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balenciaga f-w 2014 (5)

Alexander Wang’s goal at Balenciaga is not to adapt but to “break the mold.” And for his third runway season at the storied house, the young designer did just that—adding knitwear with new hybrid treatments to the mix and experimenting with asymmetrical shapes that play on the brand’s classic codes. In the latest Fall 2014 campaign, shot by Steven Klein, Wang continues to push boundaries and rock the status quo by depicting Gisele Bündchen—a model made a legend thanks to her feminine curves and beachy waves—with a masculine cropped cut. The 360-degree view we’re given of her shorn and slicked-back strands in a series of cracked mirrors makes each image all the more intriguing. Similar to an audience questioning how a magician pulls a rabbit out of thin air, the viewer is left wondering how Wang stripped the super of her hallmark attributes to pull this one off. Here, the artistic director does the unthinkable and reveals his secrets exclusively to Style.com.— Amber Kallor

How does this campaign represent your vision for Balenciaga?

Compared to the first two campaigns that I did with the brand, we really wanted this one to break the mold a little bit. The first one was an homage and more austere, and we never really showed the face. And for the last one, with Daria [Werbowy], it became this idea of transformation. I like this idea of taking iconic supermodels and showing them in a new light and a different way. Specifically with Gisele, she’s known for her hair, so we said, “Let’s show Gisele like she’s never been shown before and this idea of mystery and vanity.” She’s in this black, mirrored room and she’s breaking out of it. In the first season, we had the marble veins [on the runway and in the collection], and then it became the ivy, and then this season the cracked glass—so it was a continuing thread that tied them together as well.

Does the cracked glass represent breaking the mold of what Balenciaga once was as a house?

I mean, in a sense. Yes, I guess vaguely. I think there’s something so beautiful when there’s an organic touch to it. I love this idea of veins in the marble or things that [are] graphic [but still] organic. That element is very interesting to me because there is a rawness to it.

Where did your inspiration stem from for these visuals?

We worked with Gisele on the show, she closed the show, and we really wanted her. Gisele has been around and shown in so many different ways. So we said, “OK, we want to show Gisele in a way that people have never seen her before.” That was the first goal for us to achieve, and that’s very hard for someone that has done almost everything and has worked with so many different brands and people! It really started with this idea of transforming Gisele and capturing what we felt was different about her being part of the Balenciaga brand. We love showing her really uncompromised and that ultimate extreme beauty breaking out of a mirror. It’s almost beauty so powerful [it can’t be contained]. And also to empower women to cut their hair and feel confident and feel beautiful and feel desired.

We’ve seen Gisele recently and her waves are still very much intact. Was there a bit of Photoshop magic at play within this campaign?

I mean, yes, of course. There was a whole team involved. We had a specialist [Jane Choi] come in who actually works on movie sets doing prosthetics. We spent two days making a prosthetic bald cap on a Gisele body double. And then we had to get another body double who we had to give the exact same haircut. So for every picture we took with Gisele, we had to take another picture with the body double. Then we fused those two together. It was the first time I’ve ever worked in that way, and [master retoucher] Pascal Dangin, he’s just incredible. He’s a true artist and a painter. When he was showing me the mock-ups, I was blown away by what he was able to achieve before we even got to the shoot.

How hard was it to achieve the finished result, as you see the hair from so many different angles?

The funny thing was that Gisele had to come in three hours before call time just to put the bald cap on. We had to wrap the hair very, very flat to her head, put the bald cap on, and then paint the bald cap to the exact same skin color as Gisele. It was basically like putting her into what you usually see on sets like X-Men. Every time we shot the picture it was kind of crazy because it was always just shooting her with the bald cap on and then having to visualize a bald Gisele. Then we’d go in and shoot the body double and that whole process. In the end, seeing it all come together was really magical.

Since we’re seeing Gisele in an entirely new way, who is the Balenciaga girl and how has she evolved since you arrived at the house?

I feel that for me right now the most important thing is to show this idea of empowerment, and people always talk about confidence and strength. It was a bit more understated, and this collection was [one] where I was really breaking through a lot of barriers and connotations, and I wanted the campaign and visuals to represent that. It’s kind of like a continuing dialogue. I never like to put exactly into words who the girl is because the collections speak for themselves. Also, there is something that is celebrated about individuality, and I like that any woman can come to Balenciaga and make it her own.

What do you think Cristóbal Balenciaga would say about seeing a woman with a shaved head in one of his campaigns?

I don’t know! He was always one to look at women in a different way. I think that’s something that I share in terms of an outlook. If he were living today in our world and our society, and wanting to do something that was different and open up some eyes…hopefully I did him proud.

In terms of Balenciaga, what’s next? What are your plans for expansion?

We have the fragrance [B. Balenciaga, pronounced Bee-dot] that’s coming out this fall. That’s going to be big for me because I’ve never done a fragrance before. And we have a couple of new launches, so it’s a little too early to say, but you’ll just have to stay tuned!


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Elle Hungary July 2014 cover 1

Today he is the undisputed world’s most famous topmodellje. And he is the legszenvedélyebb of brazil. On the occasion of the football World Cup, Gisele Bundchen for sharing your faith with Elle, the joys, the plans and secrets of a 20-year career.

Who has any luck is part of that encounter with Gisele, the reaction is always the same: gosh! The 180 cm tall, slender, long-legged blonde beauty grey farmerjában, pólójában and V-zakójában black-necked is a striking phenomenon that it all fades away. In the interview, the Milk is made by Los Angeles Studio, in the next room are made of Blanchettről photos, Cate on the terrace and Jared Leto gives Canadians. But no one has a vivid light like Gisele. The 33-year-old Bundchen modellkedik twenty years later this year. The trip was perfectly straight, the Rio Grande do Sul province town, Horizontinából the international catwalks. The young girl dreamed that the Brazilian volleyball team member, and finally the Elite Model contest and Alexander McQueen became the courtesy of Gisele, whom we know today.

