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January 12 – Telecom brand VIVO, part of Telefônica Brasil, has renewed its sponsorship with the Brazilian national teams for another eight years. The partnership has existed since 2004 and incorporates both male and female teams.

The last deal signed by VIVO was estimated at being worth $40 million. No value has been announced for the renewal of the sponsorship.

The agreement covers distribution of multimedia content through mobile telephones, as well as placing the VIVO brand on team training gear and team transportation. VIVO may also sign publicity pieces as an official sponsor.

VIVO is publicising its partnership by having a celebrity model, Gisele Bündchen, star in a 30-second film. The advertisement has Bündchen use a new mobile phone to download videos of a Brazil game whilst wearing a national team shirt with the VIVO signature splayed across it.

VIVO is the largest telecommunications company in Brazil. The name of the company translates as “alive”, which is very much in theme with the Brazilian football ethos and culture, if not the recent performances of the men’s team.

The company is attempting to become synonymous with the national teams, and is serving its aims with its long term association with Brazilian football.

VIVO said: “More than a sponsorship, this project consolidates a synergy of values. The Brazilian Team has world renowned attributes and is completely in line with the VIVO brand in having leadership, team spirit, creativity as well as the strong sense of being Brazilian.”

The president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) Marco Polo Del Nero said: “This union will permit better working conditions so that the Brazilian Team can continue on its road to success.”


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