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Brazilian Intimates 2013 (9)

Gisele Bündchen, 33 years, did a lightning passage by Brazil this week. After parading with exclusivity for the Colcci, in the latest edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week, the top returned to São Paulo to celebrate the Union of his brand of lingerie, Gisele Bündchen Intimates, with the NK Store, multibrand entrepreneur Natalie Klein.

Worked a long time in this thread and I understand and like more and more of lingeries. I thought it might be fun to have my own line — explains the template, which for years has held the coveted rank of angel of Victoria’s Secret.

– Gisele has a very refined aesthetic sense, and this was reflected in the collection. Are sophisticated parts, but at the same time usable — praises Natalie.
In an interview with her, the top, married to the football player Tom Brady, with whom he has two children (Benjamin, 4 years, and Vivian Lake, 1 year), spoke openly about the overuse of Photoshop, family, career and good shape.

How do you inspire to create Intimates?
I love throb and give my special touch. I work more on visual and creative side, seek cool references that has already seen somewhere where I traveled or fashion references that can be aggregated to lingerie.

You draw the pieces or just going on the concept of the collection to his team of style?
I don’t draw, I don’t even have a deeper knowledge about sewing, but I follow everything. For me, the creative part is the most fun. I love to follow the whole process and view the lingerie taking shape, since the initial design, the composition of the fabrics, the details of modeling until proof of the piece itself. And what’s great is that despite having accompanied all the work, in the end, generally amazed at the result.

What changed after 30 years? Yet it’s easy to keep fit?
It’s been a long time since I understood the importance of the practice of physical exercise and good nutrition are not only in our body, but especially in our health. After 30, your metabolism really changes a little, slow, and it takes even more consciousness than put into his body. In life, all are choices. I chose to live in a healthier, and it also helps me keep in shape and have more available.

You’ve already positioned itself against the use of Photoshop. Why don’t you like the manipulation of images?
I’m not against the use of Photoshop. My comment was only about overuse, which sometimes leaves us looking almost dolls. I personally prefer more natural images, but I also understand that the program is a great ally of the publicity of the modern world, which has optimized the time and eased a lot of work in this area. What I think is important to note that what appears in the media is not always the reality. And that a single image does not define who we are.

How can you reconcile the top career success with the roles of mother and housewife?
It is not easy to reconcile it all. Is a daily juggling. But with organization and planning it is possible to balance all sides. Also I think it’s important to take time for myself, to recharge. So, I’m always right and I can do my best for my children, my husband, my work … In every moment, I’m 100% present and short as possible.

You don’t seem to suffer from harassment of the media and even publishes personal photos on Instagram. As you separate your private public life?
Since I started my modeling career, the media and the form of communication have changed enough. I’ve always been a private person, but over time, I realized that if people only know me for the things that are said in the media, would have no real notion of who I really am. Even so, recently, decided to expose in my social networks a little more about me and the things I value. That doesn’t mean exposing my personal life, but sharing a bit of my essence.

And Vivian doing many jokes?
She is a very loving and gentle child. She loves being around and is always trying to lap. I’m loving being a MOM of a baby girl.

It’s hard being married to a star of American football, since the schedules are tight?
A relationship requires constant attention and dedication. Six years ago, I moved to Boston so we can be together, since that’s where he works. Concessions are part of relationships. But with love and respect, anything is possible.

How Gisele at home? You do market list, takes his oldest son to school, take care of the place?
Do all this, as anyone. I try to keep the House tidy and organized, I think this helps things flow better. I love being able to take my son to school and see his face with joy and also hear the stories after school. I have wanted to travel less and less to be able to enjoy my kids. I like to be present.

What is the secret to staying at the top for so many years?
I’ve always been extremely focused, determined and committed to my job. I think the choices made over the years were also important to draw my track record here.

source translated by Bling

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Gisele Bündchen went to São Paulo to shoot in a mansion in Morumbi, the campaign of her new sandal, Wealth of the Tropics, Grendene, which will launch this month. In an exclusive interview with WHO, says that the model is a playful and affectionate mother, says she likes to take care of the house and explains why not think about retirement.

