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Styling: Sarajane Hoare
Hair: Christiaan
Make-Up: James Kaliardos

This month, we speak of ” body “in the magazine. “When he met Gisele in Los Angeles on February 21, Testino was impressed with his good form, just two months after giving birth. So impressed that suggested we use any issue to discuss the importance that the body has the imagination of Brazilians , we live surrounded by women and girls watermelons # projetomalhação. What began as a special edition dedicated to fitness, became a profound debate about gender, self-esteem, image, “wrote Daniela Falcão , editorial director, in his Editorial . The graphic design of this special edition of Vogue carries the signature of Higher + Higher agency that serves as the basis for creative and strategic Mario Testino, with offices in London and São Paulo. “When I conceived this special about the body, I immediately thought of a layout that was energetic. This energy is linked to the view that the human body is a perfect machine, which I find very exciting, “says Testino. “From there, the Higher + Higher developed layouts to pass exactly the concept I created. The graphic design has a role to translate the idea behind a special edition, and I think we achieved that goal fully. ”

Laura Rule , creative director + Higher Higher , adds that “to support ideas Mario Testino, used as a reference fashion magazines of the late ’80s, during which these publications celebrated the body and carried a message of optimism in their pages. We look at the universe in a contemporary way, manipulating typography simple and making a game of perspective and proportion, to transmit motion and power of the body. ”

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source: Vogue Brazil

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