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gisele bundchen intimates 2014 (20)

Still waiting for a suitable place here in Brazil to open a selling point that takes its name, Gisele Bündchen decided to give in France the kickoff in physical stores of its lingerie brand.

The first point of the campaign, call Gisele Bündchen Intimates, begins selling its products at Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

Despite recent rumors that the first physical store of the brand would be opened in São Paulo from May this year, the company asserts that there is scarcity of adequate spaces, fulfilling all the features that the lingerie brand requires, in a high-rent shopping mall.

“The question is to find a space with the size that we need, at a mall to get a mix of products according to premium customers. In Brazil, we have today so many physical spaces in luxury malls. Is restricted”,-said Yacquub Torre, project manager of the model in Hope.

“In addition, Paris has great visibility, is a worldwide reference in lingeries and will act as a showcase”.-added.

Since it was created, in 2011, the brand is marketed on the network of underwear Hope (which has licensing agreement), on the website of the model and in multi-brand shops.

The company remains the manufacturer, Distributor and Manager of pieces signed by Bündchen.

Hope also follows selling model products, but now the brand name Gisele Bündchen Intimates enters a new phase of investment, with stores GBI. The forecast is that there is expansion of internationalization in the short term.

The production of parts is divided between Brazil and China.

source | translated by Bing.

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Fifa World Cup 2014 (2)

After much speculation, the column advance what will be the participation of Gisele Bundchen in the final of the World Cup, the 13th, at the Maracana. The top of the tops will step into the lawn of the stadium carrying the bag from the top international luxury brands, Louis Vuitton, created especially for transporting the cup. According to Vuitton, who will be the top side of the stadium is Ronaldo . But according to Fifa, the companion is the beautiful former Spanish player Carles Puyol. The bag is made ​​from traditional leather with the monogram of the brand and will continue with the winning team to their country of origin – it is expected that it is here, is not it?

source } translated by Bing.

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Top enter the Maracanã 13:07 on carrying the bag by Louis Vuitton developed to house the cup.

Contrary to what has been reported on the participation of Gisele Bundchen at the closing ceremony of the 2014 World Cup , the top does not deliver the cup to the winning team – only heads of state and former world champions have that honor, according to the FIFA regulations. every indication so far that his role will take the field on 13:07 at Maracanã carrying the bag created by Louis Vuitton especially to house the cup this day . This is the second time that the maison collaborates with the international football federation (the label was responsible for creating the suitcase trophy of the 2010 World Cup, which was delivered to Spain in South Africa).

source | translated by Bing.

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Elle France July 2014 (2)

One of the best known Brazilian worldwide, the supermodel Gisele Bündchen confirmed their presence in the grand final of the World Cup.

On occasion, Gisele should fit the task of delivering the cup to the winning team of the tournament, an honor given to the model by FIFA, which would have required the participation of Bündchen at the awards ceremony. Tom Brady, husband of the muse, will also come to Brazil to watch the final.

The presence of Gisele in the stadium, however, an exception. According to journalist Lauro Jardim, the blonde would have made ​​it clear they will not attend the event if the popular demonstrations and violence will intensify during the World Cup. The top, however, will only come with the cup in hand in the streets if the weather is peaceful.

source | translated by Google.

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Elle Indonesia May 2014 (1)

The organizers of the Cannes Lions 2014 has just confirmed that Gisele Bundchen no longer participate in the festival. The reason for the cancellation was not revealed. A model will be replaced by actor Rob Lowe American, who will speak on Tuesday, 17 Among the works of the most prominent are the film actor Lives Without a Paddle, Francis Ford Coppola and the series The West Wing, Brothers & Sisters and Parks and Recreation.

source | translated by Google

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Contigo Brazil Apri 10 2014 (6)

The new celebrity role models: Sure, they’re famous but they deserve special attention outside their day job. Oprah founded both Harpo Productions and The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa. Joining the efforts of the U.N. are Angelina Jolie and Shakira. Newcomer Yao Chen was recently named the Refugee Agency’s Goodwill Ambassador in China, largely due to her macro-reach in social media. Entertainers making a mint as entrepreneurs include Beyonce, Sofia Vergara and Gisele Bundchen.