QUEM: Do you see any difference in the fashion world in recent years?
GB: Fashion is much more globalized today, also because of the internet. However, I see no major changes in the patterns of fashion.

QUEM: You have spent more time with their children, Benjamin, 3 years, and Vivian, 1, than at work. The decelerated is purposeful?
GB: There is nothing more important than my family. When I decided to become a mother, I knew this would be my priority. This meant that I had to be even more selective in choosing my work.

QUEM: In 2004, you starred in the film Taxi . Toparia make another movie?
GB: Attend a movie requires a lot of involvement. Have received a few calls, but at this point in my life, I can not fit it. Who knows in the future.

QUEM: is thought to retire in the coming years?
GB: I will always work, because I love to create.

QUEM: You are a concerned person with the environment. How it applies in everyday life?
GB: Whenever possible, try to have attitudes that help preserve our resources, starting with small things like not wasting water washing dishes, brushing teeth or bathing. And recycle garbage, do not waste energy. Also try to use alternative energy systems in my house, like solar energy and rain water collector. We also do composting organic waste. Moreover, growing a vegetable garden at home and try to buy, when possible, organic foods from small farms in the region. I find it important to have more sustainable practices in daily and forward it to my children.

QUEM: What kind of mother are you?
GB: I am a mother kisser type. I am a person who likes a lot of affection. I fill my kids hugs and kisses all the time. I also love going to the ground with them and turn child. But I am also firm when necessary. After all, I believe my main role as a mother is to love, guide and provide good values ​​so that in future they can make good choices.

QUEM: You live in the United States and her husband, Tom Brady, is American. Makes sure to spend a bit of Brazilian culture for children?
GB: I think it important to preserve our culture and, of course, try to pass on to my children some of our traditions, whether in food, the joy, the warmth of the Brazilian people, in music or even the language. I often speak Portuguese with them at home.

QUEM: If your kids wanted to be models, would you support them?
GB: My kids will have the freedom to choose what they want for their lives. I believe in the saying that it is important to take root, but let them fly.

QUEM: Like keeping house?
GB: I usually organize the house, because I believe that life is easier when things are in place. When necessary, wash the dishes, cook … Do whatever it takes. Do not squeeze me in the hour of chores because I learned when young, at home. But as there is not much time for these chores, I have a person who helps me.

QUEM: After 32 years, body care changed?
GB: In recent times, I was more careful with skin care. Seeking clean it and hydrate it always very good. Have the physical exercises and meditation are part of my routine long ago.

QUEM: You seem to lead a quiet life. It is to counteract with the rush of work?
GB: The pace of my life is always very intense. For me, contact with nature is like magic. The moment I set foot on earth, let all the stress from the hectic life on hold. Definitely be in contact with nature helps to recharge my energies and brings me balance. When you take a vacation, for example, like being in the woods.

QUEM: It’s been almost five years since she’s married. What have you learned about the wedding?
GB: It is important to have a lot of respect and an open and sincere dialogue. And lots of love, of course!

QUEM: Back to live in Brazil is in your plans?
GB: I’d love to, but only time will tell.


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Caras Brazil November 8 2013 (1)

