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U Jordan September 2013

Following the exciting news of Gisele Bundchen being named as the face of H&M’s fall campaign, we were thrilled to know more about her spectacular comeback.
Gisele Bundchen, who topped Forbse’s Highest Paid Models list last year with a staggering $45 million in annual earnings, has previously worked with H&M in it’s Spring/Summer 2011 campaign. Now she’s gracing billboards with her breathtaking beauty in H&M’s latest campaign for Fall 2013.

Tell us about your experience shooting H&M campaign.
I had a great time on the shoot. We had a great team of people and it was a beautiful sunny day so it was perfect that we were able to shoot outside. I also loved recording the song, it was such a fun experience.
How was your experience recording the song for commercial ?
I have always loved music, so I loved it! It was my first time singing and it was so much fun. I didn’t wanted to give up the mic!

How did you choose the song ?
H&M picked the song and send it to me, and I loved it!

What is your favorite piece from the campaign ?
I really loved the green blouse, the green pants, the blue short jacket, the coat and the sweaters. Actually I liked everything I wore.

What music do you like to listen to ?
I like to listen to Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Marvin Gaye and also Brazilian music like Bossa Nova and other artists like Caetano, Ellis Regina, Tom Jobim, Marisa Monte and Legiao Urbana. It depend the mood I am in.

What is your must-have piece from this fall ?
I am always a big fan of jeans because they are easy to match with everything, cozy sweaters and sweatshirts I think are good options too. A nice light jacket is also good.

What is your favorite accessory for fall ?
I love scarves since I usually tend to feel a bit chilly.

How do you decide what to wear ?
It depends on my mood, but I always choose pieces that I feel comfortable in.

Who within fashion inspires you ?
There isn’t a particular person. I feel people in general inspire me. It could be someone walking in the street or a picture in a book. What is always important to me is to feel comfortable with whatever it is I am wearing.

Are you engaged in charity ?
I have a lot of different passions and one of them is mother earth. I believe we are all connected and that our health depends on the health of our planet. For the recognition of my involvement with environmental causes, in 2009, UNEP invited me to be Goodwill Ambassador for environment. Since then I have been helping them to draw attention to such causes.

NOTE: interview is copied by Gisele Bundchen Online team from the picture above.

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