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What’s it like to do a cover shoot with a supermodel? Well, with Gisele Bundchen it’s high energy, intimate and fun. Gisele has been on countless covers and I am happy to say a few of them are mine. For this latest cover of ARENA magazine we made our home for the day in Venice Beach. The photographer Nino Munoz and Gisele have been great friends for many years, there is a very deep trust and bond between these two talents. I shared in the day of creativity by enhancing her hair with the beachy texture that is so much a part of her signature look. We kept the makeup minimal since this shoot was more of a depiction of the day in the life of Gisele, and lets face it she doesn’t need much!! If you have a chance pick up a copy, there are so many great pictures inside. I especially love the polaroid collage.
We moved around in this beach bungalow and then outside to take advantage of the environmental elements. It’s so funny to watch all the people when they unexpectedly get a glimpse of this long legged beauty strutting down the boardwalk in high heels and short shorts. That is just one of the perks of the job. Come back again soon for more of my adventures.


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