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There is no doubt: Gisele Bundchen (33) made ​​history in the fashion world. The easy smile, the unique past of legs and striking look in front of the lens turned into a fashion myth, whose success is overwhelming. Away from the catwalks, however, übermodel – compared to a hurricane in the parades – has a side that few know. Barefoot and wearing light dress and comfortable, the gaucho received FACES exclusively in the hotel suite that was in the state capital. While enjoyed a cup of tea, the sound of a mantra echoed by relaxing environment. The weather contrasted with the breakneck atmosphere that would be inserted Gaucho few hours later, at SPFW, after a hiatus of nearly three years, in a triumphant return to reign absolute in green and yellow catwalk parading by Colcci. “me 100% dedicated to the
career but there came a time that was already filled professionally. It was when I started reviewing my priorities. Today, despite working, what matters to me is to have a lifestyle more calm,
quiet and caring family. I am so much happier! ” , she shoots the mother of Benjamin (3) and Vivian (11 months), the union with the idol of football Tom Brady (36). “These internal changes helps me enjoy life more today than when I was younger. ” About to turn 20 years of career in 2014 and leading the ranking of the tops highest paid in the world, the star is divided between the roles of mother, wife, model, businesswoman, and the Ambassador United Nations Program for the Environment. “Vivo various characters, and to account for, always reserve some time for myself. If I’m right with me, everything flows better. ”

– After nearly 20 years, see the profession with another look?
– I started working at age 14, an age difficult you know almost nothing about life, trying to find the company and find out how person. Everything was happening too fast in my career, but over time I gained confidence, calmness, maturity and focus.

– The changes have also influenced the way he cares?
– I came from the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, eating rice and beans every day and my physical activity was volleyball. From simple routine, I joined the madness of fashion week: sleeping two or three hours a day, just ate crap and had no idea how it harms health. Today, I cherish the lifestyle, I know the importance of eating healthy, I exercise and take time to meditate.

– A healthy routine reflects positively in their day to day …
– The better you take care of myself, I can better develop my papers mother, wife, professional and friendly. The woman is the great foundation of the family and, if it is not right, nothing is right. In my house, at least, that’s how!

– So, see yourself as a kind of barometer of home?
– This! Before felt guilty and thought ‘I can not take care of myself, because I have to spend more time with my children, or working with my ​​husband.’ If you need, according to the 5 am to meditate, because I know that when children raise, I’ll be fine, calm and quiet to play, take care of the mess and play with them.

– How do you reconcile the functions?
– With focus. When I’m with my children, for example, do not answer phone and do not do things parallel, just stay with them, playing Indian, making room in the cabin, going to the park. If I’m working or am with Tom is the same thing. Live the moment as if they were single.

– Living in the present building was something I learned the family?
– Actually, before I had this notion, or rather, had no such need. Once I became a mother and wife, accumulated different functions and had to learn to manage them. The family changed my priorities, it is the most important to me. Always wanted to be a mother and have a family. It happened at the right time.

– You embrace the ecological cause. Teach it to children?
– Father and mother are examples and everything we do reflects the attitudes of the children. At home, do not throw food away because we already know the portions that each eats. If left, we compost or give to the dog. If we make salad, Benjamin and Jack go with me to the garden harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers and greens. They know where the food comes from. All this is part of their routine, is not spoken, is experienced.

– How is being a mother of a girl?
– It’s amazing how girl needs more love! Vivian is delicate, sweet and always wants lap. It will be a great partner! When I put my mantras, she is quietly crawling around me. Already the boys are full of energy! Throw themselves on the couch, jump, like it is action.

– Where they jealous of her?
– At the beginning, yes. Benjamin came to want to breastfeed equal sister! Now aside time exclusively for them, go to the park, play ball, is a way of seeing that all take place.

– There is room for more children?
– I am currently with hands full. (Laughs) We’re pretty well and do not know if in the future toparia feel everything again. Today, I’m feeling quite accomplished.


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I and sympathy in person! Gisele has a mega positive energy and happiness that radiates to every corner! Loved the opportunity to meet her, and no doubt this little moment will be unforgettable! Get emotional just remembering believe?!

Well, I did an interview with her with questions that I’m sure would love to know, can we start?!

. What is the first ritual you do to get on the plane?
First, drink plenty of water. And I always try to have a creminho or almond oil or jojoba oil to moisturize your hands, face, more natural and clean as possible. Oh, and I also like to take a book.

. But you do not usually sleep on the trip?
I sleep just a little bit, because usually travel with my children on his lap, then take the opportunity to do a reading when I am without them on trips to work.

