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There is tension on the outside of the dressing room Gisele Bundchen, who paraded for Colcci at SPFW. Bodyguards, aides, journalists and photographers get with a degree of stress the most when they are facing the greatest model of all time. But it is through the door that separates the normal models (read: non Gisele), to feel a Zen mood in the air.

In the anteroom of the dressing room, coconut water, green juice, nuts, fresh fruits, fruit salads, and Brigadier and colorful children’s jellybeans. Ali, hope people will visit, say hi and interview Gisele.

Beside it is the top of the dressing room, small, with about seven square meters, with the clothes she will wear, stand with mirror and a white loveseat. The climate is even more zen. Gisele hears a Speaker iPhone connected to the CD of mantras for children “Feeling good today!” By Snatam Kaur.

It shows in cell covers two CDs mantras walking and listening begins to answer the interview questions, talking quietly, calmly and always looking in the eyes of the caller. Besides giving an interview to GLOBE, she also posed for the cover of a magazine, gave an interview to GNT Fashion and posed for a wall of photographers covering the event (anything from a few minutes).

The top reported that keeps the organization through the agenda to which all of your family (read: husband and the nanny of his children) have access and where appointments are each identified by a specific color.

-My husband knows, for example, you can not call me now because I’m working for is on the agenda. But in a little while I’ll be book and it can connect. The same goes for me when I see his schedule to schedule me – explained.

After the interview, I asked that Gisele made a selfie especially for Instagram’scadernoela. The result is up there. Top is top.




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