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Vogue Brazil December 2013 (6)

2013 was quite busy year for Gisele and we decided to make a review of her modeling work for all Gisele fans! So check it out!


• Covers/Editorials

In 2013 Gisele added seven new covers of Vogue magazine to her amazing Vogue Covers’ list. Her picture was printed on three issues of Vogue magazine: Italian, French and Brazilian issues. Besides main covers she got supplement cover for two times and editorial with cover for four times:

Besides, she got the covers and editorials of the magazines she’s never had:

Gisele’s editorials were printed in those issues as well:

If we count all the fashion magazines, non-fashion magazines and miscellaneous magazine covers, Gisele’s picture was printed for 57 times on a cover in 2013 and her editorials were reprinted for six times.



• Campaigns/Advertisments

We saw new collections of Gisele’s brands:

  • Ipanema By Gisele Bundchen 2013 “Sunset”; Collection
  • Gisele Bundchen Brazilian Intimates 2013; Collection

And about main campaigns, she had two absolutely new for her campaigns, that was Chanel and BLK DNM:



• Advertisments


• Runway

Gisele rejoined Brazilian brand Colcci, she walked the runway for them during Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Colcci campaign pictures will be released in 2014.

At the very end of 2013 Gisele also became the face of Pantene US.


We hope 2014 will be very interesting year for Gisele’s fans all over the world, that we’ll see many campaigns and editorials starring our gorgeous supermodel!

Happy New Year, lovely Gisele, Gisele Lovers and all the others all over the world! ♥ Have an amazing 2014, we wish you all peaceful and successful year that will be full of love and joy! ♥


Gisele Bundchen Online Team

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Cancer patient gets visit from Gisele December 26 2013  (5)

Cancer patient gets visit from Gisele December 26 2013  (2) Cancer patient gets visit from Gisele December 26 2013  (1) Cancer patient gets visit from Gisele December 26 2013  (8) Cancer patient gets visit from Gisele December 26 2013  (7)

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Miscellaneous >> Other >> Cancer patient Karina Xavier gets visit from Gisele, December 26, 2013

A 15-year-old girl battling cancer is posting photos of a surprise visit she received on Thursday from Gisele Bundchen.
Karina Xavier, who was born in Brazil and lives in Malden, spent some time today with Bundchen. Xavier, who is a fashion blogger, posted pictures of herself doing Bundchen’s make-up, along with photos of the two hanging out together.
“Thank you so much for taking time off of your day to come visit me and spend some time with me! Also thank you for your kind words and your very meaningful gifts! You are a great person and you will continue inspiring me,” Xavier wrote on Instagram.
Bundchen also posted a photo.
“It was a pleasure to see you again @chicbykarina. You are warrior, an inspiration of positivity and courage. I will be praying for you. Sending you love and light always,” she wrote.


Gisele Bundchen Online Team would love to wish Karina healthy and happy life, don’t give up! we hope all your dreams will come true ♥

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78d222e26cb811e38e3512dccb63aae0_8 be0aa1e86e5e11e3a2530e616ca66f71_8 pantene us 2014 (5)pantene us 2014 (4)

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Miscellaneous >> Making Of >> Making Of 2014 >> Pantene US 2014

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louis vuitton s-s 2014 (1)

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Campaigns >> Campaigns 2014 >> Louis Vuitton S/S 2014 ph. by Steven Meisel

Marc Jacobs has devoted his final campaign for Louis Vuitton to his fashion muses Catherine Deneuve, Sofia Coppola, Gisele Bündchen, Fan Bingbing, Caroline de Maigret and Edie Campbell.

Shot by Steven Meisel for the spring/summer 2014 advertising campaign, each woman smoulders for the camera, modelling a series of the label’s most famous designs, including the Noé bag, monogrammed luggage and Stephen Sprouse sequins.

The campaign follows the same trajectory as Jacobs’s final catwalk show for the french fashion house, in which he recalled his most famous set designs from his tenure at the helm.


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Self Service France F-W 13 (25)

FORBES Brazil hits newsstands this week with the first exclusive list of top 100 celebrities from Brazil in 2013. Inspired by the famous list “Celebrity 100”, created in 1999 by Forbes, the 16th brings an exclusive ranking of the 100 most influential famous in the country today.

The list, the highlight of the cover lists athletes, entertainers, models, comedians, actors, singers and other artists of various genres that, by crossing six indicators, have more bullet needle to mobilize followers, for good or not.

Note by Gisele Bundchen Online Team:
Other Brazilian models that are in thee list: Alessandra Ambrosio on 16 and Adriana Lima on 43.

We’re posting only top ten, to see the full list click source below!


1. Pele
2. Paulo Coelho
3. Neymar
4. Gisele Bundchen
5. Roberto Carlos
6. Ronaldo
7. Ronaldinho
8. Kaká
9. Ivete Sangalo
10. Silvio Santos

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Brazilian Intimates 2013 (9)

Gisele Bündchen, 33 years, did a lightning passage by Brazil this week. After parading with exclusivity for the Colcci, in the latest edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week, the top returned to São Paulo to celebrate the Union of his brand of lingerie, Gisele Bündchen Intimates, with the NK Store, multibrand entrepreneur Natalie Klein.

Worked a long time in this thread and I understand and like more and more of lingeries. I thought it might be fun to have my own line — explains the template, which for years has held the coveted rank of angel of Victoria’s Secret.

– Gisele has a very refined aesthetic sense, and this was reflected in the collection. Are sophisticated parts, but at the same time usable — praises Natalie.
In an interview with her, the top, married to the football player Tom Brady, with whom he has two children (Benjamin, 4 years, and Vivian Lake, 1 year), spoke openly about the overuse of Photoshop, family, career and good shape.

