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Quem Brazil October 2014 - 14th anniversary

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In a rare interview, Gisele recalls early career : “I was not among the most beautiful”
The model über covers 14 years of the magazine and gave an extensive and rare testimony in which he talks about his children, Vivian and Benjamin, and her husband, athlete Tom Brady

Age 14 – the age that Quem celebrates this edition – a beautiful girl of Rio Grande do Sul was taking its first steps on the catwalk. Two decades later, she is the most successful top of the world, mother performed exemplary human being. Nasmastê, Gisele Bündchen!

In rare testimony to the editorial director of Quem, Lucia Barros, the über model told a little more of her life “fairy tale” and recalled the start of her career: “I saw very early on that a career based on ideals of beauty, I needed to differentiate myself in some way, because I was not among the most beautiful. then I watched everything that was happening around me and saw how I could learn and help people. Was always and am grateful for the opportunity to be doing this work and tried to give as much of myself – in fact, I always tried to give more than expected what was in mind: like how I do to make myself indispensable”

The Brazilian model also explained how the relationship with the children, Vivian Lake, 1 year and 10 months and Benjamin, 4, besides husband, Tom Brady, 37. “The kitchen is often a gathering place indoors. Stay together We love preparing breakfast. Children like putting the vegetables in the centrifuge and help make green juice. I’m always great when we’re all together,” said model, which proved to be too sentimental. “I’m like butter – melt and get emotional easily.”


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