Gisele ranked #89 and is the only model in the list!


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outtakes elle worldwide 2014 (5)

Gisele Bundchen can exchange for one day football, craft her husband Tom Brady, football prefered by Brazil: the model 33 has been invited by FIFA to deliver the World Cut to winning team at the 2014 World Cup.

“We received the invitation, yes,” says Patricia Bundchen, non-identical twin of the model and her publicist, “but do not yet know if the schedule will allow.”

The ‘saopaulo’ found that FIFA issued the invitation after learning that the dummy would be in Brazil in late June for professionals with a brand of underwear that represents commitments.

source | translated by Google.

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Chanel Les Beiges 2014 (12)

GISELE BÜNDCHEN is the new face of Chanel No.5, following in the footsteps of Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tautou, Catherine Deneuve and most recently, Brad Pitt and Marilyn Monroe. She teams up with director Baz Luhrmann, the man behind the epic 2004 advertisement for the scent – which saw Kidman don a series of increasingly extravagant Chanel Couture creations to play out an on-screen love affair with Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro.

Bündchen herself is no stranger to the brand either – the model was chosen as the face of Chanel’s Les Beiges make-up in 2013. Luhrmann’s most recent work was last year’s much-anticipated The Great Gatsby, preceded by Moulin Rouge, Australia, Romeo + Juliet and Strictly Ballroom.

In a statement, Chanel stated that Luhrmann was chosen to “bring, once again, his creativity and very personal aesthetic to the House and its iconic fragrance, Chanel No.5,” revealing that Bündchen had been chosen for “her natural beauty and modern femininity”.

Luhrmann and Bündchen are said to be filming the new No.5 campaign – which will arrive in late 2014 – in the Hamptons, with filming expected to continue in New York City. Previous directors of Chanel No.5 adverts have included Ridley Scott, Luc Besson and Jean-Pierre Jeunet.


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Colcci f-w 2014 SPFW (141)

Colcci Gisele Bündchen confirmed in the parade of the summer edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week, on 2 April in the Park Cândido Portinari, in São Paulo. The top returned to star in the campaign the brand for winter 2014, after two years of absence. Up on the catwalk in the last edition of the fashionevent, was given a standing ovation by the audience and even won a Hat from the audience. Gisele’s return overshadowed by the presence of other tops, as Izabel Goulart.
The brand also confirmed the model Sean O’ Pry, number 1 in the ranking of the website Models.com, and number 2 on the list of highest-paid in the world, for the summer parade. He replaces the actor Paul Walker, who paraded last summer, along with Izabel Goulart and Erin Heatherton.


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Brazilian Intimates 2013 (7)

Gisele Bündchen will open in Brazil the first store of Gisele Bündchen Intimates Created alongside Hope Lingerie in 2011, lingerie line of Brazilian top model will have its own space first opened in May in Sao Paulo

The news is hot – and not just by the fact that includes Gisele Bundchen lingerie. The Brazilian supermodel is going to open the doors of the first store of her Gisele Bündchen Intimates in May in Sao Paulo. Created in 2011, the label’s creative direction of model and is being produced, distributed and managed by Hope, big national underwear market player who will follow in their expansion plans.

So far, the Bras, panties, bodies, corseletes, short dolls, Nightgowns and robes of the GBI could be found in your own e-commerce, inside one of the 117 stores in the Hope and in other 4.5 thousand multibrand.

Beside Gisele, Hope plans to take her lingerie overseas, reaching the number of 40 countries in which will be sold (New York, Los Angeles and London are cities in which it was decided that will settle, according to report published by Blooomberg site).


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