How do you inspire to create Intimates?
I love throb and give my special touch. I work more on visual and creative side, seek cool references that has already seen somewhere where I traveled or fashion references that can be aggregated to lingerie.

You draw the pieces or just going on the concept of the collection to his team of style?
I don’t draw, I don’t even have a deeper knowledge about sewing, but I follow everything. For me, the creative part is the most fun. I love to follow the whole process and view the lingerie taking shape, since the initial design, the composition of the fabrics, the details of modeling until proof of the piece itself. And what’s great is that despite having accompanied all the work, in the end, generally amazed at the result.

What changed after 30 years? Yet it’s easy to keep fit?
It’s been a long time since I understood the importance of the practice of physical exercise and good nutrition are not only in our body, but especially in our health. After 30, your metabolism really changes a little, slow, and it takes even more consciousness than put into his body. In life, all are choices. I chose to live in a healthier, and it also helps me keep in shape and have more available.

You’ve already positioned itself against the use of Photoshop. Why don’t you like the manipulation of images?
I’m not against the use of Photoshop. My comment was only about overuse, which sometimes leaves us looking almost dolls. I personally prefer more natural images, but I also understand that the program is a great ally of the publicity of the modern world, which has optimized the time and eased a lot of work in this area. What I think is important to note that what appears in the media is not always the reality. And that a single image does not define who we are.

How can you reconcile the top career success with the roles of mother and housewife?
It is not easy to reconcile it all. Is a daily juggling. But with organization and planning it is possible to balance all sides. Also I think it’s important to take time for myself, to recharge. So, I’m always right and I can do my best for my children, my husband, my work … In every moment, I’m 100% present and short as possible.

You don’t seem to suffer from harassment of the media and even publishes personal photos on Instagram. As you separate your private public life?
Since I started my modeling career, the media and the form of communication have changed enough. I’ve always been a private person, but over time, I realized that if people only know me for the things that are said in the media, would have no real notion of who I really am. Even so, recently, decided to expose in my social networks a little more about me and the things I value. That doesn’t mean exposing my personal life, but sharing a bit of my essence.

And Vivian doing many jokes?
She is a very loving and gentle child. She loves being around and is always trying to lap. I’m loving being a MOM of a baby girl.

It’s hard being married to a star of American football, since the schedules are tight?
A relationship requires constant attention and dedication. Six years ago, I moved to Boston so we can be together, since that’s where he works. Concessions are part of relationships. But with love and respect, anything is possible.

How Gisele at home? You do market list, takes his oldest son to school, take care of the place?
Do all this, as anyone. I try to keep the House tidy and organized, I think this helps things flow better. I love being able to take my son to school and see his face with joy and also hear the stories after school. I have wanted to travel less and less to be able to enjoy my kids. I like to be present.

What is the secret to staying at the top for so many years?
I’ve always been extremely focused, determined and committed to my job. I think the choices made over the years were also important to draw my track record here.

source translated by Bling

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Brazilian Intimates launch at NK Store in Sao Paulo December 11 2013  (35)

Brazilian Intimates launch at NK Store December 11 2013 (1) Brazilian Intimates launch at NK Store in Sao Paulo December 11 2013  (24) Brazilian Intimates launch at NK Store December 11 2013 (3) Brazilian Intimates launch at NK Store in Sao Paulo December 11 2013  (43)

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Public Appearances >> Press Conferences/Launchs >> Press Conferences/Launchs 2013 >> Brazilian Intimates Launch At NK Store In Sao Paulo, December 11, 2013

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Oral-B 3D White Luxe Launch December 10 2013 (12)

Oral-B 3D White Luxe Launch December 10 2013 (17) Oral-B 3D White Luxe Launch December 10 2013 (15) Oral-B 3D White Luxe Launch December 10 2013 (11) Oral-B 3D White Luxe Launch December 10 2013 (19)

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Public Appearances >> Press Conferences/Launchs >> Press Conferences/Launchs 2013 >> Oral-B 3D White Luxe Launch In Sao Paulo, December 10, 2013

There is no time to travel in the New Year, the model Gisele Bundchen has revealed she plans to bring her husband Tom Brady and their children to spend time in Brazil.

“In recent years I have spent in Boston (USA) due to the work of my husband, playing at the time of the New Year. But I like Brazil, the beach. Then when he retires, I’ll bring it over here and make he jumps Ripples “, Gisele said to laughter at an event occurred on Tuesday (10), in São Paulo.

Homemade, the model said she is not adept at much hype when commemorates the date. “I’d rather stay home. New Year, for me, is a period of reflection, so I like to be quiet. I think the important thing is to go with who you like.”

Gisele said he also has a special ritual for New Year’s Eve. The top has a habit of making a letter about your year. “I write a letter to myself and reflect on the year that passed, the challenges they encountered. Put also the goals for next year. Way I do in prayer and it is very cool, gives me a lot of energy.”

Recalling an aim of defining year, Gisele cited the 2005, in which he made a retreat with friends. “We stood in silence for three days. Sometimes I can also stop talking,” he joked.

Indiscreet dress
Wearing a dress with jewels and fringed specially made ​​for her, Gisele took in stride the short length of the piece and satirized while trying to find a comfortable position to sit.

“I’m a married woman. Trust in you, my friends,” he said, eliciting laughter from the audience of the events. Shortly after, she amended, good-humored, “now an honest question you are seeing something.?”

Living in the United States for most of the year, said top be happy with the trip to Brazil. “I love coming to Brazil, so I take any desculpinha to come here.’m Home.”


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