. What usually does not lack in your purse?
A cell, floss, mirror, lip gloss, a lip balm brand from a friend that I love because you can spend on Skin, face, cuticles, this is something very good to have in the bag.

. And with so many trips, what you carry in your handbag search? For example, you brought this time?
I’m very practical at this time, because I prefer to take just one handbag. So take what I actually use, start separating the pants, some dark, some lighter, a black dress, black leather jacket, and I’m the same practice. As I travel a lot for work, it’s cool because I use the branded garments for whom I was hired.

Do you have any tips for skin care infallible?
I always do facial exercises to relax your face, it does very well! And before entering the runway, how do you prepare? Always lengthen I also meditate and pray, because to me that I’m doing the show is that I get a lot of energy, so I need to be well, and what works is very good breathing.

.And diquinha for hair?
Much I use that line Pantene Expert, which is great to take traveling. Something I never do is use conditioner at the root, use only half of the hair because the hair weighs, and also use some creams intensive care, put a towel and leave about 15 minutes, this is what I usually do.

Oh people, killing huh? Friendly and this dear woman!

source ; Translated by Google Translate.

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Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen wears a creation from Colcci's 2008 autumn/winter collection during Fashion Rio Show in Rio

‘I thought all was prettier than me’, says Gisele Bundchen
In an exclusive interview, model talks about career and back to São Paulo Fashion Week, which starts today.

The São Paulo Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2014 begins on Monday, but the parade of Colcci, on Thursday, should be the hottest night of the season. After all, marks the return of Gisele Bundchen for Brazilian catwalks after almost three years. At this time, her daughter was born (Vivian 11 months, sister of Benjamin, 3 years, fruit wedding with Tom Brady) and invested in career businesswoman. “I am very happy to be back,” she said in an interview with the state.

After three years of absence, Gisele Bündchen will parade for Colcci.
The buzz around your back may seem exaggerated, but just think of the data superlatives of his career to understand why it makes a fashion week worthwhile. It is no coincidence that the über model, which in 2015 celebrates 20-year career, collecting titles as the ‘most beautiful model in the world’ (according to Rolling Stone, 2000) and more sexy (according to models.com). Soon she, who early in his career faced criticism for “have imperfections.” “I thought all the people I worked with were prettier than me. Worked very hard on me to accept myself. Learned I should leverage my strengths, what was best. Whether genetics helped me with the height and body type, I tried to improve it further, feeding me well, practicing, meditating.”

Worked. Gisele is currently the highest paid and one of the 100 most powerful women in the world, according to Forbes magazine, and his fortune is estimated at $ 150 million. “Financial success comes after hard work, focus and discipline, which helped to build a solid career based on good values,” she said, that like the creative part of the business. “My role varies depending on the project. I try to surround myself with people who advise me on the paperwork.” But, in an interesting contrast, is stripping in relation to both the beauty and the imperfection that makes it unique. “It is inconceivable to create a pattern and find that everyone has to fit,” says Gaucho Horizontia that, at 33, is also one of the greatest witnesses of the revolution by which the Brazilian fashion now. The State, said the national fashion scene, encouraging the industry of natural beauty, Photoshop, ecology, and of course, fashion. “Fashion is style. Each style has its uses, and the fashion in a different way.”

-You come back to parade in Brazil after more than two years away. As decided by the back?
-I have great affection for Colcci and the people who work there. It took six years of partnership, saw the brand grow and conquer Brazil. We realized that we could raise new flights together. I am very happy.

-How realizes Brazilian fashion on the international scene?
-For some years only parade in special occasions. I have both the following circuit. But I know that SPFW is among the major fashion weeks in the world and believe that the Brazilian fashion is increasingly in evidence. Brazil has great potential to export fashion. We have plenty of room to grow. But you need to solve the problem of production costs, which eventually endearing our product overseas market. Brazilian fashion has grown, but also increased the competition because the market is much more open and connected. If I had to point out a change in scenery, I would say that people have more access. Today we can say that in Brazil there is a fashion culture.

