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Happy 5th Anniversary to the one and only Gisele and the love of her life Tom! We want to wish you all the best for your gorgeous family! Long live sweethearts! God Bless your beautiful family! ♥


Gisele Bundchen Online Team ♥

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Oral-B 3D White Luxe Launch December 10 2013 (19)

The relationship between Gisele Bündchen and Procter Gamble is better every day. Shes the Representative of two brands of the company in Brazil, Pantene and Oral-B, Gisele was promoted in December to the rank of Ambassador of Pantene in the United States and in Canada, due to the success of the brand of shampoos and conditioners after the hiring her, in 2007. And now there is a possibility she represent also the Oral-B on American territory since the brand of products for teeth also grew considerably in Brazil since that came to be associated with the image of Gisele. That, of course, should result in a big fat salary increase for La Bündchen, who takes home about $ 4 million per year from P&G.


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Vogue Brazil December 2013 (6)

2013 was quite busy year for Gisele and we decided to make a review of her modeling work for all Gisele fans! So check it out!


• Covers/Editorials

In 2013 Gisele added seven new covers of Vogue magazine to her amazing Vogue Covers’ list. Her picture was printed on three issues of Vogue magazine: Italian, French and Brazilian issues. Besides main covers she got supplement cover for two times and editorial with cover for four times:

Besides, she got the covers and editorials of the magazines she’s never had:

Gisele’s editorials were printed in those issues as well:

If we count all the fashion magazines, non-fashion magazines and miscellaneous magazine covers, Gisele’s picture was printed for 57 times on a cover in 2013 and her editorials were reprinted for six times.



• Campaigns/Advertisments

We saw new collections of Gisele’s brands:

  • Ipanema By Gisele Bundchen 2013 “Sunset”; Collection
  • Gisele Bundchen Brazilian Intimates 2013; Collection

And about main campaigns, she had two absolutely new for her campaigns, that was Chanel and BLK DNM:



• Advertisments


• Runway

Gisele rejoined Brazilian brand Colcci, she walked the runway for them during Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Colcci campaign pictures will be released in 2014.

At the very end of 2013 Gisele also became the face of Pantene US.


We hope 2014 will be very interesting year for Gisele’s fans all over the world, that we’ll see many campaigns and editorials starring our gorgeous supermodel!

Happy New Year, lovely Gisele, Gisele Lovers and all the others all over the world! ♥ Have an amazing 2014, we wish you all peaceful and successful year that will be full of love and joy! ♥


Gisele Bundchen Online Team

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Self Service France F-W 13 (25)

FORBES Brazil hits newsstands this week with the first exclusive list of top 100 celebrities from Brazil in 2013. Inspired by the famous list “Celebrity 100”, created in 1999 by Forbes, the 16th brings an exclusive ranking of the 100 most influential famous in the country today.

The list, the highlight of the cover lists athletes, entertainers, models, comedians, actors, singers and other artists of various genres that, by crossing six indicators, have more bullet needle to mobilize followers, for good or not.

Note by Gisele Bundchen Online Team:
Other Brazilian models that are in thee list: Alessandra Ambrosio on 16 and Adriana Lima on 43.

We’re posting only top ten, to see the full list click source below!


1. Pele
2. Paulo Coelho
3. Neymar
4. Gisele Bundchen
5. Roberto Carlos
6. Ronaldo
7. Ronaldinho
8. Kaká
9. Ivete Sangalo
10. Silvio Santos

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Brazilian Intimates 2013 (12)

Über model celebrates partnership with multi NK Store and presents new products from Oral-B, within 48 hours we will be in Brazil.

Gisele Bundchen will make a new lightning trip to São Paulo, in early December. Without the company of little Vivian Lake and / or Benjamin, top model should remain less than 48 hours in Brazilian territory to fulfill an agenda of professional events. ‘s first happens on the afternoon of Tuesday (10:12) when she attends a launch line of Luxe White Oral-B , which has her as ambassador to Brazil. Besides presenting the news, on occasion she will hit a relaxed chat with journalist Lilian Pacce.

The next day, the attention of the model will be totally focused on your brand of lingerie, the Gisele Bündchen Intimates . The beautiful celebrates new partnership with NK Store – which will sell the label from mid December -. joining the businesswoman Natalie Klein at a special cocktail party for invited guests and at 17h, the flagship store of the Gardens.

“I am very excited about the partnership between the two brands. Be present in a conceptual boutique as NK is very special,” Gisele said in a statement. In addition to the newly launched lines Desirèe and Midnight, will also provide a multi-hit parts of the last two years of the label, including parts of Python, Princess, Boudoir, Wish, Diva Rococo Gold, Felina and Burlesque, selected by looking sharp Natalie. The Hurricane Gisele returns to the United States later in the evening of Wednesday (12:12). Vapt whoosh!


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Happy fourth Birthday little Benny! ♥

We wish you all the amazing things to you little man! ♥ God bless you with your beautiful and loving family! ♥


Gisele Bundchen Online

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Happy first Birthday baby Vivian! ♥

We wish you all the amazing things to you little cutie! God bless you with your beautiful parents and brothers! ♥


Gisele Bundchen Online

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Path to GALLERY:

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The whole world will stop on October 31 to watch at first hand the most awaited event of the year! The reason? The presence of higher top SPFW EVER on the catwalk, showing all of our new Spring / Summer 2014. She’s beautiful, powerful and unbeatable. Her name is Gisele, and she is at home! Not to miss any detail of this historic moment, visit the hot site  Colcci.com.br/GiseleForever


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HAVE you ever heard a supermodel sing? Well, Gisele Bündchen has given it a go in the new H&M campaign and – much like everything else she does – she’s pretty good at it.
The supermodel – who was Forbes’ highest earner this year for the seventh year in a row – will model the company’s autumn/winter 2013 collection in television and online advertising debuting on September 12, and the voice you hear as she struts her stuff will be her own.

The song, “All Day And All Of The Night” by The Kinks, will be available for free download from hm.com, and will also be on iTunes, raising money for UNICEF. For every single download from iTunes, H&M will make a donation to UNICEF to enable the purchase of vaccines for children.

“I am so excited to be the face of H&M this autumn,” Gisele said. “I love the street style look, and that we can raise funds for a good cause. I hope everyone downloads my song!”


and here’s what Gisele talked about the song in H&M Fall 2013 magazine:

What made you want to record a song for H&M ?
I thought it would be a fun experience. It’s not everyday someone invites you to record a song – I couldn’t pass that up!

Have you always enjoyed singing ?
As a child I used to sing in the school choir. I love music – it makes me feel happy and free.

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Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman! ♥

We wish you all the amazing things to you and your beautiful family! You’re a true ICON and deserve all the best! Have another beautiful year of your life!


Gisele Bundchen Online

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