The most influential women in the world, Forbes magazine, the Rolling Stones are among the world’s most beautiful women, posing for Vogue, Numéro, Harper’s Bazaar, and, of course, on the cover of Elle. In 2009, the latter for a total of 30 International Edition front page was put up at the same time (so called), when he supported the anti-AIDS (RED). Such brands as the face of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Pantène, Pucci, but also boasts its own fehérneművonallal (this is the Gisele Intimate), and working with Ipanemával. Every year about 40 million dollars, which is American football star husband Tom Brady in terms of the amount, together with the figurative kick. They are beautiful, rich and famous.

That is how you along with the 2014 football Brazil, which is home?

– Soccer has always been a major part of the Brazilian culture. I remember when I moved to the United States, people have been saying: Wow, you’re Brazilian? Like Pele, Garrincha, soccer players: Santos, Torres, Ronaldo … Brazil is famous for this, and the people are really passionate about that love football. It is very important to us, that after 50 years we again organize the World Cup. We’re going to win!

You can go and then some of the match?

– The rúgnék myself a score! A huge celebration is going to be, I want to be a part of it. I hope there will be szurkolhatok the csapatunkért in the finals, because of course, the braziloknak drukkolok.

Will you participate in the opening or the zárórendezvényen?

– I would be very welcome there.

How come such an avid Patriot?

– I am very proud that I was born in Brazil. I love the psyche of people, there is something magical. I feel at home there, where life and joy. When I first came to America, I hugged everyone, on megpusziltam, and this shocked the people. The football fans from all over the world will come from a wide variety of and see the face of Brazil, the beauty, the energy.

The sport is your passion?

– Since my childhood I was the athletic type, for example, I was the captain of the röplabdacsapatunk. Világéletemben sport. Strandröplabdáztam, kocogtam, volleyball, winter is almost naked. Sporty girl I am!

What kind of relationship are you your body?

– The church body. A gift that must be honored and nurtured. I enjoy the movement. Röpizni no longer nagyonvan, but lovagolok, I play windsurfing, tennis, wherever I am. The kung-fu, boxing, yoga, pilates, I feel that I live in. If you do not mozoghatok, I do not feel myself.

And how táplálod your body?

– Very differently than they used to eat right now, because now I am fully aware that what the thorn in the flesh, I spend those are among substances that provide energy, and those that do not.


– Do Not. I rarely eat meat, but do not forget that I was born in the South of Brazil, a carnivore and I grew up in. I do not exaggerate, but I want to know where it comes from what you eat. If antimicrobial compounds and other food telenyomták, I szervezetembe. I eat mostly fresh food: vegetables, fruit, beans, able, eggs … Home chicken also.

It’s economics that we have meals, if you are on the road?

– While traveling I do not eat meat, and fish are also problematic.

The result of this Green approach to your education?

– My grandparents were farmers, my grandmother saw the cow milked. It was wonderful! This is the greatest gift that my parents gave me and my sister five. Remember, as you cserélgették the crops with neighbors, it was a real community. So I buy producer markets. There are also groups in Boston, whose monthly pay is what you get, and that during that period, sometimes three months Zucchini.

This approach is also in the Green gyerekeidnek you try to pass on?

– I’m doing the same thing with my children: I will try to make them understand the things. That is why there are plenty of vegetables and fruit we plant together. My kids know the seasons within the hydrological cycle, and, you know, why not room for strawberry. Our life from the Earth. Our health depends on the health of our planet. If you elszennyezzük the water, if we destroy the trees, if you are in the oceans, the earth itself and eliminates us repair.

Do you ever Cook?

– I’m not a great Cook, but simple dishes to cook. Grillezek, párolok, and garlic or onion I do everything, whether it tastes good.

There is a Brazilian recipe, what the édesanyádtól you have learned?

– My mom csirkelevese the finest vegetables, and now my children love it. The secret is that you must cut up chicken with onions and garlic in butter, roast throughout and only then add to the soup with the rest of those.

How to birkózol the challenges of everyday life, how to combine motherhood and egyezteted szupermodellkedést?

– All the time egyensúlyoznom. Sometimes when I go to bed at night, I’m glad that I’ve been doing a good job of that. Sometimes I wish I would have done some things differently. All the time alkalmazkodnom. Recently, more and more difficult to drive because a lot of my work. I’m taking my son to school. Then hurry back to the kislányomhoz, who is only 15 months old. I never feel like I’m 100 percent certain that megoldanék everything. The country would shut up! Fortunately, we live in Costa Rica to be myself, because I have been working in this business for 20 years. Incredible!

This enthusiasm to succeed megőrizned after all these years?

– Because I am grateful that such a possibility came to me. I come from a town with a population of just tens of thousands. When I started modeling, I thought, I have an extraordinary opportunity. And today I feel so. I had a lot of things áldoznom, but a great blessing, do I take to do the job.

What do you think, what is due to it’s long career?

– People trust me when we have a job. In Exchange for the minimum that one hundred percent of me give. Never work on a késnék! I respect the people. I want to be the best always. If you lost me this feeling, then I will stop. One million photos I did already, but the excitement is still in me.

How do you see your future?

– We look forward to the future, but I’m a type who really focuses on the present. The future is not yet. The key to élvezzek every moment. Now I’m not worried because of the passage of time.

That are in the current lelkiállapotodat?

– It is very important to my dreams, ideas. I want to know myself even better. Every day I learn something new about myself. It is the best connection, which is just part of me. I can be a MOM, wife, friend, model. Brimming with different roles, and they are all mine! But ultimately, the most important thing is what kind of relationship I own myself. After all, the rest of my life in the company of myself I need to download.

What will be your life after you have completed the modeling?

– Very happy to get a women’s community, where people can share their knowledge, their experience. I have some ideas, but for now I don’t want to talk about them. I prefer it when things just happen, and only after I talk about them, so elkerülhetem the disappointment.

According to these, overnight you live your life?

– Is it possible to have any more mánál? The tomorrow what I did not know. The things I want to do today. A special moment in each situation. For example, here we are now, and this is an exceptional moment, that will not happen again.

source |translated by Bing.

