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Contigo! Brazil April 10, 2014

Prior to shine in the parade of Colcci, on Wednesday (April 2), the top had a chat with Contigo!

Smiling, hugging, exchanging kisses from time to time, Gisele Bündchen, 33, and Tom Brady, 36, received a group of friends in videoconferencing Emiliano Hotel, in Jardins area, in São Paulo. It was late Wednesday (April 2) and lacked three hours to the couple starring in the Colcci fashion show, one of the most anticipated of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Fitted to model the spotlight on the catwalk, the football player’s attention in the crowd, and the owner Vanya, 65, mother of Gisele, tanning Benjamin, 4, Vivian, 1, sons who stayed at the hotel during the show. “Came spend a few days at work, but the weather is a family party! We were all three rooms next to each other with open, my sons and nephews playing in the hallway doors. A delight!?” – Said Gisele, barefoot, with her legs crossed on the couch in the hotel, showing their prettiness stripped in a loose jumpsuit, a few coats of mascara and lipstick mouth.

With a rapid and strong speech gaucho accent, she approached the delights of family life, the shock of a fire which affected days ago his apartment in Boston, in the United States, beyond the attainment of their true wealth. All this in a conversation watered coconut water.

– How to come to Brazil to work ?
– I grab any opportunity to return to my country. There is no place in the world that I feel better than in Brazil. It is my land, where I grew up and I feel a different energy in all directions. I live in the United States for many years. Like it there, but it is very different from the way I was raised and my customs. I can not explain, but when I get here, it’s a relief, I can relax more. As much as I enjoy living there and there, Brazil is my home.

– And why not again? There are plans ?
– I’m married to an American and not a decision I can make alone. In any relationship we arrive and impose something. I met Tom in the United States, he works there. Thank God my profession gives me the opportunity to travel, to go back to Brazil and work in different places. Incidentally, full 20-year career in January. This month, at age 14, I left my hometown (Horizontia / RS) to live in Sao Paulo and start working as a model. I’ll celebrate too! But I can not say how, because it is in the definition.

– When he began his career at age 14, dreamed of becoming one of the most influential models of the world ?
– I never imagined so many achievements. My goal has always been and remains to give my best.

– Which consider your greatest achievement ?
– There is only one … I left Horizontia new and had a vision like this (puts hands beside his face, pulling her peripheral vision) . Working broadened my reality of how humans evolve … I traveled the world, met different people … Imagine: no just or 2nd Grade today and speak five languages! I am therefore grateful for every opportunity I had, I managed to overcome the challenges.

– And what the toughest challenges ?
– Every day is different. Over time, I discovered I was never the victim in adversity. I learned early that when you think? Poor? Gives permission to the other person or the situation take control. I stopped talking:? Such a person did it against me? or be anxious to want to control certain situation. In the face of any challenge, I think: What did I do to get through this? What can I learn from what is happening?? I can not change the other. But I can change me. Have spoken to my face that I was the ugliest woman in the world, I had the great nose, that I was the most beautiful woman in the world … I talked so much … And at these words, I remain the same person, searching evolution. Obviously I’m no longer that baby face of 14 years. I am a woman of 33.

– How does the future of their profession before the passing of the years ?
– Do not know how long I’ll last even as a model. I have no crystal ball (laughs). But the time is here, I’ll give my best, I will enjoy myself. Live the present. Do not want to think about the future, why not happened yet. The future belongs to God alone. No one can guarantee me that I will be alive tomorrow, okay? But what makes you think so, you can die tomorrow? these Day (March 27), had a fire to three buildings in my apartment. Where I live, the buildings are coladinhos. Was so severe that two firefighters died. Imagine it: the guy left home, thinking that would have one more day of work, who would come home and have dinner with the kids. But he died. Then, in the middle of that mess, spoke to me:? Take your kids, your belongings and leave the house now?. Then, I looked around, I saw so much amazing thing I bought with my work and just crossed my mind to go to the drawer and pick up my passport. In the nick of time, my possessions were summarized passport (laughs)! The whole time, my feeling was: How lucky I am to be able to take my life and my family!? Do not want to live the future.

– Physically you look like your mother. Shall not mind that you will look like her in the future ?
– My mother never had plastic surgery, will not even take care of her varices (laughs)! She tells me: Got to 65 and I will not deny that this story is in my body?. I’ll tell you: I’m 33 years old, know nothing of the future. If I say something is that I want to live in nature. At the same time, my children will grow up, go to college, work … My goal in life is to raise my children with love, a lot of integrity. It is the most important thing for me.

– How do you see yourself in your children ?
– Children are very kind, outgoing and I also. I’m very physical, kiss, hug, talk … If they were here, you would see: they grab me as if they had spent a month away from me. Seeking to create them as I was raised. In my house, there are fruit trees. With are greedy ? Then they can go there and pick fruit on the tree. Now it’s strawberry season and will eat strawberry, pineapple does not have. Benjamin, who is maiorzinho already demonstrates a love for animals. Need to see: he goes through a line of ants and want to help them (laughs)! Benny wants to take care of the animals and all over the world with whom they live. My husband and I also seek that children become insured persons. Fell ? Raises, it’s ok, let’s go next. Such is life.

– Wish you and Tom raise a family ?
– It was always my dream to have three children. You are seeing this tattoo? (She lifts her right foot, showing a crescent and three stars in the ankle. It’s Brand was held in 2006 in New York.) The moon is the symbol of my sign, Pisces, which is very close to his family. The three stars were already my desire to have three children. In the end, I had two and won one of this (referring to John, 6, son of Tom’s previous relationship). I think my family is complete. Today, I am an accomplished woman.

– … and powerful. Seven years ago you appear at the top of several lists of the American business magazine Forbes. How do you deal with that ?
– It’s sad, because these people who write here do not have my account number (laughs). Gain as well, but is not all this talking. I have been audited in the U.S. because of the Forbes list. And frankly, whether or not I’m in this ranking, I do not care. I have the same interests, the same day to day, any woman: I want to raise my children and be a good wife and work. What I value: my children are educated ? My husband is happy ? People felt a positive energy to my side ? Should have a journal to assess the knowledge, wisdom and love of people. This, indeed, is power!

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