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colcci s-s 2016 (176)

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“Why would she do this to us?” wailed Anita Bitton, the fashion-industry casting director, when confronted with the news of Gisele Bündchen’s apparent retirement from the runway.

For 24 hours, what felt like half the Internet resounded with the question. Outlets including “Entertainment Tonight,” “Today,” CNN and The Washington Post had been announcing the runway retirement of the Brazilian supermodel whom Forbes has named the world’s highest-paid model many years running — except, say her representatives at IMG Models, it’s not so.

The rumors of her runway retirement, spurred by an Instagram posting by Ms. Bündchen, put her agents in the unenviable position of having to clarify that their ultra-marketable client isn’t swatting down future opportunities.

“We’ve had thousands of calls,” said Anne Nelson, Ms. Bündchen’s agent, who has represented her since 1998, first at Elite and then, from 1999 onward, at IMG. “There’s been a lot of things that were lost in translation throughout this whole process.”

Ms. Bündchen’s own words on Instagram, on top of an interview with the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, did seem to suggest a definitive break.

“Today after 20 years in the industry, it is a privilege to be doing my last fashion show by choice and yet still be working in other facets of the business,” she posted on April 15, before appearing in the Colcci show at Saõ Paulo Fashion Week.

Her husband, the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, offered what seemed to be valedictory congratulations on Facebook: “I am so proud of you and everything you have accomplished on the runway,” he wrote, hashtagging his post #thebestisyettocome. (Ms. Bündchen and more than 125,000 others liked it.)

Ms. Nelson spoke on behalf of Ms. Bündchen, who was not available to comment. (IMG represents Ms. Bündchen in New York, London, Milan and Paris; her twin sister, Patricia, represents her in Brazil.)

She did admit that Ms. Bündchen doesn’t want to do runway shows in general, but said that she was only “clos[ing] the chapter on the Brazilian runway” and that she would consider every opportunity in the future; the runway would not be ruled out.

“It is important that we continue to work on all kinds of capacities within the fashion industry,” she said. “It’s also important that as her representative we bring every interesting opportunity her way. We’ll continue to do exactly that going forward.”

Star models tapering off their runway appearances is standard practice. Runway appearances tend to be poorly paid, if paid at all.

But the runway circuit ideally leads to recognition and ultimately the business’ most lucrative prize: ad campaigns. Ms. Bündchen, who appears in ads for Chanel, Stuart Weitzman, Pantene, Under Armour and Colcci, among others, has logged many.

In recent years, she has cut a relatively rare figure on fashion week runways, though she has made buzzy appearances at several, often those for which she also booked ads.

She is the face of Chanel No. 5, and appeared in its ready-to-wear show for spring 2015. She had the coveted closing position at the Balenciaga show for fall 2014 (designed by its current steward, Alexander Wang) and for spring 2011 (under its former head, Nicolas Ghesquière); those same seasons, she appeared in Balenciaga’s ad campaign. She closed the Givenchy show for spring 2012, and appeared in its ads that season, too.

“I think a lot of people will still want her on the runway,” Ms. Nelson said. “Will she want to do it? That’s a whole other story. It would have to come within an interesting angle, a unique opportunity. Will she do it? I can’t guarantee that. But that people will call for her, yes.”

The future holds no shortage of opportunities for Ms. Bündchen, and it’s unlikely her fans will see much less of her than before. She is booked to shoot a variety of projects, both editorial and commercial, Ms. Nelson said. A book chronicling her 20 years (to date) in modeling will be out this fall.

“She constantly reinvents herself and makes herself desirable,” said Ms. Bitton, the casting director, who has worked with Ms. Bündchen on shows for Alexander Wang and Balenciaga.

Besides, she added, “Who really wants to do runway?”



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mais voce august 25 2014 (13)

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Part of the INTERVIEW:

Beauty, warmth and grace! At breakfast with Ana Maria, Gisele Bundchen proved that, besides being the most important model of the world, also focuses on simplicity in their daily lives. Celebrating 20 years of career, the über model heard praise from beginners models, an agency in Sao Paulo, and flattered, confessed: “I’m Fueled dreams is very beautiful to see people admiring my work.” She also revealed her motto: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Gisele recalled that since the time of the school felt the need to learn something else. “I have always sought a spirituality. Started studying astrology and numerology to 14 years and found many answers. Then I started doing yoga and meditating, I found a lot in me,” she said.

Delighted with the way Gisele walks the catwalk, Ana Maria received a “tuition” at Casa de Cristal. The top revealed that it is still nervous before going on the catwalk: “I make the sign of the cross, I light, I see a lot of protection Only a light at the end I do not see anything in front of me…”

Can you believe Gisele suffered bullying as a child and was called by fellow giraffe? But the blonde took a lesson from it: “I think it made ​​me want to be stronger and prove that I was not that,” she said.

Of all the qualities of Gisele, one is his trademark hair. As everyone dreams of having the same model to the wire, she revealed the secret: the three ampoules of Pantene which does not give up. “I spend all day because my hair is literally ‘used’. Bulb Restoration, repairing the damage when the hair is well resected because of dryer, flat iron and sun. A Hydro-cauterization, which hydrates and seals the cuticle at the time equal to the salon treatment. E ampoule BB Cream, the staff already know the benefit to the face, but it is also a success for the hair. As time goes by and the wires are losing their youth. With BB Cream you retrieve the signs. A maximum! I’m loving it!”

Now you no longer have to trim the ends. To see the result, just use the bulb once a week for three minutinhos and ready! The vials are concentrated and have potent repair.

source | translated by Google.



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Gisele Bundchen is well accustomed to being under the spotlight and having all eyes upon her, but on Sunday the Brazilian supermodel was unable hold back her emotions. Shortly before the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ kicked off at the Maracana, she presented the World Cup trophy to the public, which would soon gain a new custodian and become German property for the next four years.

Alongside Carles Puyol, a World Cup winner in South Africa in 2010, the ambassador of the Louis Vuitton brand, which produces the exclusive case in which the trophy is transported, carried it to the centre of the pitch. “Basically we were presenting the Trophy to the finalists and to the world,” the model told FIFA.com. “Puyol represented Spain, the outgoing champions, and I represented my home country, Brazil.”

During the rehearsals for the historic moment, Bundchen was keen to talk football with the recently retired former Barcelona defender. “He’s a lovely person, really sweet. We had a great chat about football. He told me about his playing days and we talked about the World Cup, some of the teams and players involved and about some of the biggest moments in the history of football. I learned a lot!”

Gisele said she was a fan of watching and playing all sports, and a big believer in the power of sport to unite people. “I’ve always played sport, ever since I was little. I played volleyball and I believe sport teaches you a lot, such as teamwork, respect and discipline.” As well as the lessons it can provide, the model said that sport has a magic ability to bring different people together. “Just look at the World Cup. The whole world comes together to watch the event and to give their support. It’s beautiful to see.”

“I’m honoured to have been chosen to represent my country, because I love Brazil. When it comes to football, the Brazilians really wear the shirt, don’t they?” Indeed, throughout the month the people of the country wore the shirt and contributed to one of the most unforgettable World Cups ever. They may not have ended the tournament lifting the trophy like they dreamed, but Brazil certainly had the ideal representative to present it to the world.


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