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Elle Canada July 2014

Gisele Bündchen: Brazil’s top model, mother and career maven

On the eve of the World Cup in Rio, supermodel Gisele Bündchen opens up about soccer, style, career and her best health tips.

It’s the day after the Oscars. We’re standing in a photo studio in Los Angeles, and Gisele Bündchen is almost a film unto herself: a larger-than-life knockout in faded grey jeans and her signature mop of hair. She’s chatting enthusiastically about her one-year-old daughter, who is already showing signs of being “dramatic.”

At 33 years old, Bündchen is celebrating 20 years as a model. It has been a faultless journey for the girl from Horizontina, a small town in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, who dreamed of being a professional volleyball player for the national team. That was before Gisele Caroline Nonnenmacher Bündchen was discovered by an Elite Model Look contest and Alexander McQueen.

You need only glance at the varied shots on her Instagram page (which has over 1.6 million followers) to fully appreciate the breadth of her career. Voted the “world’s most powerful supermodel” by Forbes, Bündchen is the face of brands from Chanel to Pantene, has her own lingerie line and is an active philanthropist. She earns roughly US$40 million a year, which, coupled with the success of her husband, Tom Brady, the handsome quarterback of Boston’s New England Patriots, means that at least a few generations of little Bündchen-Bradys (starting with Benjamin Rein, four, and Vivian Lake, one) will likely be quite comfortable.

Now, Bündchen emerges from the changing room in a bikini and steps in front of the camera, striking her poses efficiently, like a well-oiled machine, while watching her reflection in a mirror. She later shoots a quick glance at the monitor and says she loves the photos—particularly the one in which she’s draped in the Brazilian flag. “Viva o Brasil,” she cries. “We’re going to win!

Are you excited that this year’s World Cup is in Brazil?
“Soccer has always been a huge part of the culture of Brazil. People here are all geared up!”

Are you going to attend the matches?
“Well, I would like to score a goal myself. [Laughs] I’m very proud that I was born in Brazil. I love the spirit of the Brazilian people. There’s something magical about it. There’s a viva—there is joy. There is warmth—a sense of welcome. When I first came to America, I was hugging and kissing everyone and people were shocked. Soccer supporters will come from different parts of the world, and they will experience that side of Brazilian life—all that beauty and energy.”

Are you passionate about sports?
“I’ve been athletic since I was little. I was the captain of my volleyball team. I used to jog—even almost naked in winter. I’m Sporty Spice!”

What is your relationship with your body?
“The body is a temple. I enjoy moving. I don’t play much volleyball anymore, but I ride horses, surf and play beach tennis. I play wherever I am. Kung fu, boxing, yoga, Pilates…. It makes me feel alive. If I don’t move my body, I don’t feel good.”

How do you feed that body?
“I rarely eat meat, but I’m from the south of Brazil—I was raised on meat. I’m not an extremist, but I need to know where my food comes from. If my food has been injected with antibiotics and a whole lot of other stuff, I [unfortunately] end up eating that as well. I keep chickens at home.”

Where does that awareness come from?
“My grandparents were farmers. I used to watch my grandmother milk cows. It was amazing. That’s the biggest gift my parents ever gave me and my five sisters. I remember they used to swap produce with neighbours. There was a wonderful sense of community. That’s why I shop at farmers’ markets. There are co-operatives in Boston where you pay monthly and get what’s in season. Sometimes it’s zucchini for months at a time!”

Are you trying to pass that awareness on to your children?
“We plant a lot of vegetables and fruit together. They understand the cycle of the seasons and why there are no strawberries in winter. Our health depends on the health of our planet. If we pollute our waters, kill our trees and destroy our oceans, the earth will recycle itself and chuck us out.”

How do you deal with juggling your family and career?
“It’s a constant balance. Sometimes when I go to bed, I’m happy that I did a good job that day. And sometimes, I wish I’d done things differently. Now, it’s getting harder for me to travel for my job. I have a son whom I take to school, and I come back quickly to see my baby. I never feel 100-percent complete. I just want to stay at home now. Luckily, I’m able to choose more because I have been doing this job for 20 years.”

How do you keep your enthusiasm after so long?
“I come from a small town with only 10,000 people. When I started modelling, I thought this was a unique opportunity. I feel the same way today. There are lots of sacrifices, but it is a blessing to be able to do this job.”

Why do you think your career has lasted?
“People trust me when they book me for a job. The minimum I give them is 100 percent. I’ve never been late for a job, I respect people and I want to be at my best every time: to show up and deliver. When I lose that, I’ll stop. I’ve done a million photos in my life, and my excitement for it remains intact.”

What’s on your mind these days?
“I want to learn more about myself. I can be a mom, a wife, a friend, a model, but at the end of the day, the most important relationship I have is with myself. I have to live with myself for the rest of my life!”

How do you see the future?
“I’m so excited about the future, but I’m a person who really focuses on the present. Tomorrow is another day. I no longer worry about age…. Every situation is a special moment. Look, I’m really here, with you! It’s an exceptional moment that may never happen again!”


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Falabella Chile 2014 (1)

falabella Falabella Chile 2014 (6) Falabella Chile 2014 (7) fdgdfgdfg

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Ela Luxo Brazil May 2014

RIO – Minutes before having my first official meeting with Gisele Bündchen in February, during the fashion week in New York, took a quick look on Instagram to give to such a picture that everyone was commenting on the model appeared with a black dress that marked his entire silhouette. Gisele looked stunning. When we finally entered the room, there she was, with the same look, but totally relaxed, eating a lobster wrap.

Unceremoniously, Gisele, magazine cover She Luxury – circulating Thursday in the printed version of GLOBE – greeted me with a kiss and a hug, and settled next to me. The agenda – to use a journalistic term – was on the launch of the new perfume of Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera. But the top barely spoke about fragrance. At will, she was soon giving a recipe: A simple fruit mousse – not enough to be the world’s number one model, Gisele still cook.
– I love making desserts. I love sweets, but I will not eat anything with sugar, which is a poison. Our body can not process it well. Sugar makes you up, but soon gets you down. I have a file full of recipes on my computer – Gisele says that every morning sipping a cup of warm water with lemon (sometimes it increments the drink with cayenne pepper) to cleanse the body early.

