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Caras Brazil November 8, 2013

There is no doubt: Gisele Bundchen (33) made ​​history in the fashion world. The easy smile, the unique past of legs and striking look in front of the lens turned into a fashion myth, whose success is overwhelming. Away from the catwalks, however, übermodel – compared to a hurricane in the parades – has a side that few know. Barefoot and wearing light dress and comfortable, the gaucho received FACES exclusively in the hotel suite that was in the state capital. While enjoyed a cup of tea, the sound of a mantra echoed by relaxing environment. The weather contrasted with the breakneck atmosphere that would be inserted Gaucho few hours later, at SPFW, after a hiatus of nearly three years, in a triumphant return to reign absolute in green and yellow catwalk parading by Colcci. “me 100% dedicated to the
career but there came a time that was already filled professionally. It was when I started reviewing my priorities. Today, despite working, what matters to me is to have a lifestyle more calm,
quiet and caring family. I am so much happier! ” , she shoots the mother of Benjamin (3) and Vivian (11 months), the union with the idol of football Tom Brady (36). “These internal changes helps me enjoy life more today than when I was younger. ” About to turn 20 years of career in 2014 and leading the ranking of the tops highest paid in the world, the star is divided between the roles of mother, wife, model, businesswoman, and the Ambassador United Nations Program for the Environment. “Vivo various characters, and to account for, always reserve some time for myself. If I’m right with me, everything flows better. ”

– After nearly 20 years, see the profession with another look?
– I started working at age 14, an age difficult you know almost nothing about life, trying to find the company and find out how person. Everything was happening too fast in my career, but over time I gained confidence, calmness, maturity and focus.

– The changes have also influenced the way he cares?
– I came from the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, eating rice and beans every day and my physical activity was volleyball. From simple routine, I joined the madness of fashion week: sleeping two or three hours a day, just ate crap and had no idea how it harms health. Today, I cherish the lifestyle, I know the importance of eating healthy, I exercise and take time to meditate.

– A healthy routine reflects positively in their day to day …
– The better you take care of myself, I can better develop my papers mother, wife, professional and friendly. The woman is the great foundation of the family and, if it is not right, nothing is right. In my house, at least, that’s how!

– So, see yourself as a kind of barometer of home?
– This! Before felt guilty and thought ‘I can not take care of myself, because I have to spend more time with my children, or working with my ​​husband.’ If you need, according to the 5 am to meditate, because I know that when children raise, I’ll be fine, calm and quiet to play, take care of the mess and play with them.

– How do you reconcile the functions?
– With focus. When I’m with my children, for example, do not answer phone and do not do things parallel, just stay with them, playing Indian, making room in the cabin, going to the park. If I’m working or am with Tom is the same thing. Live the moment as if they were single.

– Living in the present building was something I learned the family?
– Actually, before I had this notion, or rather, had no such need. Once I became a mother and wife, accumulated different functions and had to learn to manage them. The family changed my priorities, it is the most important to me. Always wanted to be a mother and have a family. It happened at the right time.

– You embrace the ecological cause. Teach it to children?
– Father and mother are examples and everything we do reflects the attitudes of the children. At home, do not throw food away because we already know the portions that each eats. If left, we compost or give to the dog. If we make salad, Benjamin and Jack go with me to the garden harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers and greens. They know where the food comes from. All this is part of their routine, is not spoken, is experienced.

– How is being a mother of a girl?
– It’s amazing how girl needs more love! Vivian is delicate, sweet and always wants lap. It will be a great partner! When I put my mantras, she is quietly crawling around me. Already the boys are full of energy! Throw themselves on the couch, jump, like it is action.

– Where they jealous of her?
– At the beginning, yes. Benjamin came to want to breastfeed equal sister! Now aside time exclusively for them, go to the park, play ball, is a way of seeing that all take place.

– There is room for more children?
– I am currently with hands full. (Laughs) We’re pretty well and do not know if in the future toparia feel everything again. Today, I’m feeling quite accomplished.


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