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Costume Institute Gala 2009 (8)

Within the framework of the last week of the fashion week of New York, Carolina Herrera organized an exclusive party in a Studio in the Soho district, to present its new fragrance 212 VIP Rosé, whose image is the Gisele Bündchen.
It is eleven at night a Monday, Frost Manhattan, and while Carolina Herrera Jr. receives the guests and chat with friends, Gisele waits for Cosmo in a room to have an intimate talk.

Before going to see her, its representative tells me that it is the first time that the Venezuelan designer chooses a celebrity as the image of her perfumes. And it is that Gisele is one of the few models that managed to transcend the catwalks to turn her name into a trademark. For the world, she is simply “Gisele”.

Iconic Victoria´s Secret model, dated four years with Leo Di Caprio, “after Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, it appreciated and redefined the concept of supermodel”, in terms of the legendary director of Vogue, Anna Wintour, and for seven years, leads the ranking of the top best listed in the world, with 42 million dollars to her credit, according to Forbes magazine. Away from the catwalks and filming sets, she ended up finding her true love in the Court!In 2009, she married Tom Brady, American football player, with whom she has two children, Benjamin (4) and Vivian Lake (1).

While I hope it, and after making this overview of her life in my head, I start to assume that a Monday, close to midnight, model of only 42 million should want to go to the party to have fun or to your home to be with his family. But when Gisele opens the door, not surprising the more obvious, her beauty (is splendid!) It has a black dress with lace that Stylize it even more. And despite being flaquisima, has curves sexy that away it from the stereotypical androgynous and unattainable models), but the energy and warmth that she conveys.There is much talk. She loves to talk. And you are encouraged to do so in Spanish. Laughs, she gestures, she jokes. She is passionate when talking about Brazil, much more than to refer to the great designers and photographers who worked in these 20 years of her career. Three things makes it well clear: loves her country, being a mother and having a husband who, above all, listening to and contains it. It seems that if it there is a number of minutes agreed to the interview, would be talking about them until dawn. But outside waiting for the VIP party. Luckily, before going to do what it knows best, posing for the cameras, let us know a little more about the woman away from the flashes.

Outside there is a party that you are hosting, having fun these at events ?
– Yes. Even though I do not go out every night, I love to dance. At a party, it is difficult that I can stay put, I am that not never leave the track. I love the hits of the 80’s, Daft Punk, Stevie Wonder and Rihanna. Do you know what? They always ask me whats my best outfit for an event of this style. And, indeed, beyond what I put, what makes me feel more sexy dance. Barefoot, dress or jeans, I danced as if no one see me, as the saying goes. Could it be my Brazilian blood ?

– can be… the Brazilian move like no one! Talking about your country, what is the first thing you do when you’re there ?
– A few days before traveling, I call my mom and beg her: ‘Ma, please buy me water coconut’. I like it a lot and I only find it in Brazil. Then, I make home plans. I have five sisters and take this opportunity to organize large meals with my family. The lasagne of my mom and my dads roasts tend to be excuses to see us. Years I live in United States and I have travelled the world, but Brazil is my favorite place. I relax a lot when I am there, because I’m in reunion with my essence, my culture, my people… That feeling is unique. Now I’m happy because the world is coming to us and the country is excited about the subject.

– Would you like a final between Argentina and Brazil ?
It would be great, wouldn’t it? Because they are rivals unleashed more passions on the pitch. Luckily, this rivalry exists only in football. I love the Argentines. When I was teenager, vacacion with my parents in Camboriu and was full of Argentineans. I made friends and left with everyone. It like you have fun! I remember that on the beach, singing: “they bite, they sting the mosquito”.

– You were born in a football country and you marry a player, but in football…
– I Had no escape: my destiny was to be close to a ball (laughs). Speaking seriously, Tom is beautiful and, as an athlete, has an incredible body, but what I really fell in love was his sweetness. He is noble, honest and has a big heart. Always see the best of each thing. That is a great quality. Soon as I met him, I felt that it would be a great companion.

– You are one of the hottest couples, you suffered jealousy or fear of infidelity ?
– No, because he makes me feel safe. That is key in the relationship. I’m used to that in my environment, all are pending from the outside and fall in love from the outside. He, on the other hand, is sensitive and listens to me, is attentive to me. That makes me confident.

– What plans you have fun do with him ?
– Go to the movies or eating out. Both travel far for work, but once a week, religiously, we plan a date for just us. When you have children, it is important to have that time with your guy. We take this opportunity to talk about us, we are sincere and direct, and share what happens to us. That is why we work together.

– You’re a difficult wonder woman ?
– Lol I am simple, although I notice the details. When I work all day and my husband waiting for me with a dinner in the light of the candles, I’m already conquered. He knows that the themes of Bob Marley and Jack Johnson can not miss in an evening to make me even more happy.

– You have a divine family, a successful career and the best valued model. What do you lack ?
– I feel that I reached more than I imagined when I was 16. At that age, I took a risk to live in New York to be a model, without even knowing English. I learned the language when listening to cassettes of Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. What I’m going is that long ago I’m here fighting for my dreams. And I got to meet quite a few. I have worked with designers and most prestigious photographers, I traveled the world… But I got to the point that external things or materials do not fill. From now on, I need to think of me. I want to get to know me better and discover what really matter to me. Also, I want to focus my energy in supporting causes that protect animals and the environment, two topics with which I am very committed.

– If you had the day off tomorrow, just for you, what would you do ?
– I would go to a massage! I realized that I live giving away spa days to my friends because, in reality, it’s what I want! One is accustomed to pamper yourself with shoes, clothing, handbags, but never with massages. Now that I think about it, this year, with Tom we are five years of marriage. Soon as I get home, I will tell him: “love, 20 years ago that I run on… do not you think that I deserve a day of spa as anniversary gift ?

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