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1. Gisele always poses with a mirror next to the camera . So use your reflection as a tool to deliver the best possible pose to the author of the clicks – was thus faced with a full-length mirror, she posed for the editorial “Hitting a Predictor.” Fun fact : the object ended up being used in one of the photos, in which the model exhibits two different angles his good form, two months after giving birth to Vivian Lake (see picture below).

2. Gisele has zero requirements backstage of fashion editorials. Unlike many colleagues, whose contracts are accompanied by a list of special requests, the highest paid supermodel in the world does not ask for 200 white towels, nor maintains strict dietary restrictions – also, loves to eat sweets as snack between one picture and another, at which can be seen circling barefoot.

3. Gisele is also number one in the category professionalism . She now takes fame so: is punctual in arrival time to the set, is fast and efficient during the photo session and as a plus, appeals to all the teams he works to maintain his good humor in any situation. To make one click of the magazine (which is what you see below), she was surrounded by heaters and took a jet of cold water on the outside of Milk Studios on a day when the thermometers were 3 negative in Los Angeles.

4. Gisele has a unique constraint to pose for photos not wear jackets or other garments made ​​of animal skin. Showing his portion also eco-friendly in this way, she prefers not to engage in divisive issue.

5. Gisele is always open to radical changes if contributing to the good of the picture. A good example? When we arrived for the shooting of Vogue , had his famous, praised and imitadíssimo wavy blond hair cut by the team of the famous Dutch hairstylist Christiaan Houtenbos.


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