 37. “The kitchen is often a gathering place indoors. Stay together We love preparing breakfast. Children like putting the vegetables in the centrifuge and help make green juice. I’m always great when we’re all together,” said model, which proved to be too sentimental. “I’m like butter – melt and get emotional easily.”


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Under Armour Women Fall 2014 (13)

Gisele is not an athlete.” “Is modeling now a sport?” Those were just a few of the reactions to last week’s announcement that supermodel Gisele Bündchen is the newest addition to Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want” campaign, which also features such superstar female athletes as skier Lindsey Vonn, soccer player Kelley O’Hara, tennis pro Sloane Stephens, and ballet dancer Misty Copeland.

The responses didn’t surprise the athletic-gear giant. In fact, they were included as social media banter in a 60-second campaign video, featuring Bündchen, which was released at the start of New York fashion week. This one was also in there: “Under Armour! WTF?”

But really, though, WTF?

Up until fairly recently, Under Armour didn’t make women’s clothes (it sold a men’s size small to women) and has been historically “just for athletes.” Make no mistake: The company is still going after pro athletes, with more force than ever before. (Just look at its current war with Nike for NBA star Kevin Durant; or the $90 million it is spending to outfit Notre Dame’s football team this season, a deal that used to belong to Adidas.)

This week it was announced that the Baltimore-based brand overtook Adidas this year for the number-two slot in highest footwear and apparel sales. Nike remains number one. But with its huge play for the women’s market (a space dominated by brands like Lululemon) and the highest-paid model in the world on its team, it could be anyone’s game for the taking. Meanwhile, the Bündchen video, which has been out a little over a week, has received more than 1,563,562 hits on YouTube.

We touched base with Under Armour’s SVP and executive creative director, Leanne Fremar, to find out what’s next on its global takeover agenda, why Gisele, and what other supermodels the brand is going after. Here’s what she had to say.

Why Gisele? I realize she is certainly athletic, but she is not a professional athlete like the rest of the campaign stars.

Gisele is the latest addition to our constellation of Women of Will, as we call them, but she is not the only story. We wanted to feature a story about an athletic female, a woman who is obviously very well regarded in her field and also an incredible mother, wife, sister, philanthropist, daughter, etc. We just thought she would be an interesting choice.

Are you going after more top models or women of influence in the fashion world?

We don’t have further plans to feature any additional professional models. We want to highlight women from a diverse group of backgrounds.

How is the campaign affecting women’s sales?

We have seen an incredible increase in sales. Lots of items featured in the campaign are doing really well, like the Eclipse Bra Gisele wears in the film and the Seamless Plunge Sports Bra that Misty Copeland has on. The printed leggings are also getting a terrific response. And the Speedform shoe Gisele wears has been doing extremely well in all colors.

Was it intentional to make this announcement during New York fashion week? What was the thought there?

Yes, we chose to reveal Gisele’s digital experience and 60-second film close to NYFW. We wanted to celebrate a very contradictory side of Gisele and also of Under Armour. She is seen at fashion week with full hair and makeup on the runway, which is not necessarily an image that you can relate to. We juxtaposed that Gisele to the one in the video, looking very raw and bare in a studio, where she is working out really hard and sweating and kicking and planking and really being herself. That was one contradiction. The other is that people have always thought of Under Armour as only a men’s brand or only an athlete brand. This was an opportunity to talk to women who enjoy sports and athleticism as part of their everyday lives as much as they enjoy things that come along, like fashion week. We knew people would have a strong opinion one way or another about Gisele and Under Armour.

As you probably know, a few of your competitors did presentations at fashion week this season. Is a presentation at NYFW the next step? Are you seriously looking into that?

It’s not something we are currently looking at, although never say never.

Why not?


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How were you accepted the challenge to be part of this campaign for Saga Falabella?
The truth is that I knew the job Saga Falabella few years ago with Kate Moss campaigns and Lenny Kravitz. When I got the proposal to work with them, I was interested enough especially the creative side, as it allowed me to bring in something that I truly love, work together and create new things.On the other hand, working with a client from South America outside of Brazil, and also have the ability to reach a mass audience in countries where it’s Falabella, just seemed a great opportunity. From the beginning I loved the idea.

How has it been working with Saga Falabella in this second campaign? Did you like the results of the campaign?
The first campaign, which work in the city where I live, Boston- I liked, especially the commercial I am, showing me the way I am in everyday life. Here I talk about who I am: mom, my profession, my interests, etc. I’m sure that the second season will be just as wonderful. The team is the same and the locations we have used on this occasion are also beautiful and suitable for a summer campaign. Hope you like you too.

