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Believe it: not the Gisele Bündchen escaped from a heartbreak

The über is our August cover. And in the quest for stories that help tell a little as she is, we believe, an old boyfriend who didn’t give a damn about her.

Gisele Bundchen looks perfect, right? It is very likely that not sue, I think even if I never swore, sure there’s too lazy to get up to exercise in the winter and, well, does it make sense to think of Gisele jealous of someone? With anger, jealousy, bad mood? No, no, no and no. But believe me: she had an unrequited love!

And it wasn’t the choice for modeling career that left her free father’s expectations, like any mortal. Prepared to meet the top facets never before revealed? Some US business around here. Others, you’ll discover in the August edition of Glamour, which is mara, and arrives at newsstands from day 30.

She was upstaged by his first love at the age of 15 years.

(Second article published in 2009 in the newspaper Zero Hora, when Gisele had 15 years-and I’ve lived in SP-, returned from vacation to Horizontina. Bogadinho had 17. They were former classmates of the school class Frederick Logemann and Jorge were! It was her first kiss. “That Kiss was the most special thing in my life. I was a year dreaming about him. That kid gorgeous, wonderful, charming, mischievous, that I loved so much, that esnobava me,” said Gisele publication in the year 2000, when it was an international top! After that, she returned to New York, and he moved with his family to Palmas, Tocantins. Never saw each other again.)

“The quiet girl and Gise into hers. We’ve always been friends before we can be together, she always rode a bike with me. Let her fly, and she loved it. After our first kiss, we spoke for a period before she left Brazil ‘s. At the end of year we used to speak at Christmas and new year, because I was coming to spend their holidays in Florianópolis (Santa Catarina). For sure I was marked with this story, was a teenage passion and stayed a while thinking about her. My co-workers, friends and especially my students think it that much. But I’ve already lost a girlfriend at the time because of this story.”

Alessandro Bogado, teacher and owner of Academy of jiu-jitsu and self-defense (Oh, and happily married today)

She had a career plan drawn up by father, Valdir

“After a time when Gisele was in São Paulo, Valdir sent the Agency a questionnaire which asked which were strong and weak daughter TLD landmarks. Not only that: it was a vast questionnaire. And I’m the one who replied. The biggest problem was the power supply. Gisele ate a lot of crap! There were bags and bags of chips, that pipoquinha sweet … She didn’t gain an ounce, but I didn’t know what could happen in the future (well, today we know that she changed the food, so it was never a problem). Hence, in 98, Valdir went to New York to talk with John Casablancas, owner of the Elite at the time. Talk, don’t … He was doing the business plan of the career of Gisele is more like it. Demanded that he determined what would happen in one, two and three years of work. And if forecasts proved, because in 1999 she was chosen the model of the year by American Vogue.”

Zeca Abreu, Director of New Faces of the Elite during the early years of the career of Gisele


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