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At 34, the gaucho Gisele Bundchen is at its peak – and on the rise. Highest paid model in the world for eight years, she built a career without precedent among peers, transforming its image into a powerful asset – and that is worth more and more.What does your model work have to teach those seeking longevity and success in any field?
The following are some of the main steps of the model to win the top. And stay there.

1. Strategic Planning.
Gisele even had moments of luck, but was prepared to seize opportunities. Since adolescence, she had wanted to get and set what the main actions to achieve her goals. When signed the first contract with the agency Elite , her father, Valdir, asked for help from the agency to outline a roadmap that Gisele should follow: first she had to go to Tokyo to earn money. Then, New York and Paris, where she could learn English.

2. Network of relationships.

The model formed a solid network of contacts with people in the fashion world – and had fell in love from the likes of Anna Wintour, the legendary editor of American Vogue. Her good humor, charisma and willingness to perform work – especially early in her career – helped gain the trust of different professionals .

3. Hard work and professionalism.
In an environment where the default is hours late for appointments, Gisele has always been punctual. Establishes contract in the total working time, with an hour break for lunch. She is not adept to estrelismos common among celebrities. Her only requirement is for coconut water. She understands what clients (the brands hire) need and deliver what was promised – often exceeding expectations.



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