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Gisele Bündchen went to São Paulo to shoot in a mansion in Morumbi, the campaign of her new sandal, Wealth of the Tropics, Grendene, which will launch this month. In an exclusive interview with WHO, says that the model is a playful and affectionate mother, says she likes to take care of the house and explains why not think about retirement.

QUEM: Do you see any difference in the fashion world in recent years?
GB: Fashion is much more globalized today, also because of the internet. However, I see no major changes in the patterns of fashion.

QUEM: You have spent more time with their children, Benjamin, 3 years, and Vivian, 1, than at work. The decelerated is purposeful?
GB: There is nothing more important than my family. When I decided to become a mother, I knew this would be my priority. This meant that I had to be even more selective in choosing my work.

QUEM: In 2004, you starred in the film Taxi . Toparia make another movie?
GB: Attend a movie requires a lot of involvement. Have received a few calls, but at this point in my life, I can not fit it. Who knows in the future.

QUEM: is thought to retire in the coming years?
GB: I will always work, because I love to create.

QUEM: You are a concerned person with the environment. How it applies in everyday life?
GB: Whenever possible, try to have attitudes that help preserve our resources, starting with small things like not wasting water washing dishes, brushing teeth or bathing. And recycle garbage, do not waste energy. Also try to use alternative energy systems in my house, like solar energy and rain water collector. We also do composting organic waste. Moreover, growing a vegetable garden at home and try to buy, when possible, organic foods from small farms in the region. I find it important to have more sustainable practices in daily and forward it to my children.

QUEM: What kind of mother are you?
GB: I am a mother kisser type. I am a person who likes a lot of affection. I fill my kids hugs and kisses all the time. I also love going to the ground with them and turn child. But I am also firm when necessary. After all, I believe my main role as a mother is to love, guide and provide good values ​​so that in future they can make good choices.

QUEM: You live in the United States and her husband, Tom Brady, is American. Makes sure to spend a bit of Brazilian culture for children?
GB: I think it important to preserve our culture and, of course, try to pass on to my children some of our traditions, whether in food, the joy, the warmth of the Brazilian people, in music or even the language. I often speak Portuguese with them at home.

QUEM: If your kids wanted to be models, would you support them?
GB: My kids will have the freedom to choose what they want for their lives. I believe in the saying that it is important to take root, but let them fly.

QUEM: Like keeping house?
GB: I usually organize the house, because I believe that life is easier when things are in place. When necessary, wash the dishes, cook … Do whatever it takes. Do not squeeze me in the hour of chores because I learned when young, at home. But as there is not much time for these chores, I have a person who helps me.

QUEM: After 32 years, body care changed?
GB: In recent times, I was more careful with skin care. Seeking clean it and hydrate it always very good. Have the physical exercises and meditation are part of my routine long ago.

QUEM: You seem to lead a quiet life. It is to counteract with the rush of work?
GB: The pace of my life is always very intense. For me, contact with nature is like magic. The moment I set foot on earth, let all the stress from the hectic life on hold. Definitely be in contact with nature helps to recharge my energies and brings me balance. When you take a vacation, for example, like being in the woods.

QUEM: It’s been almost five years since she’s married. What have you learned about the wedding?
GB: It is important to have a lot of respect and an open and sincere dialogue. And lots of love, of course!

QUEM: Back to live in Brazil is in your plans?
GB: I’d love to, but only time will tell.


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