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On Friday night I met up with my dear friend, Renata from Scorpion Disco, to attend the grand opening of Rag & Bone’s new store on Newbury St.

It was an exciting night.

Designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville’s latest store is gorgeous and really captures the laid back but luxe vibe of Rag & Bone.
Marcus & David were in town for the grand opening and mingled with guests, and showed off some of their favorite styles for summer.
I’d been in a few week earlier because I’ve been so obsessed with Rag & Bone for so long!
I’m happy that Boston finally got their attention!

We mingled, browsed, met and fell in love with a Patriot, drank champagne.
Normal fashion event fare.

And then they arrived.
Boston’s royal couple, Tom Brady & Gisele, pulled up.
The store went silent. iPhone’s were whipped out.
Sophistication went out the door as everyone jostled to the front of the store for a better look.


Yes. That’s me and Renata. With Gisele.
And, for those of you looking for dirt, she couldn’t have been sweeter!

And, of course, since he was there….



He is amazingly tall. His hand was on my back and it was so massive I thought a grizzly bear’s paw was resting against me.

But mostly we watched Gisele’s every movement.
I know everything looks amazing on her but I’ll be getting myself a Rag & Bone hat or two.




It was an amazing evening made even better by so many of my favorite fellow blogger’s being there!

Thanks so much to everyone at Rag & Bone for the hospitality!
– See more at: http://www.thebostonista.com/2012_04_25_archive.html#sthash.F8IhtNjn.dpuf


NOTE: Pictures are taken from the link above.

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