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I and sympathy in person! Gisele has a mega positive energy and happiness that radiates to every corner! Loved the opportunity to meet her, and no doubt this little moment will be unforgettable! Get emotional just remembering believe?!

Well, I did an interview with her with questions that I’m sure would love to know, can we start?!

. What is the first ritual you do to get on the plane?
First, drink plenty of water. And I always try to have a creminho or almond oil or jojoba oil to moisturize your hands, face, more natural and clean as possible. Oh, and I also like to take a book.

. But you do not usually sleep on the trip?
I sleep just a little bit, because usually travel with my children on his lap, then take the opportunity to do a reading when I am without them on trips to work.

. What usually does not lack in your purse?
A cell, floss, mirror, lip gloss, a lip balm brand from a friend that I love because you can spend on Skin, face, cuticles, this is something very good to have in the bag.

. And with so many trips, what you carry in your handbag search? For example, you brought this time?
I’m very practical at this time, because I prefer to take just one handbag. So take what I actually use, start separating the pants, some dark, some lighter, a black dress, black leather jacket, and I’m the same practice. As I travel a lot for work, it’s cool because I use the branded garments for whom I was hired.

Do you have any tips for skin care infallible?
I always do facial exercises to relax your face, it does very well! And before entering the runway, how do you prepare? Always lengthen I also meditate and pray, because to me that I’m doing the show is that I get a lot of energy, so I need to be well, and what works is very good breathing.

.And diquinha for hair?
Much I use that line Pantene Expert, which is great to take traveling. Something I never do is use conditioner at the root, use only half of the hair because the hair weighs, and also use some creams intensive care, put a towel and leave about 15 minutes, this is what I usually do.

Oh people, killing huh? Friendly and this dear woman!

source ; Translated by Google Translate.

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