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Victoria's Secret Launches IPEX

Makeup artist to the beautiful people Gina Brooke was in Boston this week at Julie Michaud Prettyology to plug a high-end line of spa treatments called Intraceuticals. Given that Brooke has worked with a client you may have heard of — Gisele Bundchen — it made sense to shake her down for a bit of gossip. But Brooke, who is best known for her work with Madonna, Anne Hathaway, and Justin Timberlake, had nothing but sweet things to say about the supermodel, and she swears it’s not just the confidentiality agreement talking. (She worked on Bundchen when she posed for a cover of GQ.) Brooke says she found Bundchen’s skin so flawless that she was unsure how to proceed with her makeup. She was also surprised at how down-to-earth Mrs. Tom Brady behaved. “What I distinctly remember about Gisele is that she was not pretentious at all,” Brooke said. “Most of the models who show up for a photo shoot roll up in a black Lincoln Town Car with tinted windows, and they come in with their assistant. Gisele showed up riding her bicycle to work. She was like a normal girl, sat in a chair, and was completely lovely to work on.”


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