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Brazilian Intimates launch in Sao paulo June 16 2013 (21)

Gisele Bundchen is among us. As Vogue said , the top returned to Brazil to present their new collection of lingerie brand, now renamed Gisele Bündchen Intimates . This Sunday morning (16:06), arrived at the beautiful Salon Fashion Brazil at Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, for a special appearance. Look in a sheer blouse that showed off one of the new collection of bras, pants and jacket emblazoned ensuring incessant flashes within the label. Soon on his arrival, fashion a coincidence: the same pattern of the pants designer Carina Duek used by Gisele appeared the jacket journalist and presenter Lilian Pacce. “I just wanted to tell you that this morning we combine our look!” Joked Bündchen to repair the part used by Pacce during recording.

Gisele toyed with the coincidence fashion: she bet on the same print that Lilian Pacce presenter for the event
Following, Gisele met Giovanni Frasson, fashion director of Vogue Brazil, and signed a copy of our June issue, with a message on the click supersensuous cover. Bundchen said items from the collection launched this morning: “lingerie made ​​for all types of women, more skinny, more voluptuous, with curves … That is what is best for my line, we have pieces of the most basic to the most sexy” , said excitedly. On the choice for the look of the day? “This bra I’m using, for example, is income, more romantic. Guess that the Brazilian will like the sexy models to wear at night, beneath a transparent top,” she said.

Close the autograph Gisele on a copy of Vogue Brazil June, which has the model as covergirl (Photo: Vogue Brazil)
Gisele passes through the country on a whirlwind visit – she leaves Brazil towards Boston after the event – but still brought her youngest daughter, Vivian Lake, for the trip, was a small suite in the Hotel Emiliano, which are hosted while the mother-top prestigiava launch. At the event, Bündchen won the company two sisters, Patricia, her twin sister and manager, and Gabriela Bundchen. On good form displays a few months after the birth of Vivian, Gisele gave one of the activities that helped him return to pre-pregnancy body: “Sometimes I go for a walk with Vivian stuck in that pouch in front, in tow. Besides her walk I also end up doing exercise, walking benefits both sides. ” Ending the conversation, said top your taste, recently acquired by Instagram , which shares several clicks of your routine. “I’m loving Calls! I know he’s been there for two years, but I just found out now and already love,” he said, earlier, before arriving at the event, she used the social network of photos to congratulate her husband Tom Brady by Father’s Day, celebrated on Sunday in the United States, and to anticipate the look chosen for the meeting.



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