Good mood, excited about a model hitched various subjects Chat, including a thousand definitions gained over nearly 20 years of career. The title, incidentally, she dispenses:
– People who know me know that fashion is my job. It is not something that defines me. Indeed, nothing defines me. I do not like definitions. When I’m set, I have to fit into a “box”. And I do not want it. Do not wanna be a prisoner. I want to try. My title is the same happy woman.

Reason for not missing much happiness. At 33, Gisele, natural Horizontia, Rio Grande do Sul, is happily married to Tom Brady, football player, and has two beautiful children: Benjamin, 4 years, and Vivian Lake, 1 year.
– Benjamin is supercarinhoso with Vivian. There are times that he loves being the older brother, but at other times has that natural jealousy. I try to spend a maximum individual time with each of them – says Gisele, who is keen to teach Portuguese children. – When someone speaks in English, call immediate attention. The first word he spoke was both “mother”, more like “mama” than “mother.” Tom knows a few tactical words like “I love you”, when you need to loosen
In addition to talking with the children in their language, Gisele maintains daily contact with her sisters:
– I often say that we are a family business. What is so good. I go to Brazil five or six times a year. I know what happens in the country, when I arrive, read the papers.

Gisele gets even more excited when talking about his brand of lingerie, Gisele Bündchen Intimates. She does not draw the pieces, but follows the entire process, giving hints and a personal touch to the collection. It’s practically his third son.
– We have a group of designers working to get inspiration for the brand. I also try to bring news of my travels around the world. The idea is that the brand is always connected with what’s latest in the fashion world. We are always trying to innovate in all forms. Incidentally, we’ve just launched the new website for the brand, which has easier navigation and a very modern layout – warns style.

Shameless, Gisele, who held the coveted post of the Victoria’s Secret angel, even gaining powerful wings, revealed his preference in the world of underwear:
– It depends on the occasion. For day to day, like most basic lingerie, but without losing the sensual side. Thong panties are a good option to not mark clothing. For the most special moments, I love pieces with lace and silk.

In public, it does not save: usually abusing generous necklines and slits dizzying.
– Generally, I get a choice of looks to choose from. I select the parts I like the most to prove and then decide what is best. Seeking comply with what the party proposes. If your style is more rock, more discreet fight a more casual look (think the MET gala last year, when the model chose a very sexy dress designer Anthony Vaccarello Belgian), if a more formal event, use something . The most important is that I feel good about what I’m wearing – Gaucho points.

I take the cue to know the secret of his annotated form.

– Load my children is the number one exercise, especially when they both want the same lap time – have fun at the top. – The type of exercise you do depends a lot on where I am. I try to practice every day, but when I’m with travel schedule, I end up failing. Anyway, I try to get at least 15 minutes in the day to dwell and do some yoga and meditation. I’m eclectic when it comes to exercise. I like kung fu, surfing, volleyball, pilates, boxing. And I also enjoy hiking outdoors. I love to move my body.

And football?
– It took me a while to understand all the rules, is quite complex, with many players. But now I understand well. Definitely not the kind of sport I try to play because physical contact is superintenso.

Gisele is also careful with food, especially after he spent 30 years
– I changed my diet quite. Seeking eat organic foods like vegetables, fruits and grains. Eventually, fish and, rarely, chicken or red meat. I have a thing for dark chocolate and as a piece every day. I realized that eating this way, I feel more energy, and have less mood swings.

Next year, Gisele Bündchen will complete two decades of career (“I have several ideas that I am working on to celebrate the date. I see power as a great achievement to celebrate 20 years in this profession”), but she swears she never imagined it would come so far, would occupy the first place in the ranking of the richest and most influential models in the world, leaving behind Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen, Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista – tops that gained fame in the 1990s and following the active:
– Since I had the opportunity to be a model, I always worked hard and gave the best of me. But had no idea of ​​the proportion that could take, because at the time, did not understand much about this world. Despite initial difficulties, having received “no” for various jobs as soon as I started my career I realized that, somehow, I fit in the profession, not only for being tall and thin, but because the job involved me. She was curious about everything. She liked to observe and learn about light, fashion, makeup, hair … She was interested in all aspects of creation. But it was when I made my first cover of “Vogue” America at the age of 18, I felt I had a greater potential.

With campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Versace, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Isabel Marant, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Emilio Pucci and Missoni – just to name a few, it is clear – the curriculum, Gisele thinks of retiring the high jump. She wants more.

– Despite having done many things in the fashion world, I think there is always something new to try, new challenges. I am a person driven dreams. I am also in constant search for self and still have much to learn – says the model.

Accustomed to discuss any issue that enters the wheel, ask if there is anything she would like people to know about you:
– I asked about the most different subjects, but I never talked deeply about my beliefs. I truly believe that love can change everything. If you could leave a message here, I would say: treat the world (people, animals and the environment) with more love. The world needs more love.

The conversation became more serious when put spirituality on the wheel:
– I see life as a gift. It’s very lovely to have a chance to experience a body. The more you look inside, more happiness and joy you find. The answer is never out.

Before we parted, Gisele still delivered that is the number one fan of Chico Xavier, his film “fa-vo-ri-to” is “Our Home” and did not give up a good book. After these “revelations”, took a bye, with the promise that we would have beautiful pictures to illustrate this matter.

Gisele Bundchen is so: promise made, promise kept.

source | translated by Google

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Costume Institute Gala 2009 (8)

Within the framework of the last week of the fashion week of New York, Carolina Herrera organized an exclusive party in a Studio in the Soho district, to present its new fragrance 212 VIP Rosé, whose image is the Gisele Bündchen.
It is eleven at night a Monday, Frost Manhattan, and while Carolina Herrera Jr. receives the guests and chat with friends, Gisele waits for Cosmo in a room to have an intimate talk.