-Regarding fashion in the world, as we are?
-The globalization and open markets make Brazilian fashion can be in the same timing of the other brands in the world, which had not happened in the past. On the other hand, this moment brings new challenges for companies, that have to revise their positions facing so many novelties in the sector. While we want to be competitive, they have to take into account the ethical, moral and environmental. I think the government should give more tax incentives, create an industrial policy for the Brazilian textile sector, for example, so that trademarks can continue producing here. This creates jobs and drives the economy.

-How to reconcile model and businesswoman?
-Every year I find myself saying that next year will slow down, I slow the pace of work, but time passes, new projects arise, and for the near future, the outlook is much work. Being very honest, it is not easy to balance work, family, travel … It is a daily challenge. And as we always try to give my best, there are many projects that end up having to put aside. I had to learn how to determine priorities. Today, I have a well-planned schedule and try to divide my time to be able to meet all sides.

-And there is still the agenda mother …
-I try to balance the schedule to get to spend time with her husband and children, and also fulfill professional commitments, besides having a personal time to get recharge. I realized I need to be okay with myself to give my best to the different areas of my life. A goal for next year is to reduce the number of trips and wake up early to do my morning meditation.

-You recently criticized the overuse of Photoshop and the cult of artificiality. It is possible that fashion reaches a less artificial use of images? Or more natural beauty?
-Not only through fashion, but advertising in general has used Photoshop as great ally. Today, you can correct any detail in the image with the mouse. Before, it took rolls and rolls of photo to ensure that all details come out well. In this sense, much easier, but be careful, because I’ve seen many cases passing point. Personally, I prefer more natural images. But I also understand that they sell a dream, and dreams are more embellished. It is important that people understand, however, that this is not reality and an image that does not define who you are. Each has its glitter, its light, something special that is uniquely yours. And that, no Photoshop World can create.

-Is willing to do more work more natural?
-During my career I did a lot of photos without makeup or hair done. Personally, I prefer the more natural appeal, but I understand that fashion need to be constantly innovating. Standards of beauty are cyclical and sometimes are more natural, sometimes more produced. It is part of the creative process of fashion. It’s like art. And art is something that can not be limited.


-Imperfections make us unique and beautiful?
-We are all special in our differences. The most beautiful people I met had no physical characteristics as well as perfect, but they had something special. In everyday life, I prefer to be more natural, because it alive in my work. It’s how good I feel. Early in my career I thought all the people he worked with prettier than me. I worked very hard on me to accept myself. Learned that I should leverage my strengths, I had better. If genetics helped me with the height and body type. I tried to improve it further, I’m eating well, practicing, meditating. Personally, in my daily life, I prefer to be more natural, without much makeup or big productions, live it up because in my work. But that’s the way I am and how I feel as well. I think everyone needs to accept and seek what you do feel good.

-How to take care of their beauty and body?
-I eat well and exercising are things that are part of my daily life. I find that when I get out of this rut, I do not feel so well. I’m very eclectic when it comes to exercise, yoga, pilates, kung fu, boxing, surfing, volleyball … Really like is to have fun, to do with joy. Like all forms of exercise and end up doing one or the other depending on where I am. As for food, I changed a lot in recent years. Seeking to Eat organic and natural as possible. Today, as more grains, vegetables and fruits. As fish eventually and rarely as chicken or red meat. I noticed that this change has brought me a lot more energy, and have less mood swings.

-You once said in an interview that, early on, have faced criticism for flaws, but that after a long career, everyone learned to love their ‘imperfections’ and wanted, even with his ‘shortcomings’. How would you rate this today?
-I always tried to focus on my strengths and work so that they stood out from the rest. My personality helped me to balance my insecurities on the physical. I believe that by being cheerful and positive people liked to be around me and it helped me a lot in my career and in my life.

-What are your strengths? And the weakness?
-I would say that my determination, discipline, positive and relaxed personality helped me to overcome the challenges and turned me into who I am today. I prefer not to list my weaknesses, do focus on them. My choice is to focus on the things that make me evolve and grow.