How did you decide to devote to modeling?
At 14 years, a scouter found me in my hometown. It was very fast, the first time I traveled to New York and spoke very little English, no one spoke Portuguese and my parents spoke German and Portuguese. It was all a matter understand. The agency in NYC had a German booker who translated the questions into English from my father and my father helped me translate Portuguese. It was chaos but that was only the beginning. I learned English quickly and 15 I sent one to Japan. You can imagine how it was that first trip.

After that I dedicated myself to finish my studies and at 17 I returned to NYC, then traveled to Europe and my career in Africa began in London. I went to over 40 castings for London Fashion Week, and only confirmed me for Alexander McQueen. That was in ’98, the famous parade of golden rain, it was a fantastic experience. Then I photographed Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino and Meisel and I’m here.

Do your parents support you when you wanted to break into modeling?
My parents were always there. Nervous at first, too worried and proud. I must say that always supported me and thanks to them I’ve had in my career achievements.

How Has Gisele Bundchen, the model, since beginning his career?
The model is the same, I was always very concentrated and blended in my work. But as a person I have changed a lot. When I started I was only 14, and when one grows, evolves. Evolves as a human being. I’m in a very good time. When I started working as a model not expect to stay here for 20 years. That’s why I’m so grateful to this race, knowing many people, the experiences of life.

What qualities do you think should have a model to excel?
Discipline, respect for the hand that feeds you, consistency, that’s the word … They have to be consistent and not decay. Fashion has been focusing more on healthy and athletic look, this has been the trend, be healthy, be natural, do sports, feel good as a final goal and that is reflected. Another important issue is maintaining focus.I also think you have to be grateful for when you underestimate the things you miss sometimes magical moments. That’s how I feel. I try to be a better person every day and maybe that is reflected in a good way in my work.

How are you when choosing your clothes? Do you wear important, mass brands or both?
I like to have in my closet clothes that I feel comfortable. I can put some Isabel Marant mixed with a piece of Falabella. Campaign last autumn I have a sweater white Falabella which I liked. It’s not about the brand but about the cut, the material, how comfortable I feel. This season and I have my eye on a couple of items from the collection of Falabella I want to use for my holiday.

Could you share some beauty secrets with your followers in Latin America?
Eat as healthy as possible and when you do think about your body and the planet. You must be aware and create awareness. My beauty secret is to drink lots of coconut water and meditate, I look for my moment of peace, daily smile, feel good everyday balance. I realized that the more I knew, the more I agreed, was what gave me more happiness. I noticed that the outside is not what you would give me happiness.

In this business people judge your exterior, but people can feel your energy. Some people can say that someone is beautiful, and others may say “I do not know how that person can work well.” One day you are the most beautiful and the other person, you’re a very attractive person. If I cared about the opinions of my outside, imagine what would happen to me.

What could say is get to know themselves because what other people think about them does not matter, what matters is what people think of themselves, the kind of person they are, if they have integrity, if they the best of them. If you have that then all people are free.

Today “Gisele” is a brand in itself. What is your secret to keep current and be the number one model?
I am a very grateful person. It is the first thing that comes to mind. I try to do the best possible in the
course of my career as a model. From my beginnings have already been 20 years and I am therefore very grateful.

It was an incredible experience, I learned a lot, still learning and I’ve met a lot of beautiful people. I have grown from 13 years to become the woman I am today, almost 34 years. This makes it take over half of my life doing what I do and it has strengthened me as a human being, and still a great time doing it. Every time I go to work I feel the same. I always arrive on time because it is always new, exciting and entertaining for me.


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mais voce august 25 2014 (13)

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Part of the INTERVIEW:

Beauty, warmth and grace! At breakfast with Ana Maria, Gisele Bundchen proved that, besides being the most important model of the world, also focuses on simplicity in their daily lives. Celebrating 20 years of career, the über model heard praise from beginners models, an agency in Sao Paulo, and flattered, confessed: “I’m Fueled dreams is very beautiful to see people admiring my work.” She also revealed her motto: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Gisele recalled that since the time of the school felt the need to learn something else. “I have always sought a spirituality. Started studying astrology and numerology to 14 years and found many answers. Then I started doing yoga and meditating, I found a lot in me,” she said.

Delighted with the way Gisele walks the catwalk, Ana Maria received a “tuition” at Casa de Cristal. The top revealed that it is still nervous before going on the catwalk: “I make the sign of the cross, I light, I see a lot of protection Only a light at the end I do not see anything in front of me…”

Can you believe Gisele suffered bullying as a child and was called by fellow giraffe? But the blonde took a lesson from it: “I think it made ​​me want to be stronger and prove that I was not that,” she said.