Before going to see her, its representative tells me that it is the first time that the Venezuelan designer chooses a celebrity as the image of her perfumes. And it is that Gisele is one of the few models that managed to transcend the catwalks to turn her name into a trademark. For the world, she is simply “Gisele”.

Iconic Victoria´s Secret model, dated four years with Leo Di Caprio, “after Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, it appreciated and redefined the concept of supermodel”, in terms of the legendary director of Vogue, Anna Wintour, and for seven years, leads the ranking of the top best listed in the world, with 42 million dollars to her credit, according to Forbes magazine. Away from the catwalks and filming sets, she ended up finding her true love in the Court!In 2009, she married Tom Brady, American football player, with whom she has two children, Benjamin (4) and Vivian Lake (1).

While I hope it, and after making this overview of her life in my head, I start to assume that a Monday, close to midnight, model of only 42 million should want to go to the party to have fun or to your home to be with his family. But when Gisele opens the door, not surprising the more obvious, her beauty (is splendid!) It has a black dress with lace that Stylize it even more. And despite being flaquisima, has curves sexy that away it from the stereotypical androgynous and unattainable models), but the energy and warmth that she conveys.There is much talk. She loves to talk. And you are encouraged to do so in Spanish. Laughs, she gestures, she jokes. She is passionate when talking about Brazil, much more than to refer to the great designers and photographers who worked in these 20 years of her career. Three things makes it well clear: loves her country, being a mother and having a husband who, above all, listening to and contains it. It seems that if it there is a number of minutes agreed to the interview, would be talking about them until dawn. But outside waiting for the VIP party. Luckily, before going to do what it knows best, posing for the cameras, let us know a little more about the woman away from the flashes.

Outside there is a party that you are hosting, having fun these at events ?
– Yes. Even though I do not go out every night, I love to dance. At a party, it is difficult that I can stay put, I am that not never leave the track. I love the hits of the 80’s, Daft Punk, Stevie Wonder and Rihanna. Do you know what? They always ask me whats my best outfit for an event of this style. And, indeed, beyond what I put, what makes me feel more sexy dance. Barefoot, dress or jeans, I danced as if no one see me, as the saying goes. Could it be my Brazilian blood ?

– can be… the Brazilian move like no one! Talking about your country, what is the first thing you do when you’re there ?
– A few days before traveling, I call my mom and beg her: ‘Ma, please buy me water coconut’. I like it a lot and I only find it in Brazil. Then, I make home plans. I have five sisters and take this opportunity to organize large meals with my family. The lasagne of my mom and my dads roasts tend to be excuses to see us. Years I live in United States and I have travelled the world, but Brazil is my favorite place. I relax a lot when I am there, because I’m in reunion with my essence, my culture, my people… That feeling is unique. Now I’m happy because the world is coming to us and the country is excited about the subject.

– Would you like a final between Argentina and Brazil ?
It would be great, wouldn’t it? Because they are rivals unleashed more passions on the pitch. Luckily, this rivalry exists only in football. I love the Argentines. When I was teenager, vacacion with my parents in Camboriu and was full of Argentineans. I made friends and left with everyone. It like you have fun! I remember that on the beach, singing: “they bite, they sting the mosquito”.

– You were born in a football country and you marry a player, but in football…
– I Had no escape: my destiny was to be close to a ball (laughs). Speaking seriously, Tom is beautiful and, as an athlete, has an incredible body, but what I really fell in love was his sweetness. He is noble, honest and has a big heart. Always see the best of each thing. That is a great quality. Soon as I met him, I felt that it would be a great companion.

– You are one of the hottest couples, you suffered jealousy or fear of infidelity ?
– No, because he makes me feel safe. That is key in the relationship. I’m used to that in my environment, all are pending from the outside and fall in love from the outside. He, on the other hand, is sensitive and listens to me, is attentive to me. That makes me confident.

– What plans you have fun do with him ?
– Go to the movies or eating out. Both travel far for work, but once a week, religiously, we plan a date for just us. When you have children, it is important to have that time with your guy. We take this opportunity to talk about us, we are sincere and direct, and share what happens to us. That is why we work together.

– You’re a difficult wonder woman ?
– Lol I am simple, although I notice the details. When I work all day and my husband waiting for me with a dinner in the light of the candles, I’m already conquered. He knows that the themes of Bob Marley and Jack Johnson can not miss in an evening to make me even more happy.

– You have a divine family, a successful career and the best valued model. What do you lack ?
– I feel that I reached more than I imagined when I was 16. At that age, I took a risk to live in New York to be a model, without even knowing English. I learned the language when listening to cassettes of Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. What I’m going is that long ago I’m here fighting for my dreams. And I got to meet quite a few. I have worked with designers and most prestigious photographers, I traveled the world… But I got to the point that external things or materials do not fill. From now on, I need to think of me. I want to get to know me better and discover what really matter to me. Also, I want to focus my energy in supporting causes that protect animals and the environment, two topics with which I am very committed.

– If you had the day off tomorrow, just for you, what would you do ?
– I would go to a massage! I realized that I live giving away spa days to my friends because, in reality, it’s what I want! One is accustomed to pamper yourself with shoes, clothing, handbags, but never with massages. Now that I think about it, this year, with Tom we are five years of marriage. Soon as I get home, I will tell him: “love, 20 years ago that I run on… do not you think that I deserve a day of spa as anniversary gift ?

source | translated by Google

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Contigo! Brazil April 10, 2014

1960800_682454918477481_362151517771292291_o gisele-bundchen-65371 gisele-bundchen-65370 10153176_682454915144148_4684570117698959366_n

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Prior to shine in the parade of Colcci, on Wednesday (April 2), the top had a chat with Contigo!

