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Some might wonder if it is nerve racking taking a picture with a supermodel, YES!! Actually, considering Gisele had someone fabulous do her hair and makeup (that would be me) and I do have a few years on her, I think I look pretty darn good next to her.

We started work this day at about 5am, we were shooting a commercial for Brazil. Exactly who the commercial is for is top secret at this time. Though no matter who the client is, Gisele Bundchen is always a top notch professional and gives her 110% to the day.
On a commercial the start time is usually early unless shooting into the night is necessary and the average day on set is 10-12 hours.

About a week ago we shot a cover for ARENA magazine and an inside story, I think it will be the September issue, so look for it on the newsstand. A print job is usually a little more mellow than shooting a commercial because there are less people involved and a lot less equipment. I’m not opposed to commercials though a print job is always a little more up my alley.

Gisele is not only one of the most successful and beautiful supermodels, having contracts with companies such as Victoria’s Secret and Versace, she is also very passionate about doing charity work. She even has her own foundation in Brazil to help young girls have a better life.

Well, that’s it for today. Please keep coming back regularly as I have so many fun postings coming up.



NOTE: Picture’s taken from the link above.

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