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Happy Birthday Gisele and Patricia! ❤ Wishing you all the love and happiness ❤ Have a peaceful and beautiful blessed day with your family and loved ones ❤ I’m glad I’ve been following you since I was a teen, you inspire me ❤

Feliz Aniversário ❤

Love ❤
Gisele Bundchen Online team ❤

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Happy Birthday Gisele and Patricia! ❤ Wishing you all the love and happiness ❤ Thanks for being so inspirational to all of us ❤ Have a peaceful and beautiful blessed day with your family and loved ones ❤ Have been following you since I was very very young and I couldn’t ask for a better role model ❤ You’re the example of inside and out beauty, you’re the example that we should all never stop trying to be better versions of ourselves ❤ Thanks for being an eternal inspiration ❤

Feliz Aniversário ❤

Love ❤
Gisele Bundchen Online team ❤

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Happy Birthday, Gisele and Patricia ❤ Wishing you all the love and light in your life ❤ Thanks for inspiring us every day and spreading so much love and positivity ❤ Have a peaceful and beautiful blessed day with your family and loved ones ❤ If they’d tell me to name a perfect woman, I’d immediately say ‘Gisele!’ because you’re amazingly beautiful soul in an amazingly beautiful body ❤

Feliz Aniversário ❤

Love ❤
Gisele Bundchen Online team ❤

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Happy Birthday to the most inspirational and beautiful woman inside and out! ♥ Wishing you lots of love and joy with lovely twin Patricia, have a very special day with your adorable family ♥ Thanks for radiating your inside joy and love of life ♥

Feliz Aniversário, Gisele ♥

Love, Gisele Bundchen Online team ♥

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Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman inside and out! ♥ Wishing you lots of love and joy with your adorable family ♥ Thanks for being such an amazing role model, down to earth happy Brazilian woman, who shares nothing but love and positive! ♥

Feliz Aniversário, Gisele ♥

Love, Gisele Bundchen Online team ♥

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vogue uk march 2015 (8)

Tulio Milman: Gisele Bundchen will be invited to carry the Olympic torch in Porto Alegre. The passage of fire by Capital should occur in the first week of July.

One hundred people will have this privilege in Porto Alegre


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colcci s-s 2016 (176)

thumb_colcci_s-s_2016_283529 thumb_colcci_s-s_2016_283629 thumb_colcci_s-s_2016_2833529 thumb_colcci_s-s_2016_285929 thumb_colcci_s-s_2016_285629

Path to GALLERY:
Runways >> Runway >> Runway 2016 >> Colcci Summer 2016
Runways >> Runway >> Runway 2016 >> Colcci Summer 2016 | Instagram
Public Appearances >> Events >> Events 2016 >> Colcci Summer 2016 After Party, SPFW, April 15, 2015

“Why would she do this to us?” wailed Anita Bitton, the fashion-industry casting director, when confronted with the news of Gisele Bündchen’s apparent retirement from the runway.

For 24 hours, what felt like half the Internet resounded with the question. Outlets including “Entertainment Tonight,” “Today,” CNN and The Washington Post had been announcing the runway retirement of the Brazilian supermodel whom Forbes has named the world’s highest-paid model many years running — except, say her representatives at IMG Models, it’s not so.

The rumors of her runway retirement, spurred by an Instagram posting by Ms. Bündchen, put her agents in the unenviable position of having to clarify that their ultra-marketable client isn’t swatting down future opportunities.

“We’ve had thousands of calls,” said Anne Nelson, Ms. Bündchen’s agent, who has represented her since 1998, first at Elite and then, from 1999 onward, at IMG. “There’s been a lot of things that were lost in translation throughout this whole process.”

Ms. Bündchen’s own words on Instagram, on top of an interview with the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, did seem to suggest a definitive break.

“Today after 20 years in the industry, it is a privilege to be doing my last fashion show by choice and yet still be working in other facets of the business,” she posted on April 15, before appearing in the Colcci show at Saõ Paulo Fashion Week.

Her husband, the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, offered what seemed to be valedictory congratulations on Facebook: “I am so proud of you and everything you have accomplished on the runway,” he wrote, hashtagging his post #thebestisyettocome. (Ms. Bündchen and more than 125,000 others liked it.)

Ms. Nelson spoke on behalf of Ms. Bündchen, who was not available to comment. (IMG represents Ms. Bündchen in New York, London, Milan and Paris; her twin sister, Patricia, represents her in Brazil.)

She did admit that Ms. Bündchen doesn’t want to do runway shows in general, but said that she was only “clos[ing] the chapter on the Brazilian runway” and that she would consider every opportunity in the future; the runway would not be ruled out.

“It is important that we continue to work on all kinds of capacities within the fashion industry,” she said. “It’s also important that as her representative we bring every interesting opportunity her way. We’ll continue to do exactly that going forward.”

Star models tapering off their runway appearances is standard practice. Runway appearances tend to be poorly paid, if paid at all.