Smiling, hugging, exchanging kisses from time to time, Gisele Bündchen, 33, and Tom Brady, 36, received a group of friends in videoconferencing Emiliano Hotel, in Jardins area, in São Paulo. It was late Wednesday (April 2) and lacked three hours to the couple starring in the Colcci fashion show, one of the most anticipated of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Fitted to model the spotlight on the catwalk, the football player’s attention in the crowd, and the owner Vanya, 65, mother of Gisele, tanning Benjamin, 4, Vivian, 1, sons who stayed at the hotel during the show. “Came spend a few days at work, but the weather is a family party! We were all three rooms next to each other with open, my sons and nephews playing in the hallway doors. A delight!?” – Said Gisele, barefoot, with her legs crossed on the couch in the hotel, showing their prettiness stripped in a loose jumpsuit, a few coats of mascara and lipstick mouth.

With a rapid and strong speech gaucho accent, she approached the delights of family life, the shock of a fire which affected days ago his apartment in Boston, in the United States, beyond the attainment of their true wealth. All this in a conversation watered coconut water.

– How to come to Brazil to work ?
– I grab any opportunity to return to my country. There is no place in the world that I feel better than in Brazil. It is my land, where I grew up and I feel a different energy in all directions. I live in the United States for many years. Like it there, but it is very different from the way I was raised and my customs. I can not explain, but when I get here, it’s a relief, I can relax more. As much as I enjoy living there and there, Brazil is my home.

– And why not again? There are plans ?
– I’m married to an American and not a decision I can make alone. In any relationship we arrive and impose something. I met Tom in the United States, he works there. Thank God my profession gives me the opportunity to travel, to go back to Brazil and work in different places. Incidentally, full 20-year career in January. This month, at age 14, I left my hometown (Horizontia / RS) to live in Sao Paulo and start working as a model. I’ll celebrate too! But I can not say how, because it is in the definition.

– When he began his career at age 14, dreamed of becoming one of the most influential models of the world ?
– I never imagined so many achievements. My goal has always been and remains to give my best.

– Which consider your greatest achievement ?
– There is only one … I left Horizontia new and had a vision like this (puts hands beside his face, pulling her peripheral vision) . Working broadened my reality of how humans evolve … I traveled the world, met different people … Imagine: no just or 2nd Grade today and speak five languages! I am therefore grateful for every opportunity I had, I managed to overcome the challenges.

– And what the toughest challenges ?
– Every day is different. Over time, I discovered I was never the victim in adversity. I learned early that when you think? Poor? Gives permission to the other person or the situation take control. I stopped talking:? Such a person did it against me? or be anxious to want to control certain situation. In the face of any challenge, I think: What did I do to get through this? What can I learn from what is happening?? I can not change the other. But I can change me. Have spoken to my face that I was the ugliest woman in the world, I had the great nose, that I was the most beautiful woman in the world … I talked so much … And at these words, I remain the same person, searching evolution. Obviously I’m no longer that baby face of 14 years. I am a woman of 33.

– How does the future of their profession before the passing of the years ?
– Do not know how long I’ll last even as a model. I have no crystal ball (laughs). But the time is here, I’ll give my best, I will enjoy myself. Live the present. Do not want to think about the future, why not happened yet. The future belongs to God alone. No one can guarantee me that I will be alive tomorrow, okay? But what makes you think so, you can die tomorrow? these Day (March 27), had a fire to three buildings in my apartment. Where I live, the buildings are coladinhos. Was so severe that two firefighters died. Imagine it: the guy left home, thinking that would have one more day of work, who would come home and have dinner with the kids. But he died. Then, in the middle of that mess, spoke to me:? Take your kids, your belongings and leave the house now?. Then, I looked around, I saw so much amazing thing I bought with my work and just crossed my mind to go to the drawer and pick up my passport. In the nick of time, my possessions were summarized passport (laughs)! The whole time, my feeling was: How lucky I am to be able to take my life and my family!? Do not want to live the future.

– Physically you look like your mother. Shall not mind that you will look like her in the future ?
– My mother never had plastic surgery, will not even take care of her varices (laughs)! She tells me: Got to 65 and I will not deny that this story is in my body?. I’ll tell you: I’m 33 years old, know nothing of the future. If I say something is that I want to live in nature. At the same time, my children will grow up, go to college, work … My goal in life is to raise my children with love, a lot of integrity. It is the most important thing for me.

– How do you see yourself in your children ?
– Children are very kind, outgoing and I also. I’m very physical, kiss, hug, talk … If they were here, you would see: they grab me as if they had spent a month away from me. Seeking to create them as I was raised. In my house, there are fruit trees. With are greedy ? Then they can go there and pick fruit on the tree. Now it’s strawberry season and will eat strawberry, pineapple does not have. Benjamin, who is maiorzinho already demonstrates a love for animals. Need to see: he goes through a line of ants and want to help them (laughs)! Benny wants to take care of the animals and all over the world with whom they live. My husband and I also seek that children become insured persons. Fell ? Raises, it’s ok, let’s go next. Such is life.

– Wish you and Tom raise a family ?
– It was always my dream to have three children. You are seeing this tattoo? (She lifts her right foot, showing a crescent and three stars in the ankle. It’s Brand was held in 2006 in New York.) The moon is the symbol of my sign, Pisces, which is very close to his family. The three stars were already my desire to have three children. In the end, I had two and won one of this (referring to John, 6, son of Tom’s previous relationship). I think my family is complete. Today, I am an accomplished woman.

– … and powerful. Seven years ago you appear at the top of several lists of the American business magazine Forbes. How do you deal with that ?
– It’s sad, because these people who write here do not have my account number (laughs). Gain as well, but is not all this talking. I have been audited in the U.S. because of the Forbes list. And frankly, whether or not I’m in this ranking, I do not care. I have the same interests, the same day to day, any woman: I want to raise my children and be a good wife and work. What I value: my children are educated ? My husband is happy ? People felt a positive energy to my side ? Should have a journal to assess the knowledge, wisdom and love of people. This, indeed, is power!

