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gisele bundchen intimates 2014 (22)

The Hurricane Gisele already has a date to return to Brazil. Next Tuesday (August 26), the top launches in São Paulo Collection Summer 2015 from her lingerie line, Gisele Bündchen Intimates (GBI). The event is scheduled for at 20h at the Hotel Tivoli. The FFW, of course, will be there to record everything about the release – follow firsthand by Instagram (ffw).

+ With throngs of fans, Gisele launches lingerie collection in NK Store

It is expected that the passage of Gisele here cause the same uproar caused in the last launch of GBI last December, when a mob of photographers, journalists, groupies and curious squeezed in NK Store just to photograph and get close to her. This is Gisele effect.


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