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vivara 2013 (1)

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The Today Show September 19 2013 (2) The Today Show September 19 2013 (6) The Today Show September 19 2013 (9)


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Gisele’s first cassette tape was Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey

Gisele is cooking

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The 2013 Champions of the Earth Award Ceremony ny sept 17 2013 (4) The 2013 Champions of the Earth Award Ceremony ny sept 17 2013 (25) The 2013 Champions of the Earth Award Ceremony ny sept 17 2013 (21)

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Q: How did you become a model?
G: I was discovered in a shopping mall in Sao Paulo

Q: You´re a successful woman. What you couldn´t conquer yet? What is your dream?
G: I am moved by dreams and still feel I have so much more to create!

Q: If you didn’t become a model. What would you aspire to be?
G: I love animals, nature and architecture. I believe it would be in one of those fields.

Q: What are your favorite clothes from H&M? Do you feel flattered to be the best top of the hour?
G: It is really hard to choose one. I love the blue jacket with gold and that fluffy white sweater too.

Q: Which do you prefer to do? Print work or runway? & will you please model forever?
G: You are sweet. I enjoy it all, but I still have butterflies in my stomach every time I walk on the runway.

Q: What is your favorite movie?
G: It is an Italian movie called The Bicycle Thief. I love the simplicity of the story and it’s photography.

Q: What advise do you have to someone with low self-esteem/confidence?
G: Don’t compare yourself to others. Remember that we all have special gift, find yours and focus on that. Love yourself as you are

Q: What are three things you can’t live without?
G: My family, my friends and nature.

Q: If you have to give up your entire wardrobe, but you can keep 1 thing, what would it be?
G: In that case it has to be a comfy dress because it would cover everything. HaHa!

Q: What have you ever bought, yet never worn and still hanging in your closet?
G: A couple cute dresses I’m waiting for my daughter to grow into.

Q: What’s your favourite music rght now? Name 3 songs you like the most these times.. Thank you
G: Jack Johnson, Daft Punk, Maria Gadú and Marisa Monte.

Q: What’s your fave season to dress for?
G: The summer because I can dress more simple and I only have to take a carry-on when I fly.

Q: what you appreciate in people?
G: Authenticity, honesty, integrity, and a sense of humor

Q: What do you do in your free time ?
G: Any free time I get I love spending it with my family.

Q: Do you have any special talents that we don’t know about?
G: I can make the best vegetable chicken soup, my mom’s recipe!

Q: you are my favorite model, what style and modeling tips do you have for aspiring models such as myself?
G: Watch how everyone does their job around you. Learn from them. You might face challenges but always focus on the positive

Q: What is your favorite memory of being a supermodel? Kisses from Hawaii!
G: Going to Iceland and shooting in the middle of all the icebergs in a little dress.I almost froze but I had fun! Kisses

Q: If you could any superpower in the world, what would it be?
G: I would like the super power to heal the world!

Q: What is your favorite Brazilian fruit?
G: Jabuticaba berry

Q: why did you decide to sing for @hm ? It is pretty original for a model ! Kisses you’re wonderful
G: I love signing in the car and shower. I thought it would be a fun experience. Mainly because it´s for a good cause.

Q: What’s the oldest piece of clothing you own?
G: A pair of jeans from when I was 14 and some hippie tops my mom gave to me that belonged to her

Q: Are you teaching your 3 kids to speak Portuguese?
G: I speak Portuguese with them and they speak and understand the language really well.

Q: Will u and the fam ever move back to Brazil where your family live?
G: We never know, being close to my parents and sisters is very tempting. For now our lives are here and we enjoy that too.

Q: Do you like football?
G: Football only became part of my life after I met my husband and today I watch every time he plays.

Q: What would you say is the key word to have a positive and healthy day everyday? Love from Peru.
G: I start my day by being grateful.I feel that sets the tone for my whole day. It makes it all more joyful. Love to you

Q: you changed my life I love you! What’s your go to every day look ?
G: I love clothes that are comfortable, and I tend to use clothes that are a little stylish but praticle and simple

Q: If you had to describe H&M in one word, what would it be?
G: Cool

Q: what is the most beautiful picture you have ever made??? And who is your idol???
G: Our first family picture. My parents for always giving us so much love and being there for us.

G: Thank you for taking the time and participating today. This was fun! Have a beautiful day! Love Gisele

Thanks to giseledaily for typing it out!

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U Jordan September 2013

Following the exciting news of Gisele Bundchen being named as the face of H&M’s fall campaign, we were thrilled to know more about her spectacular comeback.
Gisele Bundchen, who topped Forbse’s Highest Paid Models list last year with a staggering $45 million in annual earnings, has previously worked with H&M in it’s Spring/Summer 2011 campaign. Now she’s gracing billboards with her breathtaking beauty in H&M’s latest campaign for Fall 2013.

