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Sonia Rykiel Fall 2014
Photographer: Juergen Teller
Style: Katie Grand
Make-up: none
Hair: none

IN THE ROUGH: Sonia Rykiel has tapped Juergen Teller for its fall advertising campaign starring Gisele Bündchen.

The Brazilian model is seen without makeup in the black-and-white shots, taken in an artist’s studio. The images mark a stark departure from the French fashion brand’s previous two advertising campaigns, which featured graphic colored backdrops by graphic design duo M/M (Paris).

The fall shoot was art directed and styled by Katie Grand, who said she took her cue from pictures of the label’s founder, Sonia Rykiel, in the Seventies.

“They were very elegant black-and-white snapshots of her in the studio and on a car, and reminded me of Juergen Teller’s work. Once Juergen had agreed to work with us, we wanted to work with a woman with Madame Rykiel’s joie de vivre, and the obvious choice was Gisele,” she said.

“Juergen does not often shoot in black-and-white and we asked him to shoot film to give an authenticity to the images,” Grand added.


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