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Chanel Les Beiges 2014 (9)

By calculations, based on the traditional list of the magazine ‘ Forbes ‘, the top doesn’t leave the House for less than $ 128 thousand per day of work. Meet some of the current contracts of Gisele and know how much she earns for each job.

For eight consecutive years, Gisele Bundchen is the highest-paid model in the world, according to the traditional list of Forbesmagazine. According to the publication, the top Brazilian profited more than $ 47 million in 12 months.

By calculations, Gisele haven’t left the House for less than $ 128 thousand per day of work, but definitely the high price compensates for the marks, as she is known as the Queen of worldwide marketing. At the time it was poster girl for the network of fast fashion C & A, for example, sales came to increase 20%. Your family and mother image and protective of the environment handle sales of any product.

Married to one of the world’s most powerful athletes, the football player Tom Brady, Gisele is the mother of two children and usually show to the press his side more Baby Mama. Benjamin has 4 years, and Vivian Lake will complete 2:0 pm Dec.

Next, learn what are the most profitable work of Gisele Bundchen:

The millionaire contract with the Swedish fast fashion network was the first signed after birth to Vivian Lake, youngest daughter of Brazilian model. According to Forbes, the fee for each ad campaign would be $ 5 million.

New star and poster girl of one of the best-selling perfumes in the world, the Chanel No. 5, Gisele would have received the fee of $ 8 million. The contract with the French label still ensures all travel costs for the dissemination of the product worldwide.

Carolina Herrera:
Gisele is also the poster girl of another perfume, the 212 VIP Rosé. The fee for the advertising campaign was not disclosed in the press, but it is speculated that it was $ 5 million.

Partnership with Grendene:
Unlike the most famous that launches a partnership with the brand of shoes, Gisele not only wins the fee by the campaign, as an aid in the creative process of all products and still takes a portion of the profits. The lucrative partnership since 2002, and made the Ipanema became the world’s best-selling sandal. In European e-commerce sites, it is possible to find Sandals for up to 40 euros.

Procter & Gamble:
Until the beginning of this year, Gisele earned more than $ 4 million a year to promote Pantene products and Oral-B in Brazil. In 2014, the contract with the company was renovated and expanded to markets of Latin America and United States. The value in the new salary was not disclosed.


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