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HAVE you ever heard a supermodel sing? Well, Gisele Bündchen has given it a go in the new H&M campaign and – much like everything else she does – she’s pretty good at it.
The supermodel – who was Forbes’ highest earner this year for the seventh year in a row – will model the company’s autumn/winter 2013 collection in television and online advertising debuting on September 12, and the voice you hear as she struts her stuff will be her own.

The song, “All Day And All Of The Night” by The Kinks, will be available for free download from hm.com, and will also be on iTunes, raising money for UNICEF. For every single download from iTunes, H&M will make a donation to UNICEF to enable the purchase of vaccines for children.

“I am so excited to be the face of H&M this autumn,” Gisele said. “I love the street style look, and that we can raise funds for a good cause. I hope everyone downloads my song!”


and here’s what Gisele talked about the song in H&M Fall 2013 magazine:

What made you want to record a song for H&M ?
I thought it would be a fun experience. It’s not everyday someone invites you to record a song – I couldn’t pass that up!

Have you always enjoyed singing ?
As a child I used to sing in the school choir. I love music – it makes me feel happy and free.

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