Tell us about your experience shooting H&M campaign.
I had a great time on the shoot. We had a great team of people and it was a beautiful sunny day so it was perfect that we were able to shoot outside. I also loved recording the song, it was such a fun experience.
How was your experience recording the song for commercial ?
I have always loved music, so I loved it! It was my first time singing and it was so much fun. I didn’t wanted to give up the mic!

How did you choose the song ?
H&M picked the song and send it to me, and I loved it!

What is your favorite piece from the campaign ?
I really loved the green blouse, the green pants, the blue short jacket, the coat and the sweaters. Actually I liked everything I wore.

What music do you like to listen to ?
I like to listen to Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Marvin Gaye and also Brazilian music like Bossa Nova and other artists like Caetano, Ellis Regina, Tom Jobim, Marisa Monte and Legiao Urbana. It depend the mood I am in.

What is your must-have piece from this fall ?
I am always a big fan of jeans because they are easy to match with everything, cozy sweaters and sweatshirts I think are good options too. A nice light jacket is also good.

What is your favorite accessory for fall ?
I love scarves since I usually tend to feel a bit chilly.

How do you decide what to wear ?
It depends on my mood, but I always choose pieces that I feel comfortable in.

Who within fashion inspires you ?
There isn’t a particular person. I feel people in general inspire me. It could be someone walking in the street or a picture in a book. What is always important to me is to feel comfortable with whatever it is I am wearing.

Are you engaged in charity ?
I have a lot of different passions and one of them is mother earth. I believe we are all connected and that our health depends on the health of our planet. For the recognition of my involvement with environmental causes, in 2009, UNEP invited me to be Goodwill Ambassador for environment. Since then I have been helping them to draw attention to such causes.

NOTE: interview is copied by Gisele Bundchen Online team from the picture above.

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Brazil vs Portugal friendly game is massachusetts september 10 2013 (2) Brazil vs Portugal friendly game is massachusetts september 10 2013 (12) Brazil vs Portugal friendly game is massachusetts september 10 2013 (3)

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Architectural Digest US October 2013 (1)

First, a caveat: Anyone expecting the home of supermodel Gisele Bündchen and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to be a lavish pleasure dome replete with sultry sirens and gridiron gods cavorting around the pool is in for a serious letdown. Likewise, those who imagine a sprawling palace staffed with a battalion of liveried footmen proffering protein shakes on silver trays have also missed the mark. The reality of Bündchen and Brady’s life in Los Angeles’s Brentwood neighborhood is far more—dare we say it?—normal.
“I like simplicity and coziness,” says the renowned Brazilian beauty. “I want to live in a place that feels like a real home, where you can put your feet up on the couch and just relax.” Brady seconds the notion: “Gisele and I have eight sisters between us, and there are lots of kids. We built this house as a sanctuary for our family—a place where we can enjoy being together.”
The couple’s L.A. story began roughly six years ago, when Bündchen and Brady started making regular excursions to the sunny shores of Southern California during the NFL off-season. On one of those trips, prior to their marriage in 2009, they discovered an open lot with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean near the house they were renting. They immediately knew the patch of land would one day be home.

Architectural Digest US October 2013 (19)

“It was important for us to plant roots for our family, and since we both enjoy the creative process, we decided to start from scratch,” Brady recalls. (The couple has a three-year-old son, Benjamin, and a baby daughter, Vivian Lake, along with six-year-old John, Brady’s son from his previous relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan.)
To help refine their vision of domestic bliss, the pair engaged architect Richard Landry and one of his frequent collaborators, interior designer Joan Behnke. “I’m all about team dynamics and putting the right people together,” says the future Hall of Famer and owner of three Super Bowl rings. “We knew Richard and Joan could take us where we wanted to go without imposing a signature look. They understood that we wanted a comfortable house, not a style statement.”
For Bündchen and Brady living well also means living responsibly. Bündchen is a global ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme, and the couple is acutely aware of issues related to the conservation of natural resources. One of their primary imperatives when building their home was to use as many recycled components as possible and to implement energy and water systems that would ameliorate the family’s impact on the land. In addition to composting, gray-water technology for irrigation, and environmentally friendly construction materials, the pair installed two substantial arrays of photovoltaic solar panels (one next to the garden, the other on the roof of the house) that would meet all of the property’s electricity needs. “From the beginning we asked everyone involved in the design and construction, ‘How can we make it as sustainable as possible?’” Bündchen says.


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