But the runway circuit ideally leads to recognition and ultimately the business’ most lucrative prize: ad campaigns. Ms. Bündchen, who appears in ads for Chanel, Stuart Weitzman, Pantene, Under Armour and Colcci, among others, has logged many.

In recent years, she has cut a relatively rare figure on fashion week runways, though she has made buzzy appearances at several, often those for which she also booked ads.

She is the face of Chanel No. 5, and appeared in its ready-to-wear show for spring 2015. She had the coveted closing position at the Balenciaga show for fall 2014 (designed by its current steward, Alexander Wang) and for spring 2011 (under its former head, Nicolas Ghesquière); those same seasons, she appeared in Balenciaga’s ad campaign. She closed the Givenchy show for spring 2012, and appeared in its ads that season, too.

“I think a lot of people will still want her on the runway,” Ms. Nelson said. “Will she want to do it? That’s a whole other story. It would have to come within an interesting angle, a unique opportunity. Will she do it? I can’t guarantee that. But that people will call for her, yes.”

The future holds no shortage of opportunities for Ms. Bündchen, and it’s unlikely her fans will see much less of her than before. She is booked to shoot a variety of projects, both editorial and commercial, Ms. Nelson said. A book chronicling her 20 years (to date) in modeling will be out this fall.

“She constantly reinvents herself and makes herself desirable,” said Ms. Bitton, the casting director, who has worked with Ms. Bündchen on shows for Alexander Wang and Balenciaga.

Besides, she added, “Who really wants to do runway?”



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January 12 – Telecom brand VIVO, part of Telefônica Brasil, has renewed its sponsorship with the Brazilian national teams for another eight years. The partnership has existed since 2004 and incorporates both male and female teams.

The last deal signed by VIVO was estimated at being worth $40 million. No value has been announced for the renewal of the sponsorship.

The agreement covers distribution of multimedia content through mobile telephones, as well as placing the VIVO brand on team training gear and team transportation. VIVO may also sign publicity pieces as an official sponsor.

VIVO is publicising its partnership by having a celebrity model, Gisele Bündchen, star in a 30-second film. The advertisement has Bündchen use a new mobile phone to download videos of a Brazil game whilst wearing a national team shirt with the VIVO signature splayed across it.

VIVO is the largest telecommunications company in Brazil. The name of the company translates as “alive”, which is very much in theme with the Brazilian football ethos and culture, if not the recent performances of the men’s team.

The company is attempting to become synonymous with the national teams, and is serving its aims with its long term association with Brazilian football.

VIVO said: “More than a sponsorship, this project consolidates a synergy of values. The Brazilian Team has world renowned attributes and is completely in line with the VIVO brand in having leadership, team spirit, creativity as well as the strong sense of being Brazilian.”

The president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) Marco Polo Del Nero said: “This union will permit better working conditions so that the Brazilian Team can continue on its road to success.”


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2014 year in review

Here’s Gisele Bundchen Online’s annual ‘Year in Review’ where we list all Gisele modeling work of 2014!


• Covers/Editorials


In 2014 Gisele added three new covers of Vogue magazine to her Vogue covers’ list:


Besides, she got the covers and editorials of the magazines she’s never had, such as French Lui magazine and the most important is that Gisele became the cover model of British PORTER magazine’s first ever issue:



Gisele was the model who presented World Cup 2014 in fashion magazines, such as Vogue Brazil(above) and Elle Brazil, that was the creator of the idea of Gisele editorial to be for all Elle magazines all over the world, so covers and editorials were printed numerous times in different Elle issues from May to August and she grabbed 31 Elle covers during the three months:



Gisele posed for some more Brazilian magazines during 2014, such as Marie Claire where she was promoting her lingerie line and Glamour, later in November she posed for Brazilian Elle one more time promoting Colcci:



Besides, her covers and editorials were reprinted numerous time, to sum up, Gisele got 3 covers of Vogue, 32 Covers of Elle, 2 covers of Marie Claire, 1-1 covers of Porter and Lui.

If we count fashion magazines, non-fashion magazines and miscellaneous magazines, Gisele’s picture was printed for 155 times on a cover in 2014 and counting on covers quantity, 2014 was the best year after 2000 when she grabbed 165 covers.




• Campaigns 

Gisele promoted 19 campaigns in 2014, most importantly she became the face of Chanel No.5 fragrance, another one was Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rosé. She made a contract with Under Armour’s women line and will pose for them for 5 years, check all the other campaigns supermodel had:



Gisele’s lingerie line’s new collection launched in 2014:


• Advertisments 


• Runway

Happy New Year, Gisele, Gisele lovers and everyone all over the world! ♥ We wish you all the best and hope all your dreams will come true! ♥

Gisele Bundchen Online Team

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Ensaio  com a modelo Gisele Bündchen

A force of nature

Gisele Bündchen, who knows things and was classified as a “force of nature” by Costanza Pascolato, will release a book of photos to celebrate her 20 year career by Taschen . She has chose the art director Giovanni Bianco to select the pictures, and made a request: she wants to publish photos of all professionals with whom she have worked. Patrick Demarchelier, Steven Meisel, Helmut Newton Mario Testino, and so on .


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