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2014 year in review

Here’s Gisele Bundchen Online’s annual ‘Year in Review’ where we list all Gisele modeling work of 2014!


• Covers/Editorials


In 2014 Gisele added three new covers of Vogue magazine to her Vogue covers’ list:


Besides, she got the covers and editorials of the magazines she’s never had, such as French Lui magazine and the most important is that Gisele became the cover model of British PORTER magazine’s first ever issue:



Gisele was the model who presented World Cup 2014 in fashion magazines, such as Vogue Brazil(above) and Elle Brazil, that was the creator of the idea of Gisele editorial to be for all Elle magazines all over the world, so covers and editorials were printed numerous times in different Elle issues from May to August and she grabbed 31 Elle covers during the three months:



Gisele posed for some more Brazilian magazines during 2014, such as Marie Claire where she was promoting her lingerie line and Glamour, later in November she posed for Brazilian Elle one more time promoting Colcci:



Besides, her covers and editorials were reprinted numerous time, to sum up, Gisele got 3 covers of Vogue, 32 Covers of Elle, 2 covers of Marie Claire, 1-1 covers of Porter and Lui.

If we count fashion magazines, non-fashion magazines and miscellaneous magazines, Gisele’s picture was printed for 155 times on a cover in 2014 and counting on covers quantity, 2014 was the best year after 2000 when she grabbed 165 covers.




• Campaigns 

Gisele promoted 19 campaigns in 2014, most importantly she became the face of Chanel No.5 fragrance, another one was Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rosé. She made a contract with Under Armour’s women line and will pose for them for 5 years, check all the other campaigns supermodel had:



Gisele’s lingerie line’s new collection launched in 2014:


• Advertisments 


• Runway

Happy New Year, Gisele, Gisele lovers and everyone all over the world! ♥ We wish you all the best and hope all your dreams will come true! ♥

Gisele Bundchen Online Team

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chanel s-s 2015 (9)

thumb_chanel_s-s_2015_28129 thumb_chanel_s-s_2015_28329 thumb_chanel_s-s_2015_28629 thumb_chanel_s-s_2015_28229 thumb_chanel_s-s_2015_28829

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Merry Christmas, Gisele and to your beautiful family ♥ and everyone who celebrates it! ♥ We’d like to wish you all the happiness and lots of love! Happy Holidays, God Bless you! ♥

Gisele Bundchen Online team ^^

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Vogue Australia January 2015

vogue (2) vogue (1) vogue (3) vogue (5) vogue (4)

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Vogue Australia January 2015 | ‘The Power & The Glory’
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Style: Christine Centenera
Make-up: Hung Vanngo
Hair: Harry Josh
Nails: Sheril Bailey



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stuart weitzman s-s 2015 (1)

none none none none none

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Stuart Weitzman S/S 2015
Photographer: Mario Testino




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Vogue Brazil December 2014

thumb_vogue_brazil_december_2014 (1) thumb_vogue_brazil_december_2014 (2) thumb_vogue_brazil_december_2014 (3) thumb_vogue_brazil_december_2014 (4) thumb_vogue_brazil_december_2014 (5)

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Vogue Brasil December 2014
Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld

Com you, the cover of the December issue of Vogue Brazil, starring Gisele Bundchen and the cat of Karl Lagerfeld, Choupette, photographed by Chanel kaiser Behind the scenes of the test, clicked the Parisian studio Lagerfeld, top model confessed: “My little children are on the other side of the ocean, my husband is a professional stage would need a lot of my support, and I am here, working. I live with a sinking heart, but it was my choice, I am satisfied, then try do everything in the most efficient way to be able to return home soon.”

Gisele in December is tradition in Vogue. “But Gisele photographed by Karl Lagerfeld and with the special participation of Choupette, the most famous cat in the fashion world, that we only see once in a lifetime. It is to collect,” says the editorial director of Vogue, Daniela Hawk

source | translated by Google.

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madame france interview shoot november 2014 (2)

Who else but the Brazilian fashion icon Gisele Bundchen, could embody the legendary perfume Chanel No. 5? Top model at the top, businesswoman notified and star of social networking, this stunning beauty makes KOs all who approach. Starting with our interviewer. Dating fascination mode.

At school, she was certainly collectible blame for chatter. Rhythmic flow of words, animated gestures, laughter barely repressed: all in English tinged with a delicious Brazilian accent … what a treat to hear Gisele Bündchen! We almost forget that time is running out: twenty minutes by my watch. Not one more to paint the portrait of the supermodel “the best paid in the world,” according to the latest ranking Forbes … The laws of journalism are sometimes ruthless.

