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mais voce august 25 2014 (13)

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Beauty, warmth and grace! At breakfast with Ana Maria, Gisele Bundchen proved that, besides being the most important model of the world, also focuses on simplicity in their daily lives. Celebrating 20 years of career, the über model heard praise from beginners models, an agency in Sao Paulo, and flattered, confessed: “I’m Fueled dreams is very beautiful to see people admiring my work.” She also revealed her motto: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Gisele recalled that since the time of the school felt the need to learn something else. “I have always sought a spirituality. Started studying astrology and numerology to 14 years and found many answers. Then I started doing yoga and meditating, I found a lot in me,” she said.

Delighted with the way Gisele walks the catwalk, Ana Maria received a “tuition” at Casa de Cristal. The top revealed that it is still nervous before going on the catwalk: “I make the sign of the cross, I light, I see a lot of protection Only a light at the end I do not see anything in front of me…”

Can you believe Gisele suffered bullying as a child and was called by fellow giraffe? But the blonde took a lesson from it: “I think it made ​​me want to be stronger and prove that I was not that,” she said.

Of all the qualities of Gisele, one is his trademark hair. As everyone dreams of having the same model to the wire, she revealed the secret: the three ampoules of Pantene which does not give up. “I spend all day because my hair is literally ‘used’. Bulb Restoration, repairing the damage when the hair is well resected because of dryer, flat iron and sun. A Hydro-cauterization, which hydrates and seals the cuticle at the time equal to the salon treatment. E ampoule BB Cream, the staff already know the benefit to the face, but it is also a success for the hair. As time goes by and the wires are losing their youth. With BB Cream you retrieve the signs. A maximum! I’m loving it!”

Now you no longer have to trim the ends. To see the result, just use the bulb once a week for three minutinhos and ready! The vials are concentrated and have potent repair.

source | translated by Google.



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gisele bundchen intimates 2014 (22)

The Hurricane Gisele already has a date to return to Brazil. Next Tuesday (August 26), the top launches in São Paulo Collection Summer 2015 from her lingerie line, Gisele Bündchen Intimates (GBI). The event is scheduled for at 20h at the Hotel Tivoli. The FFW, of course, will be there to record everything about the release – follow firsthand by Instagram (ffw).

+ With throngs of fans, Gisele launches lingerie collection in NK Store

It is expected that the passage of Gisele here cause the same uproar caused in the last launch of GBI last December, when a mob of photographers, journalists, groupies and curious squeezed in NK Store just to photograph and get close to her. This is Gisele effect.


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My Uncle Milton and my dear friend Charlene’s mom lost their fight to ALS (http://www.alsa.org/about-als/what-is-als.html). In their honor and all of the families that are affected by ALS, I’m donating money and also accepting the ice bucket challenge. I am challenging Anna Wintour , @MarioTestino and @Shakira. ‪#‎IceBucketChallenge

Meu tio Milton e a mãe da minha querida amiga Charlene perderam a luta contra a ELA (esclerose lateral amiotrófica http://www.abrela.org.br/default.php?p=texto.php&c=ela). Em homenagem a eles e a todas as famílias que passam por essa doença, estou doando dinheiro e também aceitando o desafio do “balde de gelo”. Desafio Anna Wintour, @MarioTestino e @Shakira a participarem. #desafiodogeloela


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Year after year since 2002, Gisele Bundchen has made more money than any other model in the world. At 34, she is still sitting pretty at the top of the world’s highest-paid models list, pulling in an estimated $47 million before taxes and fees in the last 12 months.

The Brazilian bombshell out-earned second place beauties Doutzen Kroes and Adriana Lima by $39 million – Bundchen also made about $16 million more than quarterback husband Tom Brady’s $31.3 million annual paycheck. Along with lucrative contracts for H&M , Chanel , and Carolina Herrera, the catwalk icon gets a cut of sales from jelly sandals she designs for shoemaker Grendene. The face of Pantene hair products and Oral-B in Brazil, Bundchen’s line of Hope lingerie – Gisele Bundchen Intimates — also plumps up her paycheck, which has increased $5 million from 2013.


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http:// Gisele Bündchen Wears the Hitimes Bootie

http:// Gisele Bündchen Wears the Fifo Boot

http:// Gisele Bündchen Wears the Lowland Boot

http:// Gisele Bündchen Wears the Nudist Sandal

http:// Gisele Bündchen Wears the Jitterbug Boot

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The magazine Up by Forbes recently profiled entertainment, portrait, and fashion photographer Nino Muñoz for its latest cover story. In his Q&A with editor Diana-Florina Cosmin, Nino touches on everything from three assignments that will stay with him forever to his early days riding his bike around New York City and shooting photos…

One of your first professional assignments was shooting a fashion story for Vogue, with Gisele Bündchen. How did you go from young aspiring photographer to securing such an enviable job?

Gisele and I were already friends at the time we did the Vogue story together. She saw something in me, and she believed in me as a photographer.

At the beginning, I used to do a lot of reportage photography in New York City. I would grab my camera and ride around on my BMX bicycle and photograph people, so it felt natural to photograph Gisele.

Still, it was very scary because suddenly I was being flown to Paris to do a shoot for British Vogue. I thought, “How am I getting away with this? I’m just a guy who photographs people on the street.” I found confidence within by telling myself that it’s all the same thing; there’s no difference between photographing Gisele in Paris or someone I see on a street in New York.

Looking back on your career, what were the three moments that you would consider your big breaks?

Number 1: When Katie Grand, who was the editor of Pop magazine at the time, asked me to do a story on up-and-coming artists in New York City.
Number 2: When I shot Gisele for British Vogue.
Number 3: When Wallpaper magazine sent me to do an international reportage shoot with local people in three different countries, including Greece, Chile, and Brazil.

And I have a number 4, because it all happened at the same time: Arena magazine started booking me to shoot covers. I had seven or eight covers in one year—including Leo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Beyonce, Daniel Craig, Kanye West, Keira Knightley, and Gisele


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Glamour Brazil August 2014

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Glamour Brasil August 2014
Photographer: Giampaolo Sgura

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