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How were you accepted the challenge to be part of this campaign for Saga Falabella?
The truth is that I knew the job Saga Falabella few years ago with Kate Moss campaigns and Lenny Kravitz. When I got the proposal to work with them, I was interested enough especially the creative side, as it allowed me to bring in something that I truly love, work together and create new things.On the other hand, working with a client from South America outside of Brazil, and also have the ability to reach a mass audience in countries where it’s Falabella, just seemed a great opportunity. From the beginning I loved the idea.

How has it been working with Saga Falabella in this second campaign? Did you like the results of the campaign?
The first campaign, which work in the city where I live, Boston- I liked, especially the commercial I am, showing me the way I am in everyday life. Here I talk about who I am: mom, my profession, my interests, etc. I’m sure that the second season will be just as wonderful. The team is the same and the locations we have used on this occasion are also beautiful and suitable for a summer campaign. Hope you like you too.

How did you decide to devote to modeling?
At 14 years, a scouter found me in my hometown. It was very fast, the first time I traveled to New York and spoke very little English, no one spoke Portuguese and my parents spoke German and Portuguese. It was all a matter understand. The agency in NYC had a German booker who translated the questions into English from my father and my father helped me translate Portuguese. It was chaos but that was only the beginning. I learned English quickly and 15 I sent one to Japan. You can imagine how it was that first trip.

After that I dedicated myself to finish my studies and at 17 I returned to NYC, then traveled to Europe and my career in Africa began in London. I went to over 40 castings for London Fashion Week, and only confirmed me for Alexander McQueen. That was in ’98, the famous parade of golden rain, it was a fantastic experience. Then I photographed Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino and Meisel and I’m here.

Do your parents support you when you wanted to break into modeling?
My parents were always there. Nervous at first, too worried and proud. I must say that always supported me and thanks to them I’ve had in my career achievements.

How Has Gisele Bundchen, the model, since beginning his career?
The model is the same, I was always very concentrated and blended in my work. But as a person I have changed a lot. When I started I was only 14, and when one grows, evolves. Evolves as a human being. I’m in a very good time. When I started working as a model not expect to stay here for 20 years. That’s why I’m so grateful to this race, knowing many people, the experiences of life.

What qualities do you think should have a model to excel?
Discipline, respect for the hand that feeds you, consistency, that’s the word … They have to be consistent and not decay. Fashion has been focusing more on healthy and athletic look, this has been the trend, be healthy, be natural, do sports, feel good as a final goal and that is reflected. Another important issue is maintaining focus.I also think you have to be grateful for when you underestimate the things you miss sometimes magical moments. That’s how I feel. I try to be a better person every day and maybe that is reflected in a good way in my work.

How are you when choosing your clothes? Do you wear important, mass brands or both?
I like to have in my closet clothes that I feel comfortable. I can put some Isabel Marant mixed with a piece of Falabella. Campaign last autumn I have a sweater white Falabella which I liked. It’s not about the brand but about the cut, the material, how comfortable I feel. This season and I have my eye on a couple of items from the collection of Falabella I want to use for my holiday.

Could you share some beauty secrets with your followers in Latin America?
Eat as healthy as possible and when you do think about your body and the planet. You must be aware and create awareness. My beauty secret is to drink lots of coconut water and meditate, I look for my moment of peace, daily smile, feel good everyday balance. I realized that the more I knew, the more I agreed, was what gave me more happiness. I noticed that the outside is not what you would give me happiness.

In this business people judge your exterior, but people can feel your energy. Some people can say that someone is beautiful, and others may say “I do not know how that person can work well.” One day you are the most beautiful and the other person, you’re a very attractive person. If I cared about the opinions of my outside, imagine what would happen to me.

What could say is get to know themselves because what other people think about them does not matter, what matters is what people think of themselves, the kind of person they are, if they have integrity, if they the best of them. If you have that then all people are free.

Today “Gisele” is a brand in itself. What is your secret to keep current and be the number one model?
I am a very grateful person. It is the first thing that comes to mind. I try to do the best possible in the
course of my career as a model. From my beginnings have already been 20 years and I am therefore very grateful.

It was an incredible experience, I learned a lot, still learning and I’ve met a lot of beautiful people. I have grown from 13 years to become the woman I am today, almost 34 years. This makes it take over half of my life doing what I do and it has strengthened me as a human being, and still a great time doing it. Every time I go to work I feel the same. I always arrive on time because it is always new, exciting and entertaining for me.


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