The appointment is set at 18 Place Vendôme, in the Chanel Jewelry store. On the first floor, a handful of journalists a sip jasmine tea before the new ad the legendary Chanel No. 5 . Australian director Baz Luhrmann is in charge. In the film, Gisele Bundchen embodies “the woman Chanel No. 5 today,” an active woman, romantic, ambitious, athletic, mom and lover. We see the turn surfing, pamper her little girl playing mannequins time of shooting, driving at the wheel of his convertible, crying, running down the streets of Manhattan, passionately kissing her lover, repleurer … and Wrap! !

While the comments are going well (“This girl was born to walk around in a swimsuit!”, “The man she kisses, it would not be the player of Game of Thrones, Michiel Huisman? “) the press service informed us that we will meet the supermodel in small groups of four. Panic on board! Not about spoiling a microsecond of this interview. We give our violins intelligently. Each knows when to intervene. The plan of attack is calibrated, Gisele Bundchen can not escape. That was without counting on his boundless spontaneity … ” Hi girls, sit down and make yourself comfortable! “(“Hi girls, sit down and make yourself comfortable!”). And in response to our outstretched hands, she kissed us warmly. She wears a navy blue knit dress and gold, trimmed with Lurex and beads. A thin belt and a pair of gold flat sandals. All signed Chanel. Simple. Chic. And effective. Gisele moves to reach the couch. The transparency of the mesh hints tone of a body with perfect curves. its attachments are incredibly fine; its members are so long and thin that they seem to spring … Not to mention the hair: slightly wavy mane carelessly dropped on the shoulders, which seems to cry out to us: “There are five minutes I was just surfing on a Montauk beach!”

The beauty of this young woman is striking and puts us KOs Gisele, however, is already part in a lively monologue. She talks about the new role of muse for Chanel. The supermodel tired of all these incarnations would imagine: after all, eighteen-year career, Gisele Bundchen has lent his image to Dior, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Isabel Marant, Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, Givenchy, H & M, Valentino, Chloé, Lancôme … There is nothing.

“Here, it’s different, right?” if she exclaims. “Chanel No. 5 is the most iconic fragrance that is. This is legendary.”

Gisele then remembers the first time she heard of the French house.

“When I started modeling at age 14, I knew absolutely nothing fashionable. I landed Horizontina of my small town in Brazil. When I arrived in Paris for Fashion Week, my agent told me excitedly that I was selected for the cast Chanel. I was happy, but for me, it was a cast of more. Anything else. I had not yet grasped what Chanel. And then I met Karl Lagerfeld. And then I got it!”

Gisele takes a deep breath. Five minutes of thirty-two passed, and none of us has even opened his mouth. Whatever … obviously, this girl has a magnetic power that makes us forget all of our plan. We let go. The charisma of Gisele was right to us.

“When I think of Chanel, I think chic, classic, power. Chanel is Chanel, right?”

Enough said. We now understand qu’incarner Women Chanel No. 5 after icons like Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Hutton, Catherine Deneuve and most recently Nicole Kidman is an additional challenge for the Brazilian.

Gisele is a woman of challenge since childhood. The first goes back to college. She grew up (much) faster than others, but does not take much for a gram. Her measurements rapidly earned him a nickname that only teenagers have the secret: “Olive” in reference to the wife of Popeye.

“That was the best. I also had the right to “Saracura” (crane flies in Portuguese).”

Gisele then found strength and solace in the sport. In sports, more precisely, it rides, canoeing down rapids, surf, and leads the team of volleyball his college.

“I wanted to be a professional volleyball player,” – she recalls. The fate decided otherwise.

In 1993, she was spotted by an agent and participate in the Elite Model Look. In 1996, she left her parents and moved to New York and launch his career. The beginnings are shy. His square jaw and nose irregular do not unanimous.

The second challenge beyond criticism. She decided to make the phrase “Be Who you want to be, not what others want to see” her credo.

“I quickly understood the importance of sport and meditation. Even today, I wake up every day at five in the morning and meditate for twenty minutes. Being comfortable with your body is the key.”

The first is to believe in Alexander McQueen. She scrolls in 1997. The career of Gisele instantly flies. It connects fashion shows and magazine covers posing for Mario Testino, Steven Meisel … Consecration of consecration: it becomes an angel for the underwear brand Victoria’s Secret. In 1999, Vogue devotes three covers, the magazine Rolling Stone proclaims it “the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Alongside her career, the top built an empire. It multiplies collaborations, particularly with the brand Ipanema flip flops; Sejaa launch his own brand of organic cosmetics; created a line of underwear Gisele Bundchen Intimates. She is also the owner of the hotel Palladium Executive, in southern Brazil. In 2013, the magazine Forbes estimated his annual salary of € 42 million. Yet Gisele maintains a lifestyle rather “low profile” you can not see in the newspapers almost never people. His philosophy? Family and green juices. One has only to take a glance at his Instagram account (three million followers!) To be convinced: Gisele in the parks of Boston, where she lives with her ​​husband – quarterback Tom Brady – and their children Vivian and Benjamin; Gisele in the lotus position on a beach; Gisele swallowing kale; Gisele hugging her dad … Welcome to the world of super healthy Gisele B.