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Marie Claire Brazil April 2014 cover 1

Marie Claire Brazil April 2014 cover 2

Marie Claire Brazil April 2014 ph. by Kevin OBrien (1) marie claire brazil april 2014 marie claire brazil april 2014 none
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Marie Claire Brazil April 2014
Photographer: Kevin O’Brien
Style: Sandra Bittencourt
Make-up: Rose-Marie Swift
Lingerie: Gisele Bundchen Intimates



The top gave an exclusive interview for our anniversary issue. In his 10th cover for Marie Claire, talks about her relationship with her ​​children and husband, but also maintains good form and on their lingerie line, Gisele Bündchen Intimates – which uses the test pieces

The physical perfection and business acumen transformed Gisele Bündchen’s most famous supermodel – and healthy – in the world. After 33 years and nearly 20 career is star perfume, jewelry, cable TV, shampoo, toothpaste, and their own line of lingerie campaigns folder. Is at the pinnacle of the profession at an age when most models already hung them high heels. And even so, fails to take care of the children, husband and cherishes most in life: his individuality. Who better than her to toast 23 years of Marie Claire ? By email, Gisele gave, exclusively, an interview for us. See key excerpts below. The full article you can find in the printed version, which hits newsstands on Friday (28).

– You do a lot of physical activities such as yoga and kung fu. How much of your routine spends with the body ?
– I travel a lot, so my routine varies greatly, depending on where I am. But I try to work out an hour a day every day. Usually do not have that time, so I try to do at least 15 minutes of yoga or stretching. I do not have a specific exercise. I love yoga, boxing, kung fu, pilates, surfing, horseback riding, playing volleyball. The important thing is how good I feel after exercise. When I do not feel that my day was incomplete.

– What else has changed in your life after being a mother ?
– My kids and family are my priority. Organize the agenda and work around them. Although not easy, I do my best to accommodate all, but it is a constant challenge. I realized how important it is to take time for myself every day, to have more energy for my kids , husband , job … Seeking travel less and have been more careful in the selection of works to be more present in the lives of my children .

– The routine is not usually an ally in life together. What are your tricks of seduction ?
– I think important to feel comfortable and like the way it is. It helps to have more confidence. So , can you use the strengths to your advantage. Otherwise, a good lingerie always helps to create a mood. The rest is attitude.

– Why MC decided to launch Gisele Bündchen Intimates, his brand of underwear ?
– I worked many years in this segment and came to understand and like increasingly lingerie. The part I like best is the creation of the product. The staff [of production] always brings different ideas and I love to give advice. I also like to look and taste everything to see what looks cool, like wearing the body. Approve the fabrics, colors, models… wrap me enough.

– When was the last time you cried ?
– I’ma get emotional and melted butter with ease. Like anyone else, I also have sad moments, but I try not to focus on the sadness. I feel it, but then try to see what that situation can teach me.

– And what makes you happier now ?
– See the face of my children to agree. Each conquest, discovery, laughter them fills my heart with joy.

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Caras Chile March 14, 2014

The most sought after model in the world makes her debut as a face of the new fragrance by Carolina Herrera. And in the midst of the maelstrom of fashion week. The Brazilian of the 300 million dollars says that her success is more will than it is genetic. We speak of luxury, surgeries and desire to return to Pucón.
As Karl, Anna,Patrick. Gisele is one of the few people in the industry who does not need last name. She is to the world of fashion that Messi is to football and Rihanna is to music. The best paid, which breaks schemes and that in Brazil, her home country, generates the same excitement as Ronaldo and Pelé together. The number one in the list of Forbes models, with a fortune of $ 300 million.

“Gisele Bündchen returned to the world of fashion glamour of curvy women”, said the designer Alexander McQueen when she went up to the catwalk in 1997. And since then her style has marked the course of the mannequins. The girl from Horizontina who dreamed of becoming a professional volleyball player rescued the supermodels of anonymity when it was discovered at a McDonald’s at the age of thirteen. Soon after she landed in New York and one of the first people who received her was Carolina Herrera: “I didn’t speak a word of English and she made me feel at home,” recalls Gisele. That relationship today materialized in 212 Vip Rose, the new fragrance from the creator of Venezuelan origin, and the reason why Gisele is ready to give a series of interviews with the most prestigious media, which will start past three in the afternoon and end at 22.30.

Faces will be the penultimate magazine to enter the room of 214 Lafayette, an exclusive residence in Soho New York. It’s been six hours since she started the event, and any human being would be tired. She would shudder in the eyes, and in the mood. But Gisele (33) is radiant. As a perfect hostess offers champagne, water, or coffee, and then shoots the phrase that will leave me in shock: “Oh my god!, your hair is gorgeous”. She has cream, lingerie and Hawaiian with her name, which now has just closed a millionaire contract as the world image of a brand of shampoo, has the perfect formula to put in the pocket the umpteenth person with that agenda must comply.

Her face and body seem to be carved and sculpted by hand. She is taller than one think, more skinny and much, much more cute. If you have wrinkles, makeup too well. If you have ever had a pimple, is not brand. She is dressed in black, as if it were on way to a party. Because that is what the fragrance that is her face. Glamour, celebration and luxury. Little to do with the image of a mother breast-feeding her same viralizó days ago via his Twitter account, showing nursing to its 15-month-old daughter surrounded by hairdressers, makeup artists and assistants.

-Perfume 212 Vip Rose speaks of a VIP list. It is difficult to imagine one without your name in the header… do you think that it has helped you become a supermodel in a decade?
-I think that my authenticity helps, because I am a person that I’m always trying to get to know myself. And when one looks inward, in introspective way, one delights. I am no longer the person who was twenty, ten or five years ago. And luckily I changed, because that means that I could evolve. I did many things, I said many things, that I took decisions different to other models.

