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Yay! It’s our Birthday! ♥

January 18, 2013 is the date when Gisele Bundchen Online went online! It’s a special date for us, because GBOnline team has always dreamt of having fan site dedicated to the gorgeous Gisele! We’ve been collecting Gisele’s pics through the years and in the beginning of 2013 we finally got a place where we could upload all the images ♥

During the year site’s been updated daily and added all of her recent pics and many more from past years. We’re proud to tell you that practically Gisele’s whole modeling work is added to the gallery. Besides modeling work you can find lots of Gisele candids on different events, press conferences and her daily life pics. One of our most beloved section is Quotes and Stories section, by the way.

Our team tried the best to make site navigation easy, that’s why we sorted every single pic folder by folder, folders are sorted by year and by category. During this 1 year we added 33 000 pics to 2 275 albums in 308 categories.

We’re very proud that we did it and put all Gisele’s career and other activities together, but we want to thank to other amazing Gisele’s major fan-pages that will always be credited on GBOnline! ♥

We added additional pages as well, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch with you and we made Tumblr to collect Gisele’s gifs!

Oh and Gisele first retweeted us on May 25, 2013 and followed us on Twitter on September 18, 2013 ♥

We hope you enjoy our site as much we do! Thank you for visiting us, thank you for all the nice words you guys say about us! ♥

Love GBOnline team! ♥

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