Suddenly, watching her life tell us smile, the choice of Chanel is needed. Gisele is the perfect embodiment of the modern woman, who brilliantly juggles between family life and professional life. Finally … the one we all dream of being: glory, happiness and beauty. “And if so … what is your secret to having such a mane?” Ventured one of us who miraculously found the word …

“Three times nothing, in fact I do my color once a year, and the rest of the time I do not touch it!”

And we still here speechless for a ride.

34 years. Gisele was born July 20, 1980 in Horizontina, Brazil, in a family with six girls in total. His career began in 1996. 1.80 m: . ten inches taller than the other top star, Kate Moss Twig 3 covers of Vogue in the same year (1999), which is rare, and makes it a supermodel instantly. 86-61-86: the former Victoria’s Secret Angel has measurements of dream, it maintains daily during intensive sports sessions. 42 million dollars in 2013 (# 1 for tops 10 years!). 2 roles in movies: in The Devil Wears Prada and Taxi.

source | translated by Google.

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leaf magazine shoot in hotel emiliano november 2014 (2)

In less than 20 minutes in the studio mounted in Hotel Emiliano in Sao Paulo, Gisele Bundchen embodied five different women for the cover photo. Tomboy, mulherão, powerful, naive and herself. Gisele, 34, chose the photo as it appears as herself. About to do 20-year career, marked from its output Horizontia (RS) in 1996, the top still closes the best fashion advertising contracts. Is at the top since it was elected to reset at the end of 1990, the concept of beauty of the world fashion industry, the time taken by the aesthetics of anorexic models with drugged appearance.

It has always been versatile. Nothing has changed,” she said after the session Miro photographer who witnessed the first top of the steps in Brazil. In this interview, the model tells of its history and the Brazilian fashion, it follows from the creation of Morumbi Fashion to this latest edition of the Fashion Week, in which modeled for Colcci designer.

What is the most memorable moment of these two decades of Brazilian fashion?

I could follow some of the fashion growth in Brazil, started with her.For me, one of those moments was my first show for Zoomp [1997]. I was chosen to be the Alice in Wonderland, the main character. I was a baby, that fact was special because I have me important sense. The kitten I held on the catwalk scratched me, frightened by loud music, and I was there, happy.

I imagine that there were difficult times also.

Of course. The first international season was the most difficult. No one looked at my book ‘, I was the opposite Girls heroin chic’ [squalid women with dark circles and tattoos], which at the time were the sensation. The only parade that took the 42 teams that did that season was the rain, [English, who died in 2010] Alexander McQueen. He was a god at the time. I was sent there without proof clothing. I arrived in the dressing room, I ordered take off their clothes and use only a skirt. My breasts out, that black wig hid my tears. Was vulnerable. When I entered, was a heavy rain and I, crying, had to walk on the wet runway with a tight skirt. Nothing was as terrifying as that.

Had trouble getting naked?

I still do not like. The only photo that I was naked truth was for [photographer] Irving Penn [in 1999]. Never thought I’d corpão, I have not so much chest, hip. I learned to use the body in the picture, such as clothes fall better, how to pass a feeling. The [photographer] Steven Meisel may have been my best teacher. At work for Vogue US, he put a mirror in front of me while doing the photos. I learned the right position there.

And as was the original break “heroin chic” for your?

I strongly believe in power of the moment thing. It was not my look, I think. I arrived at the time of transition and was the one who took them to promote. I do not think I have curves-and the title of the return curves ‘on the cover [Vogue America’] gives an idea of how was the standard before. It was huge the amount of girls who had piercing, tattoos, dark circles … Then I came to fashion as well: Long, lean, healthy, thick hair, happy. People wondered who this ET.

Your image is the same since 1990. Have tried to change you?

I’ve been asked to change the look. Whenever this requirement was I left work aside. I never made drastic changes. I like to wear wigs, makeup and do change me for a photo. But for me, it was always important to feel good after work: take the makeup, remove hair, back to being just me.

Your career project was soon cast in early or had to adapt to the market?

When you enter, you know what to do, but there are no guarantees. It all depends on your work, commitment and acumen for business. Stepped each time tracking instinct, and as deliberated, analyzed results. He wanted to be the best, but I never imagined it would come where I am.

How do you see the Brazilian fashion?

Brazil has many competent designers, and creations made here does not fall short compared to the gringos. Also, can bring some of the craft culture, so rich in our country, to the catwalk. But who still dictates the fashion in the world are the traditional cribs such as France, Italy and the USA. But you can find gaps and opportunities out there.

In these 20 years has not come another Gisele. Why?

I do not know. I’m still surprised at the extent that my career has taken. I arrived at the right time, when fashion needed me to change. That was it. I’ve always been very authentic. My job does not define who I am as a person and although fun doing fashion, I am not its slave.

source | translated by Google.

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