– How do you leave the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows?
-Exactly. I am a person of great intuition, for years that I was working with them and it was time to renew the contract. Came the day in which I had to answer them and didn’t know what to do, there was something internally that did not convince me… Everyone told me to follow, that if I was good to what change. Then at night I grabbed two papers and wrote in one ‘yes’ and another ‘no’. And asked God to help me solve what was best for my life. The next morning, with eyes closed, I chose a role and was the one which said ‘no’. So I grabbed the phone, I called them, tell them thanks for the eight wonderful years, and not signed. It had nothing to do with the company, but with intuition, an inner call I could not refuse. When I’m looking for answers and can not find them I start to breathe slowly and look inward. Many times I’ve had to make big decisions, and try to be very aware.

-Resigning means also that will come something better, isn’t it?
-I I Victoria´s secret and there I met my husband, I could invest much time in that relationship is something that would have not been able to because the contract required many hours of work. In fact, usually the Victoria´s Secret models only work for them and I was also doing other things… In life everything is about setting priorities, and is a decision that I do not regret. Life always shows us the way, choice of one looking at it or make the distracted. If I am annoying, if something in my body is not good, I have to find out what it is. And when one becomes the question of honest and sincere way, the answer is unambiguous and concrete.

– But you really think that your plus is not beauty but personality?
-I have spent twenty years working and I am here because I have joy and I am grateful. I think that when you have that energy in life everything is back. We are energy, and all that is is what we receive.

Gisele seems to have extensively studied speech. It is not very fond of interviews but today has given one after another, and possibly in all said the same thing. She spoke of his first cover in Vogue Paris, her work with Karl Lagerfeld and, of course, shooting the commercial 212 Vip Carolina Herrera, where is seen happy passing it well in the Big Apple. But days before the launch, the world saw her breastfeeding her second daughter Vivian, product of her marriage to the prominent Tom Brady football player. A little girl who already has more than one year.

-What do you think of the models and actresses who are interned in the gym or in the operating room shortly after giving birth?
-Everyone has their different process. You don’t know, and I don’t know either, what each person has passed. Attempt is not to judge, because everyone knows why it does what it does. But for me, I looked at my mother who always worked hard and we breastfed all and is a full woman with values of family, this is normal for us.

– But you are a model, and breastfeeding brings consequences. Not it gives you scare that your breasts fall off?
-For what if not to breastfeed? That is what makes us special women, we have the opportunity to lead a life and after feeding her. It is an experience that I am not going to give up, and I’m not interested in what happens to my body. Motherhood is the most important. I dont judge what others do not do, I repeat only what I learned. Already has a year and three months, and continued breastfeeding… Now the milk is running out a bit and makes me sad. It is a nice feeling, a very large and unique connection.

-Then for you the luxury does not pass by the money you earn, but on the other hand…
-The silver can not buy time with affection. I believe that the true luxury of these times that are so fast is to have the freedom to be authentic, have time to reflect and get to know. We receive lots of information and one can lose within that. Then, stop for a second and realize before deciding what to do is essential.

-What is your beauty routine?
-A combination of things. First is the spirit, because if a person is upset by its problems and focuses on that, it shows in the face, is in its power. I am sensitive. My children are healthy and that’s what makes me happy, so I am well. The rest are pure experiences that have no importance.

-In your forrado surely there are diapers, what more?
-Many diapers! I like aromatherapy, then I have different types of oils, Concealer, lip balm of dark circles and sunglasses to disguise the fatigue in the face. Usually I also have a perfume roll on and almond oils to moisturize hands. I don’t like creams that have much perfume so much, I prefer the more natural scents.

The music sounds strong on the third floor of 214 Lafayette. Carolina Herrera of Baez, daughter of the designer, and other celebrities are waiting with champagne, goats salted and chestnuts to the hostess to make her triumphal entry. On a giant screen projected the commercial perfume and guests capture the time photos Polaroid. Press policymakers who witness the interview offered to make one last question.

-A few years ago you were in Chile next to Leo DiCaprio…
-Pucon, what a wonderful place! My best friend is from Chile, he is called Nino Muñoz and is photographer. We met when I was 16 years old. I always say that I die of desire to return, it is one of the most beautiful landscapes I remember.


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NEW YORK (AP) — It may be NFL playoff time in the Tom Brady-Gisele Bundchen household, but the stress doesn’t carry over at home.

“He’s very focused,” the 33-year-old Bundchen said of Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, in a recent interview. “We are both very supportive of one another in what we do. … Of course nobody likes to lose. Those aren’t the best days. He knows he does his best. He works extremely hard.”

The three-time Super Bowl champ and his New England Patriots travel to Denver to play the Broncos on Sunday for the AFC championship.

To stay calm, the Brazilian model says the couple winds down differently.

“At night if my husband is watching TV and watching football, I have my little book and I put something in my ears so I don’t hear it and I put my light (on) and have my book and I’m like, ‘Ohhh.’ He’s feeding his soul and that’s important to him to watch football. I only want to watch if I’m watching him,” – she joked.

And win or lose, family comes first. Brady has a 6-year-old son, John, whose mother is actress Bridget Moynahan. Bundchen and Brady have a 4-year-old son, Ben, and a 1-year-old daughter, Vivian.

“He’s very loving and it’s a wonderful thing. In our house we are very affectionate,” she said. “I think it’s very important for the boys to know that it’s OK to hug and to kiss and you’re not less than a man.”

Bundchen was recently named a brand ambassador for Pantene hair products. She’s worked with the company in Brazil since 2007.

When she’s not working, Bundchen says she doesn’t have much time to put into her locks and laughs that her go-to style is a “sleek bun.”

She doesn’t even own a hairbrush.

“In my job you have to remember people are brushing my hair every day. You have to remember the last thing I want (on a day off) is a brush in my hair!”

Bundchen says she’s committed to being healthy and treating her body right in order to look and feel her best.

“Products are amazing but if you are putting things that are unhealthy inside your body it’s just masking stuff. … I haven’t drank soda in 10 years. My kids eat what I eat. The first (solid) food my son had was papaya and then avocado. … He loves garlic because we eat a lot of garlic in our house. Even my little daughter. … She will not eat anything unless there’s garlic. Garlic and ginger. … They really eat what I eat.”


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