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Elle Hungary July 2014 cover 1

Today he is the undisputed world’s most famous topmodellje. And he is the legszenvedélyebb of brazil. On the occasion of the football World Cup, Gisele Bundchen for sharing your faith with Elle, the joys, the plans and secrets of a 20-year career.

Who has any luck is part of that encounter with Gisele, the reaction is always the same: gosh! The 180 cm tall, slender, long-legged blonde beauty grey farmerjában, pólójában and V-zakójában black-necked is a striking phenomenon that it all fades away. In the interview, the Milk is made by Los Angeles Studio, in the next room are made of Blanchettről photos, Cate on the terrace and Jared Leto gives Canadians. But no one has a vivid light like Gisele. The 33-year-old Bundchen modellkedik twenty years later this year. The trip was perfectly straight, the Rio Grande do Sul province town, Horizontinából the international catwalks. The young girl dreamed that the Brazilian volleyball team member, and finally the Elite Model contest and Alexander McQueen became the courtesy of Gisele, whom we know today.

The most influential women in the world, Forbes magazine, the Rolling Stones are among the world’s most beautiful women, posing for Vogue, Numéro, Harper’s Bazaar, and, of course, on the cover of Elle. In 2009, the latter for a total of 30 International Edition front page was put up at the same time (so called), when he supported the anti-AIDS (RED). Such brands as the face of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Pantène, Pucci, but also boasts its own fehérneművonallal (this is the Gisele Intimate), and working with Ipanemával. Every year about 40 million dollars, which is American football star husband Tom Brady in terms of the amount, together with the figurative kick. They are beautiful, rich and famous.

That is how you along with the 2014 football Brazil, which is home?

– Soccer has always been a major part of the Brazilian culture. I remember when I moved to the United States, people have been saying: Wow, you’re Brazilian? Like Pele, Garrincha, soccer players: Santos, Torres, Ronaldo … Brazil is famous for this, and the people are really passionate about that love football. It is very important to us, that after 50 years we again organize the World Cup. We’re going to win!

You can go and then some of the match?

– The rúgnék myself a score! A huge celebration is going to be, I want to be a part of it. I hope there will be szurkolhatok the csapatunkért in the finals, because of course, the braziloknak drukkolok.

Will you participate in the opening or the zárórendezvényen?

– I would be very welcome there.

How come such an avid Patriot?

– I am very proud that I was born in Brazil. I love the psyche of people, there is something magical. I feel at home there, where life and joy. When I first came to America, I hugged everyone, on megpusziltam, and this shocked the people. The football fans from all over the world will come from a wide variety of and see the face of Brazil, the beauty, the energy.

The sport is your passion?

– Since my childhood I was the athletic type, for example, I was the captain of the röplabdacsapatunk. Világéletemben sport. Strandröplabdáztam, kocogtam, volleyball, winter is almost naked. Sporty girl I am!

What kind of relationship are you your body?

– The church body. A gift that must be honored and nurtured. I enjoy the movement. Röpizni no longer nagyonvan, but lovagolok, I play windsurfing, tennis, wherever I am. The kung-fu, boxing, yoga, pilates, I feel that I live in. If you do not mozoghatok, I do not feel myself.

And how táplálod your body?

– Very differently than they used to eat right now, because now I am fully aware that what the thorn in the flesh, I spend those are among substances that provide energy, and those that do not.


– Do Not. I rarely eat meat, but do not forget that I was born in the South of Brazil, a carnivore and I grew up in. I do not exaggerate, but I want to know where it comes from what you eat. If antimicrobial compounds and other food telenyomták, I szervezetembe. I eat mostly fresh food: vegetables, fruit, beans, able, eggs … Home chicken also.

It’s economics that we have meals, if you are on the road?

– While traveling I do not eat meat, and fish are also problematic.

The result of this Green approach to your education?

– My grandparents were farmers, my grandmother saw the cow milked. It was wonderful! This is the greatest gift that my parents gave me and my sister five. Remember, as you cserélgették the crops with neighbors, it was a real community. So I buy producer markets. There are also groups in Boston, whose monthly pay is what you get, and that during that period, sometimes three months Zucchini.

This approach is also in the Green gyerekeidnek you try to pass on?

– I’m doing the same thing with my children: I will try to make them understand the things. That is why there are plenty of vegetables and fruit we plant together. My kids know the seasons within the hydrological cycle, and, you know, why not room for strawberry. Our life from the Earth. Our health depends on the health of our planet. If you elszennyezzük the water, if we destroy the trees, if you are in the oceans, the earth itself and eliminates us repair.

Do you ever Cook?

– I’m not a great Cook, but simple dishes to cook. Grillezek, párolok, and garlic or onion I do everything, whether it tastes good.

There is a Brazilian recipe, what the édesanyádtól you have learned?

– My mom csirkelevese the finest vegetables, and now my children love it. The secret is that you must cut up chicken with onions and garlic in butter, roast throughout and only then add to the soup with the rest of those.

How to birkózol the challenges of everyday life, how to combine motherhood and egyezteted szupermodellkedést?

– All the time egyensúlyoznom. Sometimes when I go to bed at night, I’m glad that I’ve been doing a good job of that. Sometimes I wish I would have done some things differently. All the time alkalmazkodnom. Recently, more and more difficult to drive because a lot of my work. I’m taking my son to school. Then hurry back to the kislányomhoz, who is only 15 months old. I never feel like I’m 100 percent certain that megoldanék everything. The country would shut up! Fortunately, we live in Costa Rica to be myself, because I have been working in this business for 20 years. Incredible!

This enthusiasm to succeed megőrizned after all these years?

– Because I am grateful that such a possibility came to me. I come from a town with a population of just tens of thousands. When I started modeling, I thought, I have an extraordinary opportunity. And today I feel so. I had a lot of things áldoznom, but a great blessing, do I take to do the job.

What do you think, what is due to it’s long career?

– People trust me when we have a job. In Exchange for the minimum that one hundred percent of me give. Never work on a késnék! I respect the people. I want to be the best always. If you lost me this feeling, then I will stop. One million photos I did already, but the excitement is still in me.

How do you see your future?

– We look forward to the future, but I’m a type who really focuses on the present. The future is not yet. The key to élvezzek every moment. Now I’m not worried because of the passage of time.

That are in the current lelkiállapotodat?

– It is very important to my dreams, ideas. I want to know myself even better. Every day I learn something new about myself. It is the best connection, which is just part of me. I can be a MOM, wife, friend, model. Brimming with different roles, and they are all mine! But ultimately, the most important thing is what kind of relationship I own myself. After all, the rest of my life in the company of myself I need to download.

What will be your life after you have completed the modeling?

– Very happy to get a women’s community, where people can share their knowledge, their experience. I have some ideas, but for now I don’t want to talk about them. I prefer it when things just happen, and only after I talk about them, so elkerülhetem the disappointment.

According to these, overnight you live your life?

– Is it possible to have any more mánál? The tomorrow what I did not know. The things I want to do today. A special moment in each situation. For example, here we are now, and this is an exceptional moment, that will not happen again.

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