Of all the qualities of Gisele, one is his trademark hair. As everyone dreams of having the same model to the wire, she revealed the secret: the three ampoules of Pantene which does not give up. “I spend all day because my hair is literally ‘used’. Bulb Restoration, repairing the damage when the hair is well resected because of dryer, flat iron and sun. A Hydro-cauterization, which hydrates and seals the cuticle at the time equal to the salon treatment. E ampoule BB Cream, the staff already know the benefit to the face, but it is also a success for the hair. As time goes by and the wires are losing their youth. With BB Cream you retrieve the signs. A maximum! I’m loving it!”

Now you no longer have to trim the ends. To see the result, just use the bulb once a week for three minutinhos and ready! The vials are concentrated and have potent repair.

source | translated by Google.



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The magazine Up by Forbes recently profiled entertainment, portrait, and fashion photographer Nino Muñoz for its latest cover story. In his Q&A with editor Diana-Florina Cosmin, Nino touches on everything from three assignments that will stay with him forever to his early days riding his bike around New York City and shooting photos…

One of your first professional assignments was shooting a fashion story for Vogue, with Gisele Bündchen. How did you go from young aspiring photographer to securing such an enviable job?

Gisele and I were already friends at the time we did the Vogue story together. She saw something in me, and she believed in me as a photographer.

At the beginning, I used to do a lot of reportage photography in New York City. I would grab my camera and ride around on my BMX bicycle and photograph people, so it felt natural to photograph Gisele.

Still, it was very scary because suddenly I was being flown to Paris to do a shoot for British Vogue. I thought, “How am I getting away with this? I’m just a guy who photographs people on the street.” I found confidence within by telling myself that it’s all the same thing; there’s no difference between photographing Gisele in Paris or someone I see on a street in New York.

Looking back on your career, what were the three moments that you would consider your big breaks?

Number 1: When Katie Grand, who was the editor of Pop magazine at the time, asked me to do a story on up-and-coming artists in New York City.
Number 2: When I shot Gisele for British Vogue.
Number 3: When Wallpaper magazine sent me to do an international reportage shoot with local people in three different countries, including Greece, Chile, and Brazil.

And I have a number 4, because it all happened at the same time: Arena magazine started booking me to shoot covers. I had seven or eight covers in one year—including Leo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Beyonce, Daniel Craig, Kanye West, Keira Knightley, and Gisele


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carrying the world cup trophy july 13 2014 (1)

fifa world cup 2014 (1) fifa world cup 2014 (2) fifa world cup 2014 (3) fifa world cup 2014 (4) fifa world cup 2014 (5)
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Gisele Bundchen is well accustomed to being under the spotlight and having all eyes upon her, but on Sunday the Brazilian supermodel was unable hold back her emotions. Shortly before the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ kicked off at the Maracana, she presented the World Cup trophy to the public, which would soon gain a new custodian and become German property for the next four years.

Alongside Carles Puyol, a World Cup winner in South Africa in 2010, the ambassador of the Louis Vuitton brand, which produces the exclusive case in which the trophy is transported, carried it to the centre of the pitch. “Basically we were presenting the Trophy to the finalists and to the world,” the model told FIFA.com. “Puyol represented Spain, the outgoing champions, and I represented my home country, Brazil.”

During the rehearsals for the historic moment, Bundchen was keen to talk football with the recently retired former Barcelona defender. “He’s a lovely person, really sweet. We had a great chat about football. He told me about his playing days and we talked about the World Cup, some of the teams and players involved and about some of the biggest moments in the history of football. I learned a lot!”

Gisele said she was a fan of watching and playing all sports, and a big believer in the power of sport to unite people. “I’ve always played sport, ever since I was little. I played volleyball and I believe sport teaches you a lot, such as teamwork, respect and discipline.” As well as the lessons it can provide, the model said that sport has a magic ability to bring different people together. “Just look at the World Cup. The whole world comes together to watch the event and to give their support. It’s beautiful to see.”

“I’m honoured to have been chosen to represent my country, because I love Brazil. When it comes to football, the Brazilians really wear the shirt, don’t they?” Indeed, throughout the month the people of the country wore the shirt and contributed to one of the most unforgettable World Cups ever. They may not have ended the tournament lifting the trophy like they dreamed, but Brazil certainly had the ideal representative to present it to the world.


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