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Gisele Bundchen made 29 young cancer patients and survivors feel like supermodels yesterday, when Mrs. Tom Brady [stats] surprised the girls at a Newbury Street salon, taught them some catwalk moves and made their Girls Weekend Out a super special time.

It was the most amazing, wonderful, wonderful thing Ive ever seen,said WEEI morning guy John Dennis, who put a word in with Brady to arrange the supermodel surprise.

It was unbelievable. She made every one of those girls feel beautiful, loved and important. It was very, very special.

The girls, all patients at the Jimmy Fund Clinic at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, were treated to a weekend on the town, organized by Jimmy Fund activities gal Lisa Scherber. On Saturday, H&M had the ladies in for a shopping spree. The Westin Hotel provided accommodations, and on Saturday night, the 29 patients, their nurses and chaperones went to dinner at a restaurant in Beverly where they had a cooking class and dinner.

Yesterday morning the gals were chauffeured to Salon Pini & Co., where a posse of Newbury Street stylists assembled to do hair, manis, pedis and makeup.

The place looked beautiful, there were flowers everywhere and Lespalier catered it,Dennis said.

They had their nails done and makeup, and some of the kids who hadnt lost their hair had haircuts.

The party was in full swing when, unbeknownst to the girls, Gisele had arrived on the scene and was hiding in the elevator.

I asked them to turn down the music, and said Can I have your attention, because were not done yet. You all look beautiful. This looks like a room of supermodels. I think the only way we could raise the level of supermodel-dom in this room is to bring out the worlds most famous supermodel, Dennis said.

Hannah Baiona, 15, a sophomore at Braintree High School who has been in remission from Hodgkins lymphoma for seven months, said the girls were all thrilled to see Mrs. 12 emerge from the elevator.

We all started clapping and everyone was excited, Hannah said. She individually met with us all and gave us each a rose, and gave us each a hug, and we got to take pictures with her. She was mostly saying hi to everyone, being like ˜It™s nice to meet you! You look so pretty. You look so good!

Dennis said Gigi posed for pictures and spent time with every one of the girls, getting down on her knees to speak with the girls in wheelchairs. She even called one girls mom, who was in Brazil.

We made a fake little catwalk in the salon, and we each walked down it,Hannah said. Then there were three girls that were in wheelchairs, and she strolled them down the catwalk. Another girl and I didnt want to walk alone, so she waked arm-in-arm with us.

Dennis said the vibe in the salon was amazing.

Ive spent some time with the kids from the Jimmy Fund, and the one thing you notice is that theres a deep and abiding sadness in their eyes,Dennis said. And even today, it was there still. But when she came in, it went away.

Gis surprise visit was arranged a few weeks ago when Dennis, who chats with Tom every Monday live on the air, emailed her hubby and asked him to put in a good word with his bride.

I said, ˜If Gisele happens to be in the area … but she ended up re- arranging her international schedule to do this, he said. It was an awesome thing.

When it came time for Gisele to leave and head down to Foxboro for the game, Dennis thanked Mrs. Brady for coming and she gave him a hug and said, No, thank you for letting me be a part of this.

Her face was turned away from the kids and she started crying uncontrollably,he said. The tears were streaming down her face. She was emotionally drained. She said ˜I love all of you, and got in the elevator before they could see her face. It was unbelievable.

Dennis said he sent Tom an email after the event and told him: You have a very special lady there. And Im not just talking about her looks.


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