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The Art of Gisele
An Exclusive 30th Anniversary Showcase.
By Michelle Stacey
November/December 2008

Allure and beauty have been among the photographic themes that we have explored over the years. How could it have been otherwise? The French, when they speak of glamour, which they do often, enjoy using the word “charm,” which is appropriate photographically speaking, as it carries with it a strong sense of magic. Beauty, and photographs, cast a spell over the eyes, making us see what we could only imagine.

To help us celebrate our 30th anniversary in this issue, we turned to supermodel Gisele Bundchen, she of the cascading golden locks and sunkissed skin, and her longtime friend and collaborator, photographer Nino Muñoz. Would they care to create a special image that would contemplate the idea of glamour?

As for their answer, we direct your attention to the sixth photograph in the slideshow. It is possible to view this image as a visual reflection on beauty and narcissism; it makes ample use of the forbidding symbolism of fairy tales, as Gisele contemplates her own face and arrives at the only conceivable conclusion — that she is the fairest of them all.

For his part, Muñoz says simply, “Two Giseles are better than one, don’t you think?”

The model and the photographer have worked together many times over the past decade, and you can see the results of their creative partnership on the following pages. The Los Angeles – based Muñoz met Gisele back when he was trying to break into photography and living in New York. He was at a party at a friend’s house, and he saw the tall blond, who’d just arrived from Brazil. Having been born in Chile himself, Muñoz struck up a conversation. “We had South American backgrounds in common, and shared values,” he says. “We hit it right off.”

As you can see here, Gisele has assumed many identities for Muñoz. “We get very inspired around each other,” he says, “and I’ll talk to her about ideas, get her input, and make it happen.”

His favorite Gisele? “It would be the chill Gisele, which is just us hanging out on vacation, with her acting silly and laughing in front of the camera,” Muñoz says. “Although sexy Gisele in six-inch pumps isn’t bad, either.”

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