-You recently recorded a song for the campaign from H&M. Is this daring courage to be spontaneous and not worry about criticism? Both in relation to venture into song, to act, to take care of a lingerie line (such as Gisele Bündchen Intimates Hope), cosmetics …
-Long ago stopped doing things to please someone. I love new challenges, I am very curious and I think the important thing is to have fun. If a project is challenging and fun, I’ll do it. In the end, do not live for others, live for me. I value my life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be here. Therefore, I live in a way that gives me joy and face the challenges without fear.

-You are an ambassador of the United Nations (UN) Environment. Fashion can be a real platform for new models of sustainable production?
-I believe that fashion and other sectors may also have more sustainable practices and I think for the future of our planet, they are not only important as indispensable. The company has already awakened to this, but we are still crawling, without quite knowing what and how to change the situation. I believe that as consumers, we need to demand new processes. In the future, it will no longer be a concern, but a necessity. The planet is already showing us that we need to change.

-How to be social, environmental and economically sustainable and at the same time, sustain our current consumption patterns?
-I think you need to review our current patterns of consumption and search processes more intelligent and sustainable.

-In Brazil, where many environmental issues are still in the background, you can take the responsible consumption in a sphere macro? Attitudes like yours, opt for organic, advocating environmental issues, try to take this responsible attitude to their day to day, can actually influence people?
-My dad always says that the best teaching is by example. I try to live more responsibly in my day to day and convey that the people around me. If, somehow, I can serve as a positive example and help educate a greater number of people, I’m happy. Do not consider myself overly optimistic and know that changes take time and are not easy, but I also know that we need to start somewhere, and what better place than our home?


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Q: How did you become a model?
G: I was discovered in a shopping mall in Sao Paulo

Q: You´re a successful woman. What you couldn´t conquer yet? What is your dream?
G: I am moved by dreams and still feel I have so much more to create!

Q: If you didn’t become a model. What would you aspire to be?
G: I love animals, nature and architecture. I believe it would be in one of those fields.

Q: What are your favorite clothes from H&M? Do you feel flattered to be the best top of the hour?
G: It is really hard to choose one. I love the blue jacket with gold and that fluffy white sweater too.

Q: Which do you prefer to do? Print work or runway? & will you please model forever?
G: You are sweet. I enjoy it all, but I still have butterflies in my stomach every time I walk on the runway.

Q: What is your favorite movie?
G: It is an Italian movie called The Bicycle Thief. I love the simplicity of the story and it’s photography.

Q: What advise do you have to someone with low self-esteem/confidence?
G: Don’t compare yourself to others. Remember that we all have special gift, find yours and focus on that. Love yourself as you are

Q: What are three things you can’t live without?
G: My family, my friends and nature.

Q: If you have to give up your entire wardrobe, but you can keep 1 thing, what would it be?
G: In that case it has to be a comfy dress because it would cover everything. HaHa!

Q: What have you ever bought, yet never worn and still hanging in your closet?
G: A couple cute dresses I’m waiting for my daughter to grow into.

Q: What’s your favourite music rght now? Name 3 songs you like the most these times.. Thank you
G: Jack Johnson, Daft Punk, Maria Gadú and Marisa Monte.

Q: What’s your fave season to dress for?
G: The summer because I can dress more simple and I only have to take a carry-on when I fly.

Q: what you appreciate in people?
G: Authenticity, honesty, integrity, and a sense of humor

Q: What do you do in your free time ?
G: Any free time I get I love spending it with my family.

Q: Do you have any special talents that we don’t know about?
G: I can make the best vegetable chicken soup, my mom’s recipe!

Q: you are my favorite model, what style and modeling tips do you have for aspiring models such as myself?
G: Watch how everyone does their job around you. Learn from them. You might face challenges but always focus on the positive

Q: What is your favorite memory of being a supermodel? Kisses from Hawaii!
G: Going to Iceland and shooting in the middle of all the icebergs in a little dress.I almost froze but I had fun! Kisses

Q: If you could any superpower in the world, what would it be?
G: I would like the super power to heal the world!

