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I’d like to dedicate my 50th post to the beautiful Gisele Bundchen
Yes, I know what a lot of people say.. “she’s not even that pretty”. Maybe not to the general public, but this buxom baby has one of the most hottest bodies I have ever seen. She may seem to be very thin, but she actually has big bones, which go perfectly with her head-to-toe, toned out body. Her cheekbones are amazing and she is able to work the camera very, very well. It is not by looks alone, but also by talent that she’s able to succeed as the world’s highest paying model in the world!
This highest paid super model was infamously known for wanting to be paid in Euro’s, as the economy began to sink and the dollar value declined. Rumor had it that she demanded a pay increase from $5 million dollar per year salary in order to sign another contract with Victoria’s Secret. Yes, my blogging about this statement setting, entrepreneur has been LONG overdue!

I first met Gisele while working at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2006 in Los Angeles, California. It was unknowingly (at the time), her last year there. We were at the Kodak Theatre the day before the show for a team meeting. And in walks Gisele.. it was my VERY FIRST TIME seeing a celebrity of any sort. Can you imagine how ecstatic I was? Of course, I tried to not make it so obvious! But she is not one to turn away from-Gisel really has great presence everywhere she goes! The first thing she says to us, “Everybody get down on the floor, let’s do some YOGA!” Me and my team members were just looking at each other like, “Is she forreal?”. “Yes, yes, everyone! Come on!” she says with her accent. A little hesitant, we got on the floor and started to follow her lead. “Now, do you feel better?”, Gisel states after a few yoga poses. Amazingly.. yes, it felt a lot better! It surely eased the tensions from the show and the rush of being around all these super models! 😯

The next day, we are backstage and the director of the show was explaining to Gisele of the opening of the show, “You count to 10, and then you come out. Then you make eye contact with Justin (Timberlake) on the runway.” “No” she says, “I count 1, 2, 3, and then I go!” Gisele says stubbornly. But of course, she started at the right time and the opening was awesome! I still remember being backstage listening the “Sexy Back” and my heart was just racing because of the start of show! It was incredible!

During the break (between the first and the second show), everyone went back to the hair and makeup room. As I am getting my lunch, Gisele stands right next to me tasting every single dish.. “What is this?” she says as she puts the food in her mouth. After every taste, she made a comment on whether or not she liked it. It was really funny, but this is the answer to a lot of your questions… Yes, she eats! Along comes a crew worker, asking.. “Gisele, after we eat, do you think I can get a picture with you?”. “Sure, sure” says Gisele. Then came the press and off she went to do another interview.

You know, I really give the models a lot of props. They sit there and answer the same questions OVER and OVER and OVER again. I wish that these press people would be more creative with their questions sometimes!

After the first show, came the second. We were backstage getting ready for the PINK carpet. FYI, the second shows are for the celebrities and VIP. The first show is for people (general public) who have won or bought tickets to the show, and family members of the models.

As we are prepping the contract models for the carpet walk, Gisele pulls out her dress and her shoes. Then she pulls out her accessories and asks, “Isn’t this cool, guys?” as she holds up two arm cuffs. Yeah, it was cool! After she dresses, everyone (important) leaves while I clean up my mess. Gisele puts the arm cuffs on and says.. “What do you think? One or two?” as she turns away from the mirror and looks at me. I just, look around like.. huh? Me? Gisele is asking me for advice? 😯 Second guessing myself, I make the PINK carpet fashion decision of my life saying, “One looks better”. I turn to look at a girl standing next to me. She nodds her head with approval. “Okay, fine.” Gisele says.. easily convinced (may I add, lol?). She was just, so chill about it.
Last came the shoe. She taps me on the shoulder and says, “Can you help me with my shoe?” Of course, that was simple enough! So I took her shoes, got on my knees, and began to put it on. First one, no problem! Second one, uh… the strap did not have a hole where it was supposed to! “I’m running late”, Gisele says looking at the time. Right when she says that, I immediately think to myself, “Oh my Gawd, Gisele is going to be so mad at me because I cannot put on her dang shoes!” I’m poking and poking at the strap, trying to force the little metal piece through. Finally, Gisele can see that I am struggling. She asks me what’s wrong and I tell her that the shoe has no hole on the strap! “Stupid shoe!” Gisele says of her Roberto Cavalli heels. Finally after 5 minutes, I was able to force the metal part through to secure the strap. “Thank you so much” says Gisele. “I have to go, I am running late!” she says frantically.

As she is turning away to leave, the girl that was in the room earlier asks, “May I have a picture?” Even though Gisele was running late, she says “Of course.” Afterwards, Gisele looks at me and says, “Do you want one too?” Now, I tried to be as professional as I could at the show, but I couldn’t pass this one by. “Sure” I said. Then immediately I thought, where am I going to get a camera? Next thing I know, there’s a vibrating sound in the back of my pant pockets!! My sisters were texting me about the show! And then I thought… duh? My camera phone!


So there it is guys, that is the picture.. the only proof that I was there! It was all just so awkward how everything turned out. Gisele can seem to be portrayed as this outspoken and demanding “queen of the …”, but she is the most down to earth, super model chick that I have met. She’s courteous to her fans and thinks about the people who work around her. She’s witty in a not so snobby way. And I do agree that she is much more of a tom boy than she is as this sexy figure everyone percieves her to be.

I wish Gisele the best of luck with the next chapter of her life- her marriage, pregnancy, entrepreneurship, and modeling. In my book, she is definitely worthy every penny that she has earned!



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