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Still waiting for a suitable place here in Brazil to open a selling point that takes its name, Gisele Bündchen decided to give in France the kickoff in physical stores of its lingerie brand.

The first point of the campaign, call Gisele Bündchen Intimates, begins selling its products at Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

Despite recent rumors that the first physical store of the brand would be opened in São Paulo from May this year, the company asserts that there is scarcity of adequate spaces, fulfilling all the features that the lingerie brand requires, in a high-rent shopping mall.

“The question is to find a space with the size that we need, at a mall to get a mix of products according to premium customers. In Brazil, we have today so many physical spaces in luxury malls. Is restricted”,-said Yacquub Torre, project manager of the model in Hope.

“In addition, Paris has great visibility, is a worldwide reference in lingeries and will act as a showcase”.-added.

Since it was created, in 2011, the brand is marketed on the network of underwear Hope (which has licensing agreement), on the website of the model and in multi-brand shops.

The company remains the manufacturer, Distributor and Manager of pieces signed by Bündchen.

Hope also follows selling model products, but now the brand name Gisele Bündchen Intimates enters a new phase of investment, with stores GBI. The forecast is that there is expansion of internationalization in the short term.

The production of parts is divided between Brazil and China.

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Gisele’s lingerie line first launched in 2011 and it was named as Gisele Bundchen Brazilian Intimates, brand became successful and since then new collections come out every year. As it was announced earlier, Gisele Bundchne Intimates’ stores will be opened in major cities, such as: Sao Paulo, London, New York and Los Angeles.

Latest Gisele Bundchen Intimates collection is still in the process of releasing and all the released images are added to the gallery. If you’d love to buy Gisele’s latest collection, visit brand’s official site: GiseleIntimates

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Gisele’s facebook

Feliz em comemorar os 3 anos da minha linha de lingerie Gisele Bündchen Intimates. Espero que vocês gostem das novas coleções tanto quanto eu. www.giseleintimates.com

Happy to celebrate 3 years of my line of Gisele Bündchen lingerie Intimates. Hope you like the new collections as much as I do. www.giseleintimates.com

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Can you believe Gisele Bundchen posed for clicks with this corpaço just four months after giving birth to Vivian Lake? The supermodel took to show belly healed using only lingerie campaign for his fifth collection of Gisele Bündchen Brazilian Intimates , whose brand parts are produced and distributed by Hope .

The photos were taken in a single day of April, in a new suite of Emiliano Hotel in Sao Paulo, opened the top on occasion – with the right photography studio and a room reserved for the youngest daughter. In two hours, in fact, the top called a break for photographer Nino Muñoz – responsible for the campaigns of the brand since its launch in 2011 – and ran breastfeed and pamper small, in the best style house mom. For those interested in new collection model, it is divided into three lines: the Python , which on the animal print and lace beige and black, the Boudoir , with transparencies, lace and tulle, covered with crystal applications, and the Princess , more comfortable and delicate. Much of the pieces are already available in stores throughout Brazil Hope, which should receive most items throughout June.


Time: Gisele Bundchen returns to Brazil between the months of June and July to attend a new event at Hope. This time, she will parade – but the friendliness and smiles are guaranteed!

source: Vogue Brazil