Q: What is your favorite Brazilian fruit?
G: Jabuticaba berry

Q: why did you decide to sing for @hm ? It is pretty original for a model ! Kisses you’re wonderful
G: I love signing in the car and shower. I thought it would be a fun experience. Mainly because it´s for a good cause.

Q: What’s the oldest piece of clothing you own?
G: A pair of jeans from when I was 14 and some hippie tops my mom gave to me that belonged to her

Q: Are you teaching your 3 kids to speak Portuguese?
G: I speak Portuguese with them and they speak and understand the language really well.

Q: Will u and the fam ever move back to Brazil where your family live?
G: We never know, being close to my parents and sisters is very tempting. For now our lives are here and we enjoy that too.

Q: Do you like football?
G: Football only became part of my life after I met my husband and today I watch every time he plays.

Q: What would you say is the key word to have a positive and healthy day everyday? Love from Peru.
G: I start my day by being grateful.I feel that sets the tone for my whole day. It makes it all more joyful. Love to you

Q: you changed my life I love you! What’s your go to every day look ?
G: I love clothes that are comfortable, and I tend to use clothes that are a little stylish but praticle and simple

Q: If you had to describe H&M in one word, what would it be?
G: Cool

Q: what is the most beautiful picture you have ever made??? And who is your idol???
G: Our first family picture. My parents for always giving us so much love and being there for us.

G: Thank you for taking the time and participating today. This was fun! Have a beautiful day! Love Gisele

Thanks to giseledaily for typing it out!

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U Jordan September 2013

Following the exciting news of Gisele Bundchen being named as the face of H&M’s fall campaign, we were thrilled to know more about her spectacular comeback.
Gisele Bundchen, who topped Forbse’s Highest Paid Models list last year with a staggering $45 million in annual earnings, has previously worked with H&M in it’s Spring/Summer 2011 campaign. Now she’s gracing billboards with her breathtaking beauty in H&M’s latest campaign for Fall 2013.

Tell us about your experience shooting H&M campaign.
I had a great time on the shoot. We had a great team of people and it was a beautiful sunny day so it was perfect that we were able to shoot outside. I also loved recording the song, it was such a fun experience.
How was your experience recording the song for commercial ?
I have always loved music, so I loved it! It was my first time singing and it was so much fun. I didn’t wanted to give up the mic!

How did you choose the song ?
H&M picked the song and send it to me, and I loved it!

What is your favorite piece from the campaign ?
I really loved the green blouse, the green pants, the blue short jacket, the coat and the sweaters. Actually I liked everything I wore.

What music do you like to listen to ?
I like to listen to Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Marvin Gaye and also Brazilian music like Bossa Nova and other artists like Caetano, Ellis Regina, Tom Jobim, Marisa Monte and Legiao Urbana. It depend the mood I am in.

What is your must-have piece from this fall ?
I am always a big fan of jeans because they are easy to match with everything, cozy sweaters and sweatshirts I think are good options too. A nice light jacket is also good.

What is your favorite accessory for fall ?
I love scarves since I usually tend to feel a bit chilly.

How do you decide what to wear ?
It depends on my mood, but I always choose pieces that I feel comfortable in.

Who within fashion inspires you ?
There isn’t a particular person. I feel people in general inspire me. It could be someone walking in the street or a picture in a book. What is always important to me is to feel comfortable with whatever it is I am wearing.

Are you engaged in charity ?
I have a lot of different passions and one of them is mother earth. I believe we are all connected and that our health depends on the health of our planet. For the recognition of my involvement with environmental causes, in 2009, UNEP invited me to be Goodwill Ambassador for environment. Since then I have been helping them to draw attention to such causes.

NOTE: interview is copied by Gisele Bundchen Online team from the picture above.

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