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Pictures are part of the campaign of the new collection of Gisele Bundchen Brazilian Intimates, which has just hit the stores.

Gisele Bundchen wears thong. And to assume a lack of impressive ceremony. “It’s a good option to not mark clothing. Moreover, panties are basic without losing the sensual side,” she told GQ . Few women are given the luxury, like her, to be known only by the first name . Fewer women still have a fortune estimated at $ 42 million, to 33 years, not counting any inheritance. But she is Gisele, model that led to beauty Brazil to the world, known to be extremely professional and sexy.

Her name is so valuable that in 2007, the American economist Fred Fuld created the “Gisele Index”, which evaluated the performance of the companies it represented, showing that hiring her as a poster girl is a good investment . To get an idea, from January 2007 to September 2011, the “Gisele Index” rose 41%, more than the Dow Jones in the same period. Is still the highest paid model in the world, but hung up his wings at Victoria’s Secret in 2007 and has already begun thinking about their future outside walkways.

In 2011, she created her own brand of lingerie, Gisele Bündchen Intimates, which obviously is the face (and body). “I have always enjoyed using different lingerie, and when I thought of creating a label , I thought it would be fun to work with it,” she says. “I give suggestions for all collections, take care of every detail: approve fabrics, colors, designs and always prove everything to see if it needs some adjustment, decrease one hand, raise the other, change or put a noose.” This result is